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Ron Artest tries standup comedy

July 11, 2011 |  1:02 pm

Ron Artest hosted a comedy show at Improv in West Hollywood on Friday, his first stop in a four-city tour.

Before the show began, audience members submitted questions for Artest.

One question read: What did you learn from the brawl in Detroit?

Said Artest: "I didn't learn ... . I just smacked [J.J. Barea] and I ... got suspended in Game 3. That's why I changed my name to Metta. Next year, there will be peace."

Although the response is funny, it's even more hilarious considering that Artest mixed up the brawl in Detroit with Game 2 of the Lakers-Mavericks playoff series, in which he clotheslined Barea for no apparent reason.

Another question centered on whether Artest would be willing to do a reality-TV show with Dennis Rodman.

Said Artest: "I definitely don't want to wear dresses. I don't want to marry myself."

His act drew raucous laughter from 180 fans in attendance, who seemed so excited to see the Lakers forward that they even laughed when he had trouble plugging in his microphone.

I interviewed Artest before he took the stage Friday, and he seemed cool as a cucumber even though he had never done a comedy act before.

He even cracked jokes (perhaps unintentionally) about how he should have told his therapist before he decided to change his name to Metta World Peace.

That, by the way, wasn't the only name change he considered.

He also entertained the idea of following Chad Ochocinco's lead and changing his name to Ron Trentasiete, though he couldn't quite remember how to say the No. 37 in Spanish and added an erroneous "inta" in the word.


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-- Melissa Rohlin