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Jeremy Lin's heroics leave Lakers giddy

February 15, 2012 | 11:22 am

Storming out of the players' lounge, Lakers forward Metta World Peace yelled at the top of his lungs.


New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin had just hit a game-winning three-pointer at the top of the key with half a second to play, lifting his team to a 90-87 victory over Toronto at Air Canada Centre. Apparently, Lin's sixth consecutive game in which he scored at least 20 points also lifted the spirits of another high-market NBA team 3,000 miles away.

"Every Laker watching that game was rooting for Jeremy," World Peace said after the Lakers' 86-78 victory Tuesday over the Atlanta Hawks. "Everybody is really happy for him. I was about to say I'm ... happy, but I didn't say it. I'm Metta World Peace and I don't talk like that."

But he did talk in giddy tones. World vowed he'd buy Lin's jersey and try to become his agent, a believable claim considering the enigmatic Laker often tweets about the new Knicks' star. Lakers center Andrew Bynum argued that the NBA should allow Lin to play in Orlando next week during NBA All-Star weekend. And a week after he proclaimed not to know who Lin was, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant admitted relishing seeing Lin score the game-winner in an isolation set against Toronto, only three days after he had scored a career-high 38 points against the Lakers.

"He's playing extremely well," Bryant said of Lin. "I don't see it as a fluke. Watching him play against us and watching him tonight a little bit, he knows what he's doing. I don't think it's an accident by any means."

The Lakers' frustration over their inability to guard Lin last week subsided at least for one night. That, is until, a reporter informed Bryant that the Lakers had tried pursuing Lin, leading the Lakers' star to lament, "They don't tell me anything here. You guys know more [stuff] than I do."


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