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Metta World Peace at odds with Mike Brown

Fox Sports West's Joe McDonnell talks to an unnamed Laker who mentions that several players want the front office to part ways with Metta World Peace
--Fox Sports West's Joe McDonnell talks to an unnamed Laker who mentions that several players want the front office to part ways with Metta World Peace. McDonnell also delves into World Peace's frustration regarding his role under Coach Mike Brown.

--The Times' Ben Bolch reports that the Lakers don't have serious interest in free-agent guard Gilbert Arenas.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr wonders if Arenas would solve the Lakers' problems.

--The Globe and Mail's Eric Duhatschek and Sean Gordon profile UCLA-bound Nirra Fields. Lakers Coach Mike Brown and his wife, Carolyn, are Fields' legal guardians. 

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford reports that Arenas' workout for the Lakers over the weekend went well.'s Mike Trudell hangs out with rookie guards Andrew Goudelock and Darius Morris while they play NBA Jam.

--Silver Screen and Roll's Actuarially Sound looks at the Lakers' identity.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano compares the Lakers' progress this season to playing whack-a-mole.

Tweet of the Day: "As Jeremy lin's manager , I think he should buy a sailboat. Everyday day I will tweet advice to my client Jeremy Lin" -- MettaWorldPeace (Lakers forward Metta World Peace)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: "At first I was opposed bringing Arenas on board. But after this Grammy trip, I am convinced that they need to make some kind of move. PG is their weakest link and it definitely needs to be addressed. For some reason, I feel that the Lakers will not be making any kind of move. I have no faith in the front office when Jim Buss will not relinquish his control over management. Let Mitch do his job. And Brown needs to stop changing the roster so much that. This takes away the benches confidence when they don't know if they will ever get on the floor. It's time to stop experimenting and make up your mind." -- Matt Phu

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Metta World Peace shows his frustration after being called for a foul during the Lakers' game against the Charlotte Bobcats on Jan. 31. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

Five things to take from Lakers' 93-89 win in Denver

Lakers31. An important road win against a conference playoff contender. Let's start with the biggest positive of the night: a quality win on the road against a conference opponent. So it wasn't pretty, but the Lakers still went on the road to beat the Nuggets, 93-89. When they want to know whether you won or lost, they ask how many, not how well you played. The Nuggets (15-8) have proven to be a formidable opponent since the departure of Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks as well as Kenyon Martin (now of the Clippers) and J.R. Smith to China. Just as impressive, the Lakers (14-9) overcame some controversial calls, or non-calls, to earn the victory and move up in the Western Conference standings.

2. Broken record: The Lakers need to execute better on offense. Once again, the Lakers continued to have breakdowns in running their offensive sets, often resulting in poor-quality possessions that ended with rushed shots at the end of the 24-second clock. And with Andrew Bynum running hot, how can he end the game with only 13 shots? The Lakers continually failed to get him the ball when he had great post position. A couple of scenarios in the game included the Lakers' two most veteran players -- guards Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant -- failing to get Bynum the ball when he had established himself on the block. Bryant ended up driving wildly into the lane and hoisting an off-balance shot on more than one occasion.

3. Broken record II: The Lakers need to improve their transition defense. Too many times the Nuggets were able to get down the court for easy layups. And that included big men Nene and Timofey Mozgov as well as the speedy Ty Lawson and other perimeter players. The Nuggets are primarily a young and athletic team, and they're not the only one in the West that will torch teams in transition if defenses aren't paying attention. Think Thunder, Clippers, Blazers, Jazz, Warriors, etc.

PHOTOS: Lakers vs. Nuggets

4. Broken record III: Kobe Bryant needs to know when to defer to the big men. Bynum made 10 of 13 shots for 22 points while collecting 10 rebounds and Pau Gasol was five of 10 from the field for 13 points while pulling down 17 rebounds. It became obvious as the game unfolded that the Lakers had the advantage on the front line. When your two big men are shooting better than 65% combined, they need to take more than 23 shots in the game.

5. Andrew Goudelock continues to impress. The rookie guard made six of 10 shots, including one of three from three-point range, for 13 points, his fourth double-digit effort in the last five games. When Steve Blake returns to the lineup, the Lakers' backcourt will have more weapons and depth, plus the ability to give more rest to Fisher and Bryant.


