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Andrew Goudelock preparing to help out at point guard

November 1, 2011 | 12:25 pm

Andrew Goudelock is Andrew Goudelock is preparing to help the Lakers at point guardThe words are instilled in Andrew Goudelock's head: "Be confident, but don't be cocky."

The Lakers rookie guard largely credits that philosophy with producing a pattern in which he increased his scoring average over four years at the College of Charleston by at least three points, set a school record in points (2,571) and became fourth-best in assists (424).

And it's a philosophy that could help him in the future. The balance could help him the Lakers draftee fit in with a championship-laden team. Mixing humility with his confidence could prevent rubbing veteran teammates the wrong way. Maintaining the two could help him overcome any transition to the NBA, while remaining mindful of the learning curve.  

How it all plays out won't be known until the NBA lockout ends. For now, Goudelock' is finishing up on a sociology degree at the College of Charleston, providing personal training for students and practicing with the Cougars team. But mainly he's following the Lakers' pre-lockout instructions, preparing for a possible point guard role and enhancing his defense.

"They didn't draft me to be a shooting guard," Goudelock said in a phone interview. "That's what a lot of people think. Hopefully, I can show people I can make good decisions with passing the ball and keeping everyone involved. People know me for my shooting, but at this stage of my playing career, what will get me on the court is what I do defensively."

How his teammates receive him remains an another unanswered question. The Lakers can't comment about any specific players during the NBA lockout, and most players have shied away from the media during this prolonged offseason. Goudelock mentioned that none of his Lakers teammates, outside of rookies Darius Morris and Ater Majok, have talked to him this offseason. 

"I don't have anybody's number," Goudelock said. "I'm not on contract, so it's different for me. It's weird, but it is what it is. I can't control it."

For now, Goudelock said, he remains focused on things he can control. He said he hoists at least 1,000 jumpers a day and doesn't stop until he makes 80% of them, and often dribbles with a basketball in each hand to improve his ball handling. He's exerting more energy on defense in pickup scrimmages, he said.

And of course, he said, he reminds himself to remain confident and humble. 

"You have to have confidence or else no one else will," Goudelock said. "But you need to stay true to yourself and use what got you here. Good things happen to good people."


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-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Andrew Goudelock. Credit : Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times