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How Kobe Bryant might explain Kobe System to Pau Gasol

January 27, 2012 |  2:38 pm

Each Nike ad touting Kobe Bryant's so-called system touts his driven quest to achieve absolute greatness.

And after seeing him push Chinese singer Wang Leehorn to reach his potential, chastise motivational speaker Tony Robbins for asking a question and challenge Jerry Rice to dominate during post-retirement, I can't help but wonder if Pau Gasol should be the next guest.

Gasol has recently lamented how Mike Brown's offensive system forces him to become more of a facilitator than a low-post presence. Bryant and Brown have mostly argued that Gasol needs to play with more aggression. Gasol's recent play showed all parties were right to some degree. Hence, why such a Kobe System Nike ad featuring El Spaniard would be interesting. Based on player tendencies and recent statements, the ad might go something like this....

Level 6: Aggression

Bryant: When you are aggressive, the ball is going to find you. You find the ball when you are aggressive.  Pau Gasol, I think you have a question.

Gasol: No, not really.

Bryant: Yes, you do. You want to score the same way you did when we won two NBA championships.

Gasol: But we need more balance on offense to do that.

Bryant: The offense will become more balanced when you're more aggressive.

Gasol: But the offense can't be balanced if I'm not getting touches.

Bryant: You've gotten touches. You caught them and looked to pass the ball or settled for a 20-footer. You have to go.

Gasol: I'm passing because you and Andrew Bynum had good looks.

Bryant: Why did we have good looks?

Gasol: Because I'm a good facilitator.

Bryant: Yes. But Andrew and I are also thirsty to score.

Gasol: But I'm also thirsty to score.

Bryant: Not enough. You have to go. If I get double teamed and kick it to you, you're looking to pass the ball to other people. Put your head down and go to the basket.

Gasol: I'm just trying to do the right thing and follow Mike Brown's system. But the plays we run put the burden on you.

Bryant: That's because Brown's system is the Kobe System.

Gasol: So how do I score in the Kobe System?

Bryant: Easy. Be aggressive.

Gasol: Thank you.

Bryant: You're welcome.

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--Mark Medina

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