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Ron Artest, Derek Fisher appear on 'Lopez Tonight' finale

August 12, 2011 |  8:30 am

There two Lakers stood side by side, yet appeared infinitely worlds apart.

On the left stood Ron Artest, wearing a yellow headband, T-shirt and high socks, dangling a silver necklace and sporting extremely tight purple gym shorts. On the right stood Derek Fisher, looking .... well ...  normal, with designer shades, a rolled-up button shirt underneath a sweater, and some fresh sneaks. 

They share two common bonds as teammates and regulars on "Lopez Tonight," with Thursday's episode marking the show's finale. But the well-dressed and professional Fisher and questionably dressed and goofy Artest couldn't have been any different. Artest immediately noticed the weird dynamic.

"I'm sorry for embarrassing Derek Fisher for coming on the show," Artest said, "with an outfit like this when he looks so classy."

"What did you think when you saw my man with his [private parts] out?" Lopez asked. 

Fisher laughed and turned away.

"I didn't notice that," Fisher said with a huge smile. "What are you talking about?"

"Aren't you in charge of the players association?" Lopez asked. "Can he get fined for this?"

"Not right now," Fisher said with a laugh. "We're not under any type of contract." 

Yup, the two are near opposites. 

Artest is spending part of his summer performing stand-up comedy: "Somebody called me assuming I'm a clown and they called me. I'm like, Do I look stupid to you? Do I look like a clown. Apparently, I look like a clown."

Fisher is representing the players union during a prolonged NBA lockout: "Right now it's in a very tough place. We want to play basketball." 

Yet, the two played off each other well.

Fisher gave Artest confused looks and smiles when he explained his proposed name, Metta World Peace. When Eva Longoria suggested Artest should perform on "Dancing With the Stars," he passed the buck by saying "I just want to dress like this" and then looked at Fisher to gauge his enthusiasm. After giving a clear "not interested" sign, Fisher busted out a few salsa dance moves. Moments later, Fisher applauded Artest when he unveiled his No. 70 Lakers jersey featuring "World Peace" on the back. 

And more importantly, Fisher and Artest offered a friendly sendoff to the host who often brought them together.


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--Mark Medina

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