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Kobe Bryant has other people pack his suitcase [Video]

The Lakers play at Denver on Friday evening in their first game of six-game trip.

While Kobe Bryant has to worry about improving his team's dismal 2-7 road record over an arduous 10-day stretch, he does not have to think twice about packing.

That's because he has other people do the job for him.

"I don't do that," he said. "I'm Hollywood; my stylist does it for me. I don't touch a suitcase. I'm Hollywood, I've been here for 16 years now man, I don't lift a finger."

Since Bryant has millions upon millions of dollars and the Lakers have two rookies on the team, that statement may be more literal than one may think.

Rookie guard Andrew Goudelock recently said that he often has to fetch the veterans' laundry and shoes.

Failing to deliver comes with major consequences.

Just ask Darius Morris, who was hazed during the team's last trip because he didn't bring his teammates burgers from In-N-Out. Among his punishments, Morris had to pose like a butler with a towel over his wrist while his teammates dined.

When Bryant was asked whether the rookies help him pack as another one of their duties, he shook his head.

"No, you seen them dress?" he said. "They don't touch my stuff."

In the video above, the Lakers discuss their favorite and least favorite things about traveling together.

Morris sits next to Bryant on the plane and while he wouldn't reveal what the Black Mamba does en route, he said that the NBA star talks to him and gives him valuable tips on the plane.

"I witness the Kobe System every day," he said.

Other fun tidbits -- Metta World Peace's favorite cities are Miami and New York. Jason Kapono said (jokingly?) that he wears cucumbers and a mask on the plane to beautify his complexion and claimed (jokingly) that Luke Walton changes clothes every two hours.

"I don't know if it's a Hollywood thing or like a bodily thing," he said.

The Lakers enter this long road stretch coming off of a 106-73 victory against Charlotte on Tuesday in which they were able to rest their starters.

Denver is currently in second place in the Western Conference with a record of 15-7 while the Lakers are sixth at 13-9.


It's game on in Denver despite heavy snow

Roaches, road trips? It's all the same to Metta World Peace [Video]

Lakers' Darius Morris is hazed for not getting teammates "In N Out" [Video]

-- Melissa Rohlin

Kobe Bryant watching Josh McRoberts: 'Wow, the game is changing'

In some ways, Lakers forward Josh McRoberts is having a difficult time adjusting to Los Angeles.

Immediately after walking into a Costco on a recent Saturday, the Indiana transplant ditched his shopping cart and fled to his car. The 6-foot-10, 240-pound power forward was intimidated by the throngs of people buzzing around in an aisle.

In other ways, McRoberts seems right at home.

Because of his love for high socks, he's drawing comparisons to former Laker Michael Cooper. Lakers announcer Bill Macdonald even called him "The white Coop" at a recent event at Staples Center.

He's also drawing comparisons to Kurt Rambis, which McRoberts said is a "good" nickname.

"At least people can say it around my grandmother and she won't get too upset," said McRoberts, who acknowledged he's been called much worse names but declined to divulge specifics.

McRoberts is averaging 3.7 points and 4.5 rebounds in 19.5 minutes with the Lakers this season but perhaps is best known for his jumping ability.

McRoberts reportedly has the highest vertical leap on the team.

That stat has even given Kobe Bryant some pause.

After watching a video clip of McRoberts jamming a reverse dunk off an alley-oop from Metta World Peace against Dallas, Lakers Coach Mike Brown said that Bryant turned to the team and said, '"Wow, the game is changing.

"I've never seen a black guy throw an alley-oop to a white guy before.'"

-- Melissa Rohlin

Jason Kapono and Matt Barnes talk about fatherhood [Video]

Jason Kapono had one job.

While his wife was giving birth two weeks ago, the Lakers sharpshooter was supposed to film and take photos.

"I did none of those," he said.

Instead, in what Kapono described as a "frozen moment," as soon as he saw his daughters, he began to cry.

"You get overcome with all the emotional things that come with having kids," Kapono said.

Kapono's wife gave birth to twin girls, Isla and Campbell, on Jan. 10. Now when the Lakers forward isn't playing or practicing during the 66-game season, he's changing diapers and feeding his daughters.

"When I hear the letter 'D,' I think about diapers now," Kapono said.

Kapono missed two games after the birth of his daughters. Since they were brought home, he said he has been awakened every 2 1/2 hours.

Matt Barnes has been through it.

He has 3-year-old twin boys -- so he offered some advice to his teammate.

