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Metta World Peace performs with Slam Girls

October 21, 2011 |  2:23 pm

Finally, worries over his rap music interfering with the NBA season no longer exist.

Metta World Peace, the Lakers player formerly known as Ron Artest, can rap in muffled tones while dancing girls dressed in referee outfits called "Slam Girls" anytime he wants. That's what he did recently in the video above at Club Highlands in Hollywood, and it appears this will mark just the beginning. He's teaming with Chicago Bears and former UCLA product Kahlil Bell to record a single called "Triple Threat." Another song, titled "Never Gonna Stop," will then follow.

For once, World Peace has all the time in the world to toil over such ventures. Before, as an Indiana Pacer, he insisted on taking off the beginning of the 2005-06 season so he could record a rap album. As soon as he signed with the Lakers in 2009, he recorded a song titled "Champion" but needed to wait a full year to win one before he could mix it with Dr. Dre and then release it. And in the middle of the 2009-10 season, World Peace put together a mix tape that only infuriated teammates concerned about his commitment level.

But with the NBA owners and players' union toiling away at labor negotiations, World Peace feels even freer to do whatever he wants. World Peace unabashedly embarrasses himself on "Dancing With the Stars" with gold-dyed hair, a flamboyant outfit and horrible dance moves, all for the sake of donating his $125,000 earnings to cancer research. For the same cause, he attempts to make his 8-year-old daughter, Diamond, a star by having her perform a song called "Fighter" in reference to surviving kidney cancer. And for a cause that mostly serves his own amusement, World Peace is now hanging out with the Slam Girls.

NBA fans may feel frustrated with the lockout. Both owners and the players' union may feel worn out from prolonged negotiations. And arena and team employees may feel worried about their jobs. But clearly, World Peace has enjoyed every locked-out minute. 


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-- Mark Medina

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