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Mitch Kupchak believes Magic Johnson would be successful Dodgers owner

December 2, 2011 |  7:15 pm

The ball rests firmly in Magic Johnson's hands, and it appears he's on the verge of performing something of epic proportions.

And for once, this has nothing to do with one of Johnson's many no-look passes. It has everything to do with Johnson's intention to buy the Dodgers. Somehow Johnson found a way to enhance his Los Angeles legacy when he's already provided enough of a foundation already. 

When Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak heard the news Thursday at the Lakers' practice facility, he unflinchingly said, "He would be a great owner." The reasons go beyond winning five NBA championships and winning over L.A., though that's part of it. Johnson's proved through his business ventures with the Lakers, Starbucks and Detroit City Partners that he brings the same enthusiasm and competiveness as an owner as he did as an NBA star.

"I know he's sitting on a pile of cash, which is maybe why I take his calls as often as I do," Kupchak joked about Johnson, who sold his 4.5% ownership stake of the Lakers last October. "He's been incredibly supportive as an owner. Never once during our conversations did he say, 'Mitch, this is what you should do.' We talked basketball. He would make suggestions and he would ask me what I thought."


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--Mark Medina

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