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Bigtime Reader Comment of the Day, plus NBA news

Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol
If you missed it, Monday evening reader NBA4ever left a very interesting take on the Lakers without Pau Gasol:

"...Andrew Bynum might be the Laker’s second leading scorer but he is not a 2nd option. Pau Gasol is the second option, the team flows so much more efficiently going into him. Bynum is too indecisive when he gets the ball in the post, and then once he makes up his mind he can’t make the adjustments. He will score more than Gasol because of Gasol, he will score from the attention given to Gasol and Gasol's ability to make the right play. We already have seen we can win with a limited Bynum, but we can’t without Gasol. Once Gasol comes back I think Bynum will become even more of a force..."

It's not a dig at Bynum, rather a recognition Gasol's role in the offense. Moreover, it gets at something about basketball commentary that probably should change. Too often, fans and media associate "first option" or "second option" with scoring. Here, though, NBA4ever points out that being an effective "option" in an offense, particularly one like the Lakers use, involves more than simply putting the ball in the basket. Argue about the semantics if you'd like, but there's no question Pau facilitates opportunities for himself and others in ways Bynum can't at this point in his career. Gasol's ability to either score or find open man out of any portion of the post is a fundamental to the team's success on that end of the floor. The same principle applies to Kobe Bryant. Take away his incredible court vision and ability to pass surgically out of double teams, and he's another high volume shooter/scorer in a league with a lot of those types.

A really good one, sure, but not an MVP.

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Remember Ralph Sampson!

Ralph Sampson As I mentioned in the last post, there isn't a whole lot of ready made kindling to fuel the rivalry fires in a Lakers/Rockets matchup.  Who hates the jersey, so to speak, as they might the Spurs or Suns? (Fashionistas perhaps, though Houston's current duds are a lot better than previous versions.)  Well, we did get one somewhat half-hearted rallying cry: To avenge the miracle shot from former Rockets center Ralph Sampson that ended the '86 Western Conference Finals

Yeah, it's relatively ancient history, but one well-loved Lakers Blog loyalist, who noted in the comments that he attended that game, is still nursing the wounds. I quote Long Time Laker Fan:


There you go.  Win it for LTLF, purple and gold!  He's suffered enough.


(Photo: Otto Greule Jr., Getty Images)

The savior heals?

A great comment this morning, from frequent poster Tom Daniels:Andrew Bynum dunks against the Wizards


Andrew Bynum's return to the Lakers has proved to be all that was needed to raise the team from frustration to championship caliber.  "He's been even better than we expected," noted Lamar Odom.  "He's so big that when we go to the bench we just bring him in to play one on five.  He's just way bigger than the guys on the other teams."

He has provided the expected inside punch, allowing the tired Pau Gasol to cut back to his playing time to a more comfortable 12 minutes a game.  A more rested Gasol has even found time to trim his formerly scroungy looking beard.

More surprising has been his perimeter play.  "Farmar and Vujacic were struggling.  Drew had time during his rehab to work on an his ball handling and outside shooting, " said baby-headed assistant coach Brian Shaw, who worked with Bynum during his rehab.  The surprising result has turned one of the Lakers weaknesses into a strength, with Bynum running the point in relief of veteran Derek Fisher and hitting a number of key threes in closing minutes of playoff games.

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Big Time Reader Comment of the Day

From "HmrHed"...

"It pains me to see the end of the nickname Lukamir Waltmanovic..."

Damn.  In breaking down what we thought were the positives (and neutrals) of this deal, neither BK nor I picked up on the important negative.  Frankly, "Lukadam Waltorrison" just doesn't have the same ring.  I guess this deal really mark the end of an era.

Sunrise, sunset.


Completely horrifying Reader Comment of the Day

From PK-in-the-Mesa...

"AK and BK

You guys know the Triangle as good as anyone, so it's time you guys sign a 10 day and play the point.

Wow.  Someone really wants to test the theory that this offense doesn't require an actual PG...


The "AI coming to town" QOTD

From reader "Greenpaz,"


After watching Allen Iverson against Golden State last night, I got to thinking about some of the most famous -- or infamous -- questionable moves by star players that refs don't call. There is, of course, Iverson's use of his off arm to clear defenders when he drives to the basket. You also have Reggie Miller shuffling his feet into position behind the 3-point line. And Shaq's legendary bunny hop in the pea patch. Just for fun, can anybody think of other illegal moves/tricks consistently used by a particular player that rarely get (or got) called??"

Have at it, people.


Bigtime reader Comment of the Day: Jesterguru

Having let the subscription to my Toby Keith Fanzine lapse, I have no idea how this song goes, but Jesterguru deserves props for putting it together.  If someone can record the audio and send it to us, we'll post it!


(Sung to the tune of Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar":)

I Love This Blog

We got winners, but no losers
420 smokers and boozers
B-ball junkies, we got Lakers
We got an F.O. of Pau-takers
And the team next door can't win in Sterling's fog

Hmm, hmm, hmm I love this blog

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Today's "Big Comment Award" goes to...

Devito_on_taxi Mamba 24, Lakers Blog's version of the "Louie" character from "Taxi" (only not as surly and presumably taller).  The dispatcher making sure every bandwagon rolls out to its proper destination.  Typically, the vehicles Mamba 24 oversees are fueled by straight-faced topics, whether 55 wins or the acquisition of Kevin Garnett.  But every once in a while, he'll roll out something closer to a clown car.  Thus, his newest offering:

THE LAKERS WILL LIVE TO REGRET                     
(01)    -  No driver or Owner

I know from funny.  That's funny.  I also know from bandwagons that won't accumulate any passengers not named "William" or "Henry."

UPDATE: Not comment related, but this clip from last night's Suns/Grizzlies game is worth watching. Very funny.


Today's "Big Comment Award" goes to...

Lakersblog mainstay "Exhelodrvr," with this gem of a response to BK, who had recently explained to another reader that considering Andrew Bynum is just now able to jog in a swimming pool, the odds heavily favor him not being ready for NBA action quite yet.

"What if they let the home team pick the surface, like in Davis Cup tennis?  Like the story of a height-disadvantaged Congressman who, after a heated debate, challenged Congressman Abe Lincoln to a duel. Lincoln didn't want to fight, so (as the challengee) when he picked the weapons, selected sledge hammers in 6 feet of water. The two ended up becoming good friends."

I don't think it needs to be explained why that's sheer, unbridled genius.


As is my understanding, America is now completely drug-free

And assuming my information is correct, who deserves the lion share of credit?

A) The formidable duo of Nancy Reagan and Arnold Drummond.

B) Jesse Spano.

C) A musically inclined child and his mustachioed father.

D) Whitney Houston.

E) Whoever this chick is.

F) The incredible, edible, yet deceptively treacherous egg.

G) The Showtime Lakers.

I'd totally forgotten about the last item, but thankfully reader Alex forwarded this gem our way.  What's even cooler, he's one of the kids dancing in front of Magic, Kareem, Riles and the Gang.  His memories of the shoot are below the jump.


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