Lakers avoid stumble at start of road trip

GM Mitch Kupchak remains positive despite road woes

Kobe Bryant, Andrew Bynum lead the L.A. All-Star contingent

--Dan Loumena

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant drives the baseline for a reverse layup in front of the rim against the Nuggets in the second half Friday night at the Pepsi Center in Denver. Credit: Jack Dempsey / Associated Press

Lakers grind out second consecutive road victory with 93-89 triumph over Denver

Lakers1_350Just when it seemed as if the Lakers were on the verge of an epic fourth-quarter meltdown, they pulled out a 93-89 victory over the Denver Nuggets on Friday night at the Pepsi Center.

Kobe Bryant scored 15 of his 20 points in the second half, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol each logged double-doubles and rookie guard Andrew Goudelock continued to impress with 13 points off the bench.

And still, it almost wasn't enough. After trailing by as many as eight points in the fourth quarter, Denver had a chance to win before Al Harrington's step-back three-pointer missed, with Matt Barnes grabbiong the rebound and getting fouled with two-tenths of a second left, securing the Lakers' second consecutive road victory.

PHOTOS: Lakers vs. Nuggets

The Lakers helped the Nuggets rally by being called for a pair of fourth-quarter technical fouls, one on Bynum and another on Barnes. Gasol also committed a late turnover on a behind-the-back pass that eventually led to a dunk by Nene that pulled the Nuggets to within 91-89.

Bynum was involved in another controversial play when he missed a layup with 12 seconds left but indicated he was fouled by Nene. Video replays appeared to show Nene hitting Bynum on the arm without touching the ball, which went out of bounds to the Nuggets, setting up their final play.

"We made it tough on ourselves down the stretch," Lakers Coach Mike Brown said. "The missed call [on Nene] was tough to swallow. We didnt' execute well, but we got a clean dunk but didn't get the call."

Said Bynum: "I can just let it go. It really wasn't that bad."

In his first game since becoming an All-Star for the first time, Bynum had 22 points on 10-for-13 shooting to go with 10 rebounds. Gasol finished with 13 points and a season-high 17 rebounds. Derek Fisher also was clutch for the Lakers, making a jumper to give them a 91-87 lead and making a steal in the final minute.

Goudelock made six of 10 shots and has averaged 11.8 points in his last six games.

"He's found his niche," Bryant said. "He comes in off the bench and he lights it up."

The Lakers improved to 3-7 on the road and will go for a third consecutive road win on Saturday against Utah in Salt Lake City, where they pulled out a triumph in overtime last month.

"I've been telling everybody we're going to be fine," Bryant said. "I mean, it's the start of the year and it's tough to kind of get out on the road. We've had some very tough opponents to start the season on the road. We're kind of getting used to everything with no practices. We're going to be A-OK."


Caught in the web: Lakers start trip with a win

Mitch Kupchak remains positive despite road woes

Five things to take from Lakers' 93-89 victory over the Nuggets

--Ben Bolch in Denver

Photo: Nuggets center Timofey Mozgov tries to cut off the drive of Lakers power forward Pau Gasol in the first half Friday night at the Pepsi Center in Denver. Credit: Jack Dempsey / Associated Press

Kobe Bryant has other people pack his suitcase [Video]

The Lakers play at Denver on Friday evening in their first game of six-game trip.

While Kobe Bryant has to worry about improving his team's dismal 2-7 road record over an arduous 10-day stretch, he does not have to think twice about packing.

That's because he has other people do the job for him.

"I don't do that," he said. "I'm Hollywood; my stylist does it for me. I don't touch a suitcase. I'm Hollywood, I've been here for 16 years now man, I don't lift a finger."

Since Bryant has millions upon millions of dollars and the Lakers have two rookies on the team, that statement may be more literal than one may think.

Rookie guard Andrew Goudelock recently said that he often has to fetch the veterans' laundry and shoes.

Failing to deliver comes with major consequences.

Just ask Darius Morris, who was hazed during the team's last trip because he didn't bring his teammates burgers from In-N-Out. Among his punishments, Morris had to pose like a butler with a towel over his wrist while his teammates dined.

