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Metta World Peace gets defensive over Magic Johnson's criticism

October 6, 2011 | 12:17 pm

Metta World Peace gets defensive about an ex-Laker's criticism. Only a day after Magic Johnson criticized Ron Artest on "The Tonight Show" for legally changing his name to Metta World Peace, he fired back via Twitter by charging that Johnson's just pulling a "publicity stunt."

Publicity stunt for what? Selling more NBA2K12 games? That part isn't clear. But it is clear Ron joked about the lockout as a publicity stunt days earlier. It's also clear RonRon isn't happy. At least he didn't resort to name-calling, such as when he brought up Johnson's well-publicized infidelities after Magic criticized Artest's role seven years ago in the the Palace Brawl. Instead, World Peace took the diplomatic route.

"Magic should embrace the name change," tweeted MWP, who then said he plans to travel to India to help with mental-health facilities. "Can't a comedian slash unpredictable guy want to give back:) Magic down to earth! Come on buddy;)) I'm not only down to earth I'm on the dirt! I respect magic for giving back to communities thru big investors. Let me stay in my lane!!"

If RonRon's going to get this defensive over Johnson's criticism for changing his name and appearing on "Dancing With the Stars," then wait until what next season might bring. I've personally argued that Artest's off-court distractions can get out of hand, but that his poor 2010-2011 performance mostly pointed to his declining abilities. Whether the story line's accurate or not, a poor showing next season would bolster that opinion even more from both the media and possibly even teammates or ex-Lakers. The cure for ending such talk points to sharpening his game. It also involves taking any heat in stride. For now, World Peace appears frustrated that Johnson hasn't engaged him in diplomacy.

"Actually magic I called you but you didn't pick up," World Peace tweeted. "Everytime you tell me call I do but you never answer!! Magic instead of criticism in public we should team up. I'm making a major impact on society around america with my mental health campaign!"


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-- Mark Medina

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