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The Maricopa County Police ask Shaq how their posterior tastes

If I've learned anything from my addiction to "The Shield," it's that a cop can get away with beating suspects, protecting drug dealers in exchange for a taste of the profits, skimming cash from seizures, ripping off a money laundering ring, or even killing a fellow officer.  But if there's one thing Detective Vic Mackey and his Strike Team can't pull off, it's using inappropriate language while freestyling for a club crowd

Let that be a lesson for all budding po-po. 


Smush Parker. Kicking ass in Miami!

Smush Not necessarily on the court, mind you, but man alive if our man Smush isn't throwing his weight around in other places.  Like at the valet stand.  No word yet if the conflict described within this link involves the Smushcalade.  We can only hope.  At least Smush plans on growing from this incident, or so his agent says.  This sort of news reminds me there's still a piece of my blogging heart that misses ol' William Henry.  Not in a "Von Wafer" or "Slava Medvedenko" way, where I'd consider donating a kidney to bring either one back to L.A... but really, when you do what AK and I do for a living, a guy like Smush can be pretty handy to have around.

Try to remember the good times.




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