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Lakers' three-game losing streak sparks concerns

January 23, 2012 | 10:25 am

Game stories

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan outlines the Lakers' offensive struggles in their 98-96 loss Sunday to the Indiana Pacers.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr notes the Lakers' confidence shook after losing to Indiana. 

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford explains why the Lakers couldn't win despite having a balanced offense. 

--The Indianapolis Star's Mike Wells credits Roy Hibbert for playing through a broken nose in the Pacers' win over the Lakers. 


--The Times' Bresnahan and myself highlight Metta World Peace's improved performance and Brian Shaw's stint as an associate coach for the Indiana Pacers.

--The Daily News' Teaford focuses on Shaw's return to Staples Center. 

--The Indianapolis Star's Wells explains why Lakers forward Josh McRoberts felt "insulted" the Pacers didn't try to re-sign him. 


--The Orange County Register's Carr lists 10 things the Lakers can fix right now. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin highlights the Lakres' frustrations over their three-game losing streak. 


--Fox Sports' Joe McDonnell wonders when the Lakers will show up. 


--Ball Don't Lie's Kelly Dwyer muses on Roy Hibbert eating at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles after playing against the Lakers with a broken nose. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' loss to Indiana.'s Mike Trudell provides a running diary of the Lakers-Pacers game. 

--Silver Screen and Roll's C.A. Clark faults the Lakers' late-game execution. 

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano breaks down the good, the bad and the ugly in the Lakers' loss to Indiana. 

Tweet of the Day: "Lakers have veterans who know how to play+are capable of adjusting with Brown. Just going to take time, something in short supply right now" -- lazenby (Lakers author Roland Lazenby)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: "Pau as facilitator was nice but we need him back offensively. He helped us to two titles, he can do it again, but he needs to go back to what he was before. I want THAT Pau back so much - otherwise, a trade is likely in his future, as much as it hurts me to say that." -- Sameera Ahmad

--Mark Medina

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