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Lakers reveal Mike Brown's nickname: 'All day, every day' [Video]

January 19, 2012 | 10:46 am

During games, Lakers Coach Mike Brown is jumping, screaming and excitedly patrolling the sideline. When the team practices, his booming voice can sometimes be heard from behind closed doors.

He's involved. He's passionate. He works hard.

And he expects the same in return.

During a Lakers event at Staples Center on Tuesday, the players disclosed their nickname for Brown: "All day, everyday."

Here's how it went down.

Kapono was asked by Lakers announcer Bill Macdonald how many shots he takes a day.

Joked Kapono: "If [Brown] has us in there from 9-5, then I'll probably stay until 5:45."

"Do I keep you that long?" Brown inquired.

Kapono then told the coach his nickname.

Said Macdonald, "By the way, this will be the last appearance as a L.A. Laker for Jason Kapono, so give him a hand. There will be an empty seat on the plane tomorrow."

Derek Fisher then interjected and defended his teammate.

"I got to have Jason's back on this one," Fisher said. "It was like Day 3 when we realized that it's a new day. We're going to be in this gym all day, every day until we get it right."

Brown rides the players hard. After training camp started Dec. 9, the Lakers didn't have a day off until Dec. 28, following a stretch of three games on consecutive nights.

The only other day the Lakers have had off this season, excluding travel days, was on Jan. 12, after a back-to-back against Phoenix and Utah.

All day, every day and the Lakers will play the Heat on Thursday in Miami.


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