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Kobe Bryant's 33rd birthday wish?

August 23, 2011 | 10:50 am

Kobe Bryant

On the heels of Kobe Bryant turning 33 years old Tuesday, LakersNation's Twitter account started a fun exercise that deserves a follow-up. They asked Laker fans to complete this statement: "My name is Kobe Bryant & my birthday wish is ______"

There are several good ones, talking about his hope for a sixth championship ring, aspirations to finish his legacy as the NBA's best player and to finish at the top of the league's all-time scoring list. That led me to thinking what else would be an appropriate answer to that statement (click below the jump).

" ... to collect more NBA championships than Bill Russell."

" ... for my right knee, left ankle and index finger to become completely healthy."

" ... for everyone to stop asking me about those injuries. They're fine."

" ... to light up everyone in the Drew League-Goodman League game."

" ... for overseas teams to stop name-dropping me to the press that I might play for them."

" ... for overseas teams to continue name-dropping me to the press that I might play for them. We have to make the NBA scared somehow."

" ... for everyone to stop wondering how Mike Brown and I will get along. Don't worry. He'll immediately fall in line."

" ... that Coach Brown's offense will allow me to eat first ahead of Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum."

" ... that Coach Brown's defense will still let me roam at centerfield."

" ... for the Lakers' front office to give me a heads-up from now on for all personnel decisions."

" ... for the Lakers to stop coddling Andrew Bynum. They're supposed to do that to me."

" ... for Derek Fisher to remain the team's starting point guard. He's been my brother through and through."

" ... for everyone not to use this day to further analyze how old I'm getting."

" ... for media types to stop debating whether I'm clutch."

" ... to play basketball today. I'll never stop loving it."

" ... for my teammates to be as dedicated to the game as I am."

" ... for the NBA lockout to end. There are too many championships to win."

" ... for my career to extend past my three-year, $83.5-million deal. Winning eight NBA rings isn't enough."

" ... to get a Lakers statue before Shaq. I'm willing, however, to wait after Kareem, since, you know, he'll throw a temper tantrum."


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-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Kobe Bryant turns 33 years old on Tuesday. Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times