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Kobe Bryant and Spike Lee: Postgame Roundtable Chat

Fun stuff coming tonight...

From 11-12 am after tonight's game, Kobe Bryant (plays for the Lakers) and Spike Lee (makes movies) will be participating in a live panel discussion in conjunction with the DVD release of "Kobe Doin' Work." We'll be there, hosting a live chat. I'm not exactly sure what the format will be or if they'll be taking questions from the blogosphere, but it should be a very cool event and we'll do our best to capture the atmosphere. You can listen online to the webcast and follow along on the chat board, which will be posted both at and the LAT Lakers Blog.

Hope you can stick around. More information to come tonight in the chat.


On the support of family

While Mom is a deservedly popular figure on our site (her spot-on evaluation on the aesthetics of Mikki Moore- "He looks like half a spider"- is just one example of why) she can also be a brutally honest critic.  Specifically, as she's told us a few times, Mom can't quite understand the motivation of those in the blogosphere to visit this space.

"Why would anyone care what you guys think?" 

Touché. Well, now my wife is getting into the act. Her review of our newest 710 Lakers PodKast: "I could do my own podcast just making fun of your podcast."  Fair to say it would be pretty long, too, and probably better trafficked. 

On another note, Andy and I will both be out of town this weekend with limited access to a computer, so be prepared for stretches with slow updates.  Thanks!


How did/will you celebrate? We want to see.

I ran into Lakers fans and blog readers in Orlando during Game 5, walking around Amway Arena with arms held high, snapping pics, high fiving other purple and gold loyalists.  In LA, I'm sure fans were gathered together with friends and family to see the Lakers close things out.  So I'm not exactly sure how this is going to work-- details forthcoming-- but if you have pictures of all the fun**, we want to share them on the blog.  Same for tomorrow's parade. 

So gather up Sunday's jpegs and make sure not to delete tomorrow's.  We'll let you know how this'll work ASAP. 


**Should "the fun" include shots of you burning storefronts or jumping on cars, you might want to keep those to yourself.

We tweet, therefore we are

It's official- our Twitter feed is up and running.  Follow us at latimeslakers, and note the Twitter box on the right rail of the page. 

Check there for quick news, FYI's, stuff we note at games or practice, and other pithy observations that don't require a blog post of their own.  And get everyone you know to follow us, because we totally want to have the most of anyone at the LAT.  At the very least, help us get past Plaschke.


Blog Exchange: Celtics Blog at the Boston Globe

Kobe_bryant_against_the_celtics During the Finals last year (you do remember the Finals, right).  Andy and I checked in with the guys and gals over at the Boston Globe's Celtics Blog, and kicked a few different subjects of interest.  Well, it was such a hit- a hit, I tell's ya!- that we're doing it again in celebration of the big Christmas tilt.  We already have one swap up in Green Town, discussing why this year's Lakers are better than last season's edition. To continue the discussion, I hit up Gary Dzen, one of their outstanding contributors, with the following question:

"To which team (and/or fan base) does this game matter more?"   

His response:

It's more of a must-see than a measuring stick.
Don't misread any of the following as a dismissive jab at the Lakers. One championship has not deluded Celtics fans to the point where they think their team is untouchable. But beating the Lakers on Christmas Day is not the goal. In the grand scheme of things, it's just not that important.
Celtics fans care about Thursday's game for two reasons. The first is that Boston will have a 19-game winning streak on the line. No matter how much C's fans try to downplay the Lakers as an opponent, losing the streak to LA would sting a little more than losing it to someone else.
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Comments: Look for the "Next"

Hey folks.  It seems a new tab has been added to each page on the comments, creating pagination.  At the bottom of each comments page, there's a "next" tab you can click to go to the next set.  And so on and so forth. 

Click around and see if your posts aren't still going through.  I'm able to see everything on the blog that I'm getting on the back end.   


Lakers-Timberwolves, from a decidedly 'Sota perspective

Losloboshowwillthewolfsurvivefront As of Dec. 13th, 2008, I don't have the NBA package.  When I called Dish Network in early November to order it, I was told the package wasn't being offered because of a dispute, which felt odd, since I was literally watching Dish commercials pimping the package (I think the nice lady on the phone was a little confused).  Since then, I simply haven't gotten around to calling back.  But even if my original order had gone down without a hitch, I doubt much of that investment would have been used to watch Minnesota Timberwolves action.  Call me crazy, but studying the in's and out's of a 4-18 squad isn't my idea of a fun time.  Thankfully, however, Nate Arch (aka "Stop-n-Pop") of SB Nation's "Canis Hoopus" blog does dig him some Wolves and was kind enough to answer some questions in anticipation of tonight's contest against Al Jefferson and Co.  Check out his thoughts on Kevin's McHale, Love and Garnett, plus a few other items.

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On the road (so to speak)

Hey folks.  We're in the air this morning, heading back to the Midwest for Thanksgiving.  As such, there will a) be no Extra!, b) not be much by way of updating until the afternoon (though we'll notify the mothership), and c) won't be a Purple, Gold, and Blue (though we did get into the ESPN studios Tuesday to get another podcast in the can, so those among you who for whatever odd reason just can't live without our yammering should be good to go... why you can't live without it being an entirely different and far more important issue).



Lakers Blog Facebook

Hey folks.  So the Facebook page for the blog is ready to go.  Click here to find it.  If that doesn't work, do a search on Facebook for Kamenetzky Brothers, and go from there.  The goal here is to help those of you in our incredibly vibrant blog community communicate better with each other, swap emails, build friendships, etc.  We'll try to post blog news there, as well as any other cool stuff we can find. 

Friend up the page!


(P.S.- As a courtesy to us- and at the risk of being presumptuous- if you could hold off on friend requests to our personal pages, we'd appreciate it.  Not that we don't like you, but the hope is our page centering around the blogs could get pretty big, and as some Facebookers have their personal pages set to notify them of changes with anyone in their friend network, Andy and I don't want to bog down our non-blog friends with info from people they've never heard of.  Thanks.  BK)

Why we don't require registration

Should he be so inclined, we don't want to do anything to impede Ron Artest in his attempts to join the conversation on Lakers Blog.




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