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Free agent profile: Carlos Arroyo

August 8, 2011 |  6:30 pm

This is the 32nd post in a series of free-agent profiles that analyzes particular players and how they might fit in with the Lakers.

Point guard Carlos Arroyo

Type of free agent: unrestricted

Positives: Arroyo, 32, a nine-year veteran who last season played 49 games with the Miami Heat and 15 with the Boston Celtics, wouldn't cost much, and he would feel comfortable and experienced enough to run an offense. This would by no means be a splash signing, and wouldn't fully address the Lakers' point guard needs. But with the Lakers strapped financially and looking at a market that doesn't have many promising point guards, this might be one of the "tweaks" the Lakers could get in the lineup. For the past three seasons, Arroyo has eclipsed his career shooting mark. He can handle the ball. He's solid in promoting good ball movement and finding the open man. Mix all of those ingredients together, and you at least have a steady option to lower to some degree the minutes logged by Derek Fisher and Steve Blake. 

Negatives: Arroyo was well above his career marks last season as a shooter, and likely would regress to his mean. Not a good thing, since he really doesn't attack the basket much anymore. A decent passer for sure, but not an elite defender. He's been an NBA journeyman for his nine-year career, with stints in Denver, Toronto, Utah, Detroit, Orlando, Miami and Boston. Although Arroyo has played with plenty of talented players in those stops, including Deron Williams, Rip Hamilton, Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo, that value is pretty relative. Case in point, Arroyo only averaged 12.7 minutes in 15 regular-season appearances and did not appear in the postseason for the Celtics, who picked him up after Miami dumped him. That speaks to the Celtics' solid backcourt options, but it also shows that even his limited services don't really mean that much. It'd be safe to assume he'd experience a similar situation with the Lakers. 

Verdict: ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg mentions it's unlikely that Arroyo will be back in a Celtics uniform. As mentioned before, Arroyo wouldn't really command a heavy NBA salary and it'd be easy for the Lakers to lock in a short-term deal. Acquiring Arroyo wouldn't necessarily be a bad move, but it reeks of a completely low-risk move that does little to actually improve the team's personnel. 

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--Mark Medina

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