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Lamar Odom trade: Mychal Thompson doubts Lakers' championship chances

December 13, 2011 |  9:54 am

Below are excerpts from a recent conversation with former Lakers player and 710 ESPN radio analyst Mychal Thompson, who recently partnered with RadioFlag, which allows users to access various radio stations around the country for free and is considered the first social network for radio. You can listen to the entire 13-minute interview in the video above.

On the Lakers trading Lamar Odom: "Unless there's a major shoe to drop here and soon, the Lakers are in trouble. Lamar Odom was essential to the Lakers getting back to the Finals and getting their title back."

On the Lakers' title chances: "If the Lakers stay the way they are right now, with what they have, that's fine. They have enough players to compete for a championship. But to win a championship, they definitely need someone not just as good as Lamar. But almost as good to replace him."

On Andrew Bynum: "He's the biggest trade bait that they have. To me, he's the second-best player in basketball."

On whether Lamar Odom could've recovered from initial trade shock: He would've never gotten over it. I've never gotten over it and I left the Lakers not on my own terms. I wasn't the same caliber of player that Lamar is. But I remember when the Lakers didn't need me anymore and it hurts. Playing for the Lakers is different than playing for any other franchise. (For the record, Thompson has his own personal story. But I've explained in a previous post why I believe Odom would've stomached the frustration).

On how the Lakers absorb Andrew Bynum's absence during his five-game suspension: "They'll be shorthanded without Lamar and Bynum, but being at home should help things a little bit ... Even though they'll be without those guys, I still expect them to go 4-1, 5-0. I'm an eternal optimist."

On who should fill in for Lamar Odom: That fourth spot is up for grabs. Maybe Mike Brown will put in World Peace and Luke Walton at small forward."


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