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Should Lakers fans root for the Miami Heat or the Dallas Mavericks?


Lakers fans are in quite an uncomfortable situation.

To root for Dallas or to root for Miami, that is the question.

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of cheering for a team that swept you, or to embrace a sea of trouble by siding with LeBron James.

Seriously, the options are dim.

James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh already ruined our Christmas, 96-80. And now they have a 50% chance of wearing those cute little championship caps that should have belonged to our boys in purple and gold. Not our summers too!

And the Mavericks, well, they made Pau Gasol look bad in the playoffs -- I hear "soft" has officially become a bad word in some school districts -- and they are the catalysts behind Magic Johnson saying that Jerry Buss needs "to blow this team up."

Wasn't Kaboom one of Shaq's nicknames at some point? We sure could've used the Big Fella during that series.

I digress. (Choosing another team really is that hard.)

Anyway, Game 5 is Thursday night.

Lakers fans: Which team will you root for?

-- Melissa Rohlin

 Photo: Lakers fans. Credit: Cary Edmondson / US Presswire

Lakers Mailbag: Start sending your questions

Lakerslogo_200 In an effort to continually find ways to expand the blog, I thought it'd be a good touch to start doing a weekly mailbag.

Here's how it'll work. Send me a question or a topic suggestion in the comment threads or to my e-mail address listed at the bottom of the post. I'll then feature a mailbag post once a week where I answer some of your questions. We already do this in the comment threads and during the live chats, but this will be for questions that require a little more depth and research than just having a free-flowing chat.

Looking forward to reading what topics you'd like me to address.

--Mark Medina

E-mail the Lakers blog at [email protected]

20 signs you're a Lakerholic during this offseason

Photo: There are plenty of Lakerholics living among us. Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times The symptoms are only going to get worse during what's expected to be a prolonged offseason because of the impending lockout.

But with the Lakers only eight days removed from their season-ending sweep at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference semifinals, the time has surely felt like an eternity for Lakers fans. There is no cure for treating the symptoms of being a Lakerholic and none of you want to know what is either.

This post is not meant to spark an intervention. Instead, below the jump is a guide to know whether you've truly jumped off the deep end yet.

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Lakers fans believe offseason plans will largely determine championship chances next season

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant collides with Mavericks guard DeShawn Stevenson during Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals Sunday . Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / May 8, 2011 The fact-finding mission has just begun.

The Lakers finished their series of exit interviews this week, allowing players to say their farewells to Phil Jackson, receive performance feedback and give Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak morsels of information that will help him understand what exactly led to the team's unraveling in a Western Conference semifinal sweep by the Dallas Mavericks. 

There's still plenty of work ahead with Kupchak planning to meet with owner Jerry Buss and executive Jim Buss to finalize their coaching search, discuss whether they want to keep the triangle and what changes they need to make to the current Lakers' roster. Clearly, the Lakers will have no problem staying busy during a time when they're usually playing basketball and then holding a championship parade.

"One thing I learned in L.A., every offseason is pretty wild here," said Lakers forward Luke Walton, who's been with the team for eight seasons. "There's never really any dead offseasons as a Laker. I've been lucky enough to make it through all of them. It's crazy around here. And I think this summer is building up to be the craziest."

It sure will be. If you ask Lakers fans, at least based on an informal survey, 59.13% of them believe the Lakers' chances to return to the championship level will largely hinge on what the team does this offseason. Obviously, the Lakers are always accustomed to changing their roster even after title runs, but it's telling how different the optimism is regarding the team's future as opposed to fan expectations entering the 2010-2011 season. Fresh off back-to-back title runs, the Lakers kept their main lineup, secured Hall of Fame coaching (Phil Jackson), kept veteran leadership (Derek Fisher) and attracted reserve spark plugs (Steve Blake, Matt BarnesTheo RatliffShannon BrownDevin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter). It wasn't exactly unrealistic of 57% of fans to expect the Lakers to three-peat.

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Send your fan photos to The Times' Lakers blog

Laker Tom
We here at the Lakers blog know how important the fans are. You’re cheering them on in the stands, diligently watching the game at home (while you scream and yell, of course) and you're even sporting Lakers gear around the city. Now we want to see it!

Since the playoffs have started and the Laker flags are waving, The Times is asking readers to submit their Lakers photos, whether it be you and your family at a game or a pic of the guy on the Metro wearing his purple-and-gold wig on the way to Staples Center. We want it all.

Each week, this blog will feature a Lakers fan photo in one of the "Caught in the Web" posts so the rest of the city can see Angelenos' boundless dedication.

The photo above features frequent Lakers blog member LakerTom and his grandson, Nick, at a Lakers-Warriors game earlier this month in Oracle Arena where they didn't take kindly to the "Beat LA" signs. "As I was starting to take the photo, Nick told me to stop and then picked up one of the "Beat LA" signs and tore it in half and told me now I could take the photo," LakerTom wrote in an e-mail. "I consider this to be Nick’s personal LAKERS MOMENT."

Here's how to submit photos: Perhaps the easiest way is to upload a picture on the L.A. Times' Lakers Facebook page. On the go? Send us your pics through Twitter. Just include the hashtag #latlakers when you create your tweet. And if you’re on Flickr, join the [email protected] photo pool. Or you can just email them to [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: All photos must be: 1) original — because it is so uncool to steal other people’s work; 2) unaltered — you know what we’re saying. We’re looking for a real moment, no showing off every Photoshop skill you ever acquired. Of course, slight exposure and color correction are acceptable; 3) Recent photos, please –- we’re talking current moments, not from your archive collection. Be sure to describe your photograph in detail, including where and when it was taken. Photographers must agree that The Times may reproduce the photos in any format.

-- Sarah Ardalani and Mark Medina

E-mail the Lakers blog at [email protected]



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