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NBA lockout: Which Lakers should play overseas?

November 18, 2011 |  3:41 pm

Kobe Bryant

Lakers who shouldn't play overseas

Kobe Bryant -- As stated numerous times, there's no value for Bryant to risk injury by playing overseas. Save any barnstorming exceptions, Bryant should simply rest no matter how long the NBA lockout lasts.

Pau Gasol -- He'll remain in Spain for most of the lockout, and I'm told he remains noncommital on any plans until the NBA officially cancels the entire season. But Gasol would be better off just continuing his training with FC Barcelona and then resting. 

Andrew Bynum -- Bynum's finally enjoyed a full off-season injury-free. It's allowed him to box and work on his post moves. Going overseas would only increase the chances his knees would fail him again.

Derek Fisher -- Even if he doesn't have a direct role in NBA lockout negotiations anymore, he'd still need to be around as a sounding board.

Metta World Peace -- It's unlikely Ron Ron can actually spread world peace. His agent, David Bauman, has remained skeptical in shipping him off because he hasn't been able to get insurance. Risking three years on his $21.8-million contract isn't worth it.

Matt Barnes -- He now remains open to playing should the NBA cancel its season. But he should concentrate on fully healing his surgically repaired right knee first. 

Steve Blake -- He hasn't expressed much interest in doing so because of family obligations. Plus, working out in Portland should be enough.

Luke Walton -- Resist the punchline that no team would want to sign him.  He's remaining an assistant coach with the Memphis Tigers until the lockout ends. 

Lakers who should play overseas

Lamar Odom -- He benefited from playing overseas at the 2010 FIBA World Championships. Going there now would keep him focused and allow more promoting opportunities with Khloe Kardashian.

Shannon Brown -- After opting out of his $2.37-million contract with the Lakers this off-season,  his playing future alone appears uncertain. 

Derrick Caracter -- It wouldn't hurt because it's unlikely the Lakers will keep him next season.

Devin Ebanks -- Ebanks believes it's more valuable to practice in line with the Lakers' specific request in having him work at shooting guard. But nothing beats game experience.  

Darius Morris -- He maintains that he doesn't regret exhausting two years of eligibility at Michigan, despite the lockout. That's because he's played with NBA players in various pickup games. He'd be better off going on at least a barnstorming tour, if he can, because he'll also get paid for it. 

Andrew Goudelock --  His agent, Austin Walton, said he's going to pursue overseas ventures should the owners and players fail to reach a deal by Christmas. In addition to wanting to stay ready for his rookie season, it appears this would be a financial necessity. He's already worked as a personal trainer and landed an endorsement deal with the Chinese shoe company Peak so he can have income during the lockout.


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Photo:  Kobe Bryant goes up for a reverse dunk during an exhibition game against Filipino players in Quezon City on July 23. Credit: Dennis M. Sabangan / EPA