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Pau Gasol reportedly to play for Barcelona if NBA cancels season

November 15, 2011 | 12:02 pm

Pau Gasol

Throughout this prolonged NBA lockout, Lakers forward Pau Gasol dismissed the prospects of playing overseas beyond taking part in the FIBA European Championships. Gasol held enough optimism that the owners and players union could at least salvage part of the 2011-2012 season. 

But with the possibility of a lost season now on the horizon, Gasol reportedly told Spanish media he and his brother, Marc, would play for Barcelona. 

‘If they cancel the season we would like to play here," Gasol said, according to Slam. "I speak for myself, but Marc would also like to play for Barcelona."

Gasol's representatives didn't immediately respond to calls and emails requesting further comment.

Gasol maintained his optimism via Twitter that both sides could reach an agreement: "This doesn't mean that it won't be a season. The union & the league will still have 45 days to get to an agreement before it gets dissolved."

Still, Gasol's acknowledgement that a season could be lost reflects at least some uncertainty. After all, Gasol told The Times three weeks ago he hadn't considered playing overseas at all despite practicing this off-season with FC Barcelona. 

For now, Gasol will at least continue that regimen.

"After the news yesterday about #lockout , I continue working out," Gasol tweeted. "I start the day with a gym session!" 


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