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Poll questions surrounding NBA lockout

October 26, 2011 | 12:00 pm

David Stern

It's easy to characterize NBA fans as frustrated with the current lockout.

It's wrong to believe fans will permanently boycott games, and it's equally wrong to believe they will freely flock to NBA games once the season starts and forget the lockout even happened.

It's simplistic to think none are familiar with the financial deals regarding the proposed collective bargaining agreement.

These are all just presumptions on my part. But based on my experience in conducting fan-driven polls gauging the sentiments of Laker fans, they hardly fall into the two categories that the general public and media see them fit. They're not all fair-weather fans who only come to Staples Center to see and be seen among the various celebrities. They're not all crazy Lakerholics, whose livelihoods, state of well-being and overall outlook hinge on one Lakers' win or loss.

That's why I figured running a series of polls regarding the current lockout would provide some more nuanced insight. But I won't know that answer unless you vote. So below the jump, provide your two cents in the series of polls. I will then follow up Thursday with an analysis piece. And who knows? Perhaps it might not be necessary, with's Ken Berger talking to one person briefed on the talks that "wer'e inching closer to a deal" entering Wednesday's meeting. But we'll wait and see. 

--Mark Medina

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Photo: NBA Commissioner David Stern, left, and Billy Hunter, executive director of the players' union, have failed to reach a deal. Photo: Louis Lanzano / Associated Press