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How Kobe Bryant might explain Kobe System to Metta World Peace

January 30, 2012 | 12:03 pm

It turns out Kobe Bryant has finished his lessons teaching his system.

In a series of Nike ads, Bryant emphasized dominance in different ways. He stressed adaptation to tennis star Serena Williams. Bryant pushed Chinese singer Wang Leehorn to reach his potential. He chastised motivational speaker Tony Robbins for asking a question.

To former football player Jerry Rice, Bryant challenged him to dominate his post-retirement life. To rapper Kanye West, Bryant talked about becoming a different animal and the same beast, whatever that means. To Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, Bryant wondered if he's achieved "success at success at success." If you're puzzled, you're not alone.

But the Nike ads apparently left out two possible lessons. In addition to Bryant stressing aggression to Lakers forward Pau Gasol, the Black Mamba also could've emphasized focus to Metta World Peace. Considering that Lakers Coach Mike Brown has put World Peace back in the starting lineup, Bryant would have lots to say to World Peace. Based on player tendencies and recent statements, the ad might go something like this....

Lesson 8, Edge

Bryant: When you find an edge, no one can stop you. When you don't have an edge, you can't stop anyone. Ron Artest, I think you have a question.

World Peace: Why do you call me Ron Artest? My name is Metta World Peace.

Bryant: Whatever you’ve become, we need the relentless, old Ron Artest.

World Peace: I've already legally changed my name.

Bryant: But you need to legally change your game. You need to become Ron Artest like you were in Indiana. Just don't punch any fans in the stands.

World Peace: That's when I played great defense. I got bored with defense because it was so easy for me to stop people over the years.

Bryant: I understand. Offensively for me, things are really easy. The game feels boring. But you have to find an edge. You have to find something that is going to push you.

World Peace: Sorry, Kobe. I was too busy tweeting. 

Bryant: You need to stop making people laugh and start making them celebrate.

World Peace: Like in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals?

Bryant: Exactly. Except one thing. I'm not passing you the ball.

World Peace: Why won't you pass me the ball?

Bryant: Because you don't have that edge.

World Peace: How do I get that edge?

Bryant: You’ve got to be you. You’re a feisty ... out on that court.

World Peace: Thank you.

Bryant: You're welcome.


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— Mark Medina

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