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Lakers' wish list to Santa Claus

December 24, 2011 |  5:57 pm

It's the time for everyone to feel in a festive mood.

Family and friends pass out gifts. They attend church service. They drink eggnog. They watch "A Christmas Story" and "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" for the millionth time.

And for basketball fans, they still receive their daily NBA fix. The Lakers may relish playing on Christmas Day for the 13th consecutive year, but they're hardly walking in a winter wonderland.

They have an extensive wish list that may go unfulfilled, unless of course Santa Claus pulls through at the last minute. In no particular order after the jump, the list includes the following.

1. A Larry O'Brien Trophy - Nothing excites the Lakers' franchise more than collecting an NBA title. This one would mark its 17th championship.

2. Dwight Howard - The Lakers see him as their next franchise player. But will they have to raid their cupboard to get him?

3. Quick point guard - Chris Paul is gone. But the Lakers need someone to help stop Derrick Rose in the season opener against Chicago. 

4. Replaceable wrist - If Kobe Bryant's torn ligament in his right wrist proves too much to bear, it'd be nice if Santa's elves could construct this.

5. Replaceable knee - Who knows whether Andrew Bynum's knee brace will hold up forever. That's why Santa needs to deliver a healthy knee with a warranty attached to it.

6. Flash cards - The Lakers admit they're still grasping Mike Brown's offense. This study tool always helps the memorization process go quickly.

7. Fountain of youth - The Lakers have a veteran-laden team, including Derek Fisher (37), Bryant (33), Metta World Peace (32), Troy Murphy (31), Matt Barnes (31), Steve Blake (31), Luke Walton (30) and Jason Kapono (30). Those players all have plenty of talent, but Father Time is catching up to them. This would prove far more effective in restoring the Lakers' energy than any innovative procedure or rest will ever do. 

8. Time machine - Mitch Kupchak and the Buss family would sure like to turn back the clock. That way they could have ensured making a Chris Paul trade without NBA Commissioner David Stern nixing it. Or they could have at least avoided trading Lamar Odom. 

9. New collective bargaining agreement - The Lakers may enjoy a lucrative 20-year deal from Time Warner Cable next season. But for now, this revenue sharing doesn't feel all that great for the Lakers. 

10. Ron Artest - Even when he was unpredictable, Artest at least played solid defense. Metta World Peace so far looks incredibly slow. 


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--Mark Medina

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