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Possible Kobe Bryant tweets

September 8, 2011 | 12:38 pm

6a00d8341c506253ef015434d9d389970c-320wiAfter being teased to a Kobe Bryant Twitter account for three hours Wednesday evening, 35,000 Laker fans immediately latched on to what the Black Mamba had to tweet.

All they read was a "Can you hear me now!?!?" introduction, leading me to wonder if someone with Verizon wrote it. Still, many followed his account hoping he'd say something. Something about his knee. Something about the lockout. Something about his workouts. But then the account abruptly shut down reportedly because the initial launch date was premature. Should Bryant ever reactivate his Twitter account (@KobeBryant), it'd be interesting to see whether he'd reveal his unfiltered thoughts or treat it as nothing more than a marketing platform.

The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding came up with a few suggestions for introductory tweets. Here's a few more ideas on what Bryant can tweet once he finally starts.

1. "@MettaWorldPeacestop tweeting & come to the gym w/ me. Need you to become old ron artest #nodistractions"

2. "thnks to my 5 millionth follower...have more follows + rings than @shaq. u can take that to bank"

3. "love listening to Carter IV when I work out. @LilTunechi is hungry & grinds just like me. it's why we're best."

4. "@TrueHoop says i'm not clutch. Stop number crunching & watch this. Case closed."

5. "when did every Laker fan turn into reporter? don't ask me about my knee. it's fine. #annoyingquestions"

6. "while my man @derekfisher working negotiating table, will enjoy watching my eagles destroy his cowboys this season."

7. "just got my nba2k12 from @2ksports2k12. Jerry West is GLOAT, but want to see if i can beat him"

8. "i'm tired of this Twitter bs. i'm working on my game & preserving my finger"

9. if I had Twitter in '07, radio tour + trade demands would've been 100x crazier.

10. @kaj33 i'm coming after you and your all-time scoring record.


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--Mark Medina

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