"Keep his daughters away from my sons," Barnes said with a smile.

"No, just to find time. He's going to have to learn how to nap when the kids nap. The kids at their age are up every two hours."

Even though Kapono has been a father for only a very short time, he already has a favorite activity.

"I think feeding them," he said. "Just because when they get up from a nap or sleeping or whatever it's just fun to see all the little weird things they do.

"They're always moving, smiling, making faces, sticking their tongue out. It's their way of telling you how they feel."

Yeah, the babies are adorable now -- but just wait until they get older, Barnes subtly cautioned.

After all, his sons recently have become basketball fans and he's not so sure that he's their favorite player.

"They love Kobe," Barnes said.


Jason Kapono's wife gives birth to twins [Video]

Kobe Bryant's Nike commercial touts 'Kobe system'

Five things to take away from Lakers' 98-96 loss to Indiana Pacers

--Melissa Rohlin

Teammates say Kobe Bryant is Laker with the most swagger [Video]

Jason Kapono and Luke Walton clearly have a lot of chemistry. During an event at Staples Center on Tuesday evening, Kapono joked that the first word out of his mouth was "Luuuuke," his voice turning low and exaggerating the word as Lakers fans do when Walton enters the game.

"This guy gets so much love it is crazy," Kapono said of Walton. "He's been here for eight years. He's a casual guy, he's a likable guy."

The love fest continued.

Kapono fawned over Walton's semi-unbuttoned shirt and Walton complimented Kapono's purple tie. "When I grow up, that's what I want to look like," Walton said.

Though the two men obviously respect each other a great deal, when asked who has the most swagger on the team, they chose another teammate.

"I don't think it's possible to have more swag than Kobe," Walton said.

Said Kapono: "Yeah, No. 24 has swag. I don't think anyone else throws on a pair of sunglasses right after practice ends."

-- Melissa Rohlin

Lakers' offense features little chemistry

With his arms pointing out toward the block, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant hoped Pau Gasol would cut across the lane to receive an entry pass. Instead, Gasol missed the body language, Bryant's pass went into traffic and the Lakers turned the ball over.

With his eyes darting toward the baseline, Lakers center Andrew Bynum shouted to Jason Kapono about moving into a passing lane on the perimeter so he could kick out of a double team. Nothing happened, so Bynum settled for a poor left hook that hit off the rim.

And with Bynum established on the low block, Lakers guard Darius Morris made perfect eye contact with him. But Morris' entry pass went directly toward Bynum's ankles instead of his hands.

These plays may appear isolated but they represent a much more complete picture of the Lakers' fragmented offense in their 102-94 loss Saturday to the Clippers, more than even Bryant's 42 points on 14-for-28 shooting. Regardless of whether Bryant fired good looks like he did in the second half or remained trigger happy in the first half, a constant remained. Despite the Lakers' Big Three in Bryant, Gasol (14) and Bynum (12) each cracking double figures, the offense hardly looked in sync. 

The Lakers mostly blamed the loss on the 50-42 rebounding disparity, particularly the 17-11 deficit on the offensive glass. But that effort is an anomaly compared to the rest of the season and arguably can be attributed at least partly to the Lakers playing five of their league-high 14 games in the past week. The Lakers' chemistry on offense, however, has remained flimsy and unpredictable all season. 

"It's moving in the right direction, but we have a ways to go," Lakers Coach Mike Brown said. "We don't have a great feel of what we want all the time when it comes to different options. Sometimes when we forget for a second or third or fourth option then we have a tendency to look for someone to help us out. the guy who can always help us out is Kobe. Thats the thing we have to make sure we keep trying to guard against."

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Jason Kapono's wife gives birth to twins [Video]

Jason Kapono's wife gave birth to twin girls, Campbell and Isla, on Tuesday.

Andrew Goudelock said in the locker room before the Lakers' game with Phoenix on Tuesday night that he could only imagine the excitement and happiness that his teammate must be feeling.

"I'm happy for him," Goudelock said. "I mean, it's a big thing in his life, so I know he's ecstatic right now."

Darius Morris said that Kapono was so excited for the arrival of his daughters that he bought them matching outfits during a road trip in Portland.

Josh McRoberts added that Kapono would ask his teammates for parenting advice in the locker room.

Kapono was excused from the game against Phoenix, a 99-83 win for the Lakers. He is expected to play against Utah on Wednesday -- with a couple more fans watching from a distance.

-- Melissa Rohlin



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