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NBA lockout: What television cameos could the Lakers draw?

August 24, 2011 |  4:11 pm


In a sign that this NBA lockout for the past two months has felt like an eternity, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh are making cameo appearances on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit."

There are plenty of reasons to think some Lakers could join this venture. It appears more and more realistic Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest would play overseas. It seems as if the Lakers have to always find ways to remain in the public spotlight. And oh, yeah, the Lakers are kind of near Hollywood. Below is a look at what shows would best suit some of the notable Lakers  players. 

Kobe Bryant -- Sure, Bryant can go for the easy approach. He can follow his precedent of appearing on popular shows, such as "Modern Family," "Sesame Street," "Moesha," "In the House" and "Sister, Sister," playing himself and collecting an easy paycheck.If Bryant's commercials have taught us anything, he likes to be creative and he likes it involving basketball.

So why not hold a reality show where he challenges random fans one on one and embarrasses them all in the same fashion that rapper Bow Wow experienced? Bryant can get his basketball fix while ensuring he stays healthy, since, you know, the competition is pretty slim.

Lamar Odom -- Sorry,  Khloe and Lamar, your self-titled show was just too cheesy, filled with plotlines only middle schoolers could appreciate. The two need to appear on "Dancing With the Stars." There's an apparent void since Artest turned that gig down. Plus, word on the street is that Odom knows how to bust out a few dance moves.  Too bad that would likely make E! Entertainment really upset. 

Pau Gasol -- It appears that Gasol's cameo appearances have been restricted to either CBS dramas ("CSI: Miami," "Numb3rs") or Spanish soap operas ("Eva Luna"). But give Gasol  a platform where he can actually share his passion. As a former medical student, Gasol would be a perfect fit as one of the extras in "Grey's Anatomy" or "General Hospital." Thanks goodness "Scrubs" no longer airs, because that show would force Gasol to be crack jokes. 

Ron Artest -- OK, so he's technically already filming "Last Second Shot," a reality show that features him talking with prisoners and parolees about changing their lives. But appearing in an episode of "The Office"  would suit Artest perfectly. He and  Rainn Wilson would play off each other's goofball personalities. Plus, the paper company in Scranton, Pa., isn't exactly known for its professional environment and efficiency. So Artest doesn't have to feel worried about being distracted. 

Derek Fisher -- Sorry, Fish. You have a collective bargaining agreement to negotiate. 

Matt Barnes -- Beneath his fiery demeanor and on-court intensity, Barnes is well spoken and intelligent. But his tatted-up frame and willingness to mix it up would make Barnes a perfect candidate for "Jersey Shore." It beats the alternative in appearing on VH1's "Basketball Wives" with his fiancee, Gloria Govan. 

Luke Walton -- It's too bad he accepted an assistant coaching gig with the Memphis Tigers. He just missed out on his chance to make a return on "The Young and the Restless."


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-- Mark Medina

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