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Mike Brown: Pau Gasol needs to create offensively

January 25, 2012 |  7:25 pm


Mike Brown on Clippers

At some point in the middle of the Lakers practice Tuesday, forward Pau Gasol made a play that Coach Mike Brown hopes defines how he creates offensively.

"I didn't call a play and he rim-ran his behind off down to the low post," Brown said before the Lakers' game Wednesday against the Clippers at Staples Center. "He turned around, sat down, I think it was Matt Barnes who threw him the ball. He was three feet away from the basket and he scored on a jump hook."

The significance of that play pointed to Gasol publicly lamenting for the last two days that the coaching staff has pigeonholed him more as a facilitator than a post player. Brown claimed ignorance on that revelation Wednesday even though this reporter specifically told him before Tuesday's practice about Gasol's comments. Nonetheless, Brown recalled that the aforementioned practice play involving Gasol to make a point. Clearly, Brown views the onus falls more on Gasol in creating his opportunities than the Lakers coach drawing up more sets with him.

"I stopped practice [after the play] and went up to him and gave him a hug," Brown said. "That's what I need from him and that's what I need from Andrew. They all have opportunities." 

Still, Brown's admitted that "it's not realistic for [Bynum and Gasol] to do it every single time" because of the team's lack of athleticism and speed. Though Brown said plenty of times since the Lakers hired him that plenty of the team's offensive sets would center on Gasol and Bynum receiving post touches, it's clear Brown believes Gasol playing more aggressively will solve that problem. Part of Gasol's average of 15.8 points on 50.9% shooting points to his inconsistent mid-range jumper. Perhaps this new approach will spark better numbers.

"Hopefully, I reinforced, 'Hey if we don't call your number, you have opportunities to go post up,' " Brown said. "That's what our offense is."


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--Mark Medina

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