When Bryant was asked whether the rookies help him pack as another one of their duties, he shook his head.

"No, you seen them dress?" he said. "They don't touch my stuff."

In the video above, the Lakers discuss their favorite and least favorite things about traveling together.

Morris sits next to Bryant on the plane and while he wouldn't reveal what the Black Mamba does en route, he said that the NBA star talks to him and gives him valuable tips on the plane.

"I witness the Kobe System every day," he said.

Other fun tidbits -- Metta World Peace's favorite cities are Miami and New York. Jason Kapono said (jokingly?) that he wears cucumbers and a mask on the plane to beautify his complexion and claimed (jokingly) that Luke Walton changes clothes every two hours.

"I don't know if it's a Hollywood thing or like a bodily thing," he said.

The Lakers enter this long road stretch coming off of a 106-73 victory against Charlotte on Tuesday in which they were able to rest their starters.

Denver is currently in second place in the Western Conference with a record of 15-7 while the Lakers are sixth at 13-9.


It's game on in Denver despite heavy snow

Roaches, road trips? It's all the same to Metta World Peace [Video]

Lakers' Darius Morris is hazed for not getting teammates "In N Out" [Video]

-- Melissa Rohlin

Kobe Bryant dubs Andrew Goudelock the 'Mini-Mamba'

Another "Mamba" has slithered into Staples Center, and Kobe Bryant doesn't seem to mind.

In fact, Bryant is all for it.

The self-described Black Mamba has bestowed a similar nickname upon Andrew Goudelock, calling the Lakers rookie guard "Mini-Mamba" because he is a fearless shooter similar to Bryant.

"It's a very big compliment, especially coming from the real Mamba," Goudelock said after scoring 12 points Tuesday in the Lakers' 106-73 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats. "I hope it sticks."

Goudelock has scored in double figures in three of four games since Coach Mike Brown decided to make him the primary backup to starting point guard Derek Fisher. Living up to his nickname, Goudelock has also taken seven or more shots in each game despite playing only between 15 and 25 minutes.


Goudelock's strong play has potentially alleviated the need for the Lakers to take a serious look at free agent guard Gilbert Arenas, who was waived in December by the Orlando Magic via the so-called amnesty clause. Goudelock, who rarely played until the last week, has made the most of his opportunity.

"I think I was kind of in awe when I came out here playing with some of these guys," Goudelock said. "I didn't know where to fit in or how to do it. The talent has always been there, but I didn't really know how to put it all together. These last few games, just running point guard, I think I've been more aggressive to simplify things, not trying to think too much and just play my game, and I think it's working out for me."

-- Ben Bolch

Lakers enjoy plenty of rest against Bobcats

Some highlights of my breakdown of the Lakers' 106-73 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday:

  • The main thing in this win has to do with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum resting. That's because it's misleading to try to gauge anything else after a win against the worst team in the NBA. Considering how little Coach Mike Brown has rested Bryant, Gasol and Bynum, however, it's crucial that the Lakers found an opportunity to do so against Charlotte.
  • Andrew Goudelock's confidence continues to grow. Who knows whether he'll able to sustain the double-digit efforts that he's shown in the last four games? But with Steve Blake's continued absence and uncertainty about whether the Lakers can upgrade at point guard, team officials are relieved that someone can at least hold the fort temporarily.
  • It remains unclear if Brown will continue shuffling Metta World Peace and Matt Barnes at small forward. But it's very clear that Barnes brings more consistency.
  • Games like the one Tuesday night can be deceiving. The victory could serve as a nice psychological boost for the Lakers as they begin a six-game road trip Friday in Denver. Or it could give them a false sense of confidence.


Uh-oh, here come the . . . Bobcats?

Things to watch in Lakers-Charlotte Bobcats matchup

Mike Brown more concerned with development than limiting minutes

--Mark Medina

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Lakers' Darius Morris is hazed for not getting teammates "In N Out" [Video]

Being a rookie can be awfully difficult.

Before embarking on a recent trip, Darius Morris offered to grab his teammates some burgers and fries from the fast food chain In N Out -- but came back empty-handed.

That proved to be a huge mistake.

"I was just trying to be a good rookie and volunteered to get some In N Out for the whole team," he said. "Unfortunately we got out of shootaround just a little bit late and I wasn't able to get them because the line at In N Out LAX is pretty crowded. It was either get the burgers or be late and miss the plane."

His teammates decided to make an example of Morris for the remainder of the trip, jokingly hazing him for his failed mission.

"Man, he had to fix everybody's food," rookie guard Andrew Goudelock said of Morris. "He had to give Matt [Barnes] his drink, in his mouth, like he had to pour the drink down his mouth."

It gets worse.

"They wouldn't let him eat," Goudelock added. "He had to stand there while everyone was eating with a towel over his wrist like a butler."

Goudelock said he's done everything that has been asked of him to avoid that type of treatment, including retrieving players' shoes and laundry.

"If you don't do something that they ask, then it's like 100 times worse for you," he said with a smile.

Morris said he has learned his lesson. After all, it won't be long before another test. The Lakers have a 10-day, six-game trip beginning Friday at Denver.

Sitting by his locker before playing the Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday, Morris made it clear his teammates will never be unsatiated when craving burgers again.

"I guess a couple of people's taste buds were spoiled that evening," he said. "It's OK though. There's always going to be another road trip, more opportunities for In N Out burgers. So we'll get it done."

-- Melissa Rohlin

Andrew Goudelock takes advantage of opportunity

Just when it appeared that significant playing time was not in the cards, Lakers rookie guard Andrew Goudelock picked up on a few signals that suggested otherwise.

The Lakers' morning shoot-around Wednesday involved Goudelock playing at backup point guard. For the first time in recent memory, Lakers Coach Mike Brown actually pronounced Goudelock's name correctly in practice (it rhymes with "loud lock"). Still, the last thing Goudelock wanted to do was get his hopes up over nothing.

So he simply alerted his parents he might play some minutes in the Lakers-Clippers game and then took his routine pre-game nap. Once he woke up, Goudelock hardly thought about what might ensue.

Said Goudelock: "I woke up here, came to the game with my mind right and was ready to play.

The result. Goudelock played at backup shooting guard and recorded a career-high 14 points on five-for-eight shooting in 20 minutes, surpassing the 10 points he scored in his previous 10 appearances. Afterward, Brown said he'd seriously consider giving Goudelock more playing time at the spot instead of the struggling Darius Morris.

Who knows how that will pan out considering Steve Blake, who's been sidelined 11 days with an injury, may return within a week. But it beats sitting on the bench.

"It helps me out and boosts my confidence a bit," Goudelock said. "You never know when your next opportunity is going to come. You just have to take advantage of the next opportunity that's in your face. It's good to know I may have a few more opportunities in the future. It relaxes you a bit because you can't relax at all."

Continue reading »

Jason Kapono's wife gives birth to twins [Video]

Jason Kapono's wife gave birth to twin girls, Campbell and Isla, on Tuesday.

Andrew Goudelock said in the locker room before the Lakers' game with Phoenix on Tuesday night that he could only imagine the excitement and happiness that his teammate must be feeling.

"I'm happy for him," Goudelock said. "I mean, it's a big thing in his life, so I know he's ecstatic right now."

Darius Morris said that Kapono was so excited for the arrival of his daughters that he bought them matching outfits during a road trip in Portland.

Josh McRoberts added that Kapono would ask his teammates for parenting advice in the locker room.

Kapono was excused from the game against Phoenix, a 99-83 win for the Lakers. He is expected to play against Utah on Wednesday -- with a couple more fans watching from a distance.

-- Melissa Rohlin

The Lakers discuss their New Year's resolutions [Video]

No, the Lakers don't have typical New Year's resolutions. They don't need to work out more, eat healthier and get a better job.

But they too are looking forward to a fresh start and in an interview with The Times, they discussed what they hope the New Year will bring.

Josh McRoberts wants world peace (not his teammate), Metta World Peace wants to have fun, Kobe Bryant wants to be healthy, Jason Kapono wants his fans to send him books instead of candy and Matt Barnes is looking forward to moving on from a year that he said was both personally and professionally challenging.

Mark Medina, who runs The Times' Lakers blog, has some other suggestions -- so he talked with his colleague Melissa Rohlin in a video interview below about what the Lakers should be desiring.

--Melissa Rohlin



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