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What needs should the Lakers try to satisfy with the NBA draft?

47516146For every scenario that plays out in the NBA draft, Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak hopes he's preparing himself for all the possibilities.

"You have to know every player, you have to have an opinion on every player, and you have to know the likelihood that you’ll make a deal," Kupchak recently told's Mike Trudell. “But the likelihood is that you’re going to end up drafting where you have your picks today, so that’s where we spend most of your time."

But where should the Lakers spend most of their time addressing their draft needs? Keep in mind the Lakers aren't exactly going to secure a star player in what many consider to be a weak draft. They also have four second-round picks at Nos. 41, 46, 56 and 58, meaning it's conceivable they won't really be able to accomplish much out of the draft. But below are some ideas.

1. Draft based on talent, not on need.

Kupchak argued to Trudell it's better to follow that formula and it makes sense for various reasons. The Lakers arguably have needs at every position, ranging from point guard, outside shooting, athleticism and front-court depth. So it's conceivable that drafting the best pick will fill some type of role for the Lakers.

As the Lakers have faced in the last few years, it's very unlikely any draft prospects will make an immediate impact on the team given the Lakers' core appears very much intact. With the Lakers eager to make "tweaks" to their lineup, having a more talented prospect could come in handy should the team try to put together a trade package.

2. Draft to find replacements for Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter.

The Lakers have team options on both of those players worth $1.6 million and drafting a player to replace them could help the team save at least a little money. But honestly, this should only be done if the Lakers' picks are more talented than Ebanks and Caracter, an unknown reality considering they were steals in last year's draft.

Despite his limited run, partly because of a stress fracture in his left leg that sidelined him for the last six weeks of the season, Ebanks was highly touted in the Lakers' organization for his athleticism, unassuming manner, work ethic and potential as a Trevor Ariza-type player. It's more conceivable to find someone better than Derrick Caracter, who faced commitment issues his first year with the Lakers, ranging from his off-court arrest for an altercation at a New Orleans-based IHOP, appearing out of shape and admitting to not being prepared when he was granted minutes.

3. Don't trade the team's core lineup for a high draft pick. 

With the Minnesota Timberwolves holding the second pick of the draft,'s Chad Ford reported that "they're hoping that a team comes along and offers them an impact veteran", including Lakers forward Pau Gasol for the team's second-round pick. Keep in mind that the report mentions this is what Minnesota hopes to do and not what other teams, including the Lakers, plan to do. Kupchak repeatedly mentioned his belief that the team should keep its "core" lineup and even went so far as to tell Trudell that it's unlikely he'd trade any of the frontline players. 

Minnesota is expected in many mock drafts to select Arizona's Derrick Williams and he'll likely be successful in the pros. But no rookie is going to be able to replace any of the Lakers' marquee players. It's more understandable if the Lakers try to trade some of their bench players for a higher draft pick, but given the strength of this year's class, that approach might also be unrealistic. 

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak has said he only wants to make "tweaks" to the current roster. Credit: Richard Hartog / Los Angeles Times / April 22, 2008

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Lebron played like burger king in this series man. I wanted him to win a ring after being villified by everyone. Oh well. Miami couldn't secure key rebounds and missed about 17 free throws. Plus Spo was out coached by carlisle. I like carlisle demeanor being stern while spo was grinning like a chester cat.

Congrats. Even tho' the Mavs stomped us, they earned it. Played hard and ran their game. The game was over at halftime, you could tell in their body language the Heat had given up. Quitness is in full effect! lol.

Also, Eddie House should just call himself E...

...because he has no D!

Hey G.Money, you do realize that because of your tired use of the word "dude" throughout all of your posts, you seem to come off as the real life Spicolli:

Congratulations to your overconfident, arrogant, show-boating group of losers for FAILING this year!

Better luck next year, when our team will be back in the Finals, hungry, refreshed, and ready to regain what is rightfully ours.


Get your facts straight before you wanna dance with me Long Time Trade Machine man. You're pretty good at all those ridiculous trade scenarios but you've become so obsessed with it that I just scroll right by them now.

I never said Miami had a great pick n roll defense I was just taking issue with you (still) defending the Lakers P&R defense which is indefensible. But if you want to keep going down that losing path, it's your funeral.

Who would think that king james would not average 28 points in the series. But lbj's alter ego burger king james took over. dwade played horribly with all of those turnovers. you hear jvg already suggesting a dwade or lbj trade for dwight. based on lbj performance he would probably get traded if a trade was to happen. but he will redeem himselfeventually. But what was so profound was that there was hardly no dunks by dwade or lbj all series. congrats to the mavs and now you join my dallas cowboys team as champs.

"How can Le bron, the best player in the NBA, be so inconsequential in the 4th quarter of the games?" -troy

Simple answer: Because he is not the best player in the League.

He's not even the best player on his team.

He may be in the top 10, but there are at least nine other guys in the League right now I would take over him based on their level of clutch play in the post season.

He may be a great player at stuffing the stat lines, but when it comes down to coming up big in the playoffs, he made J.J. Barea look like the largest man in the NBA. By the way, Barea was a much larger factor in tipping the outcome of a win his team's way than that LeQueen had. That goes for the entire post season, not just game six.

"Burger King James"


Priceless and VERY fitting.

i was also happy for sean marion. He treated badly by miami a few years ago and now he is a champ.

Furthermore LTLF,

I am a Miami hater, their arrogance and lack of respect was never more obvious and self-evident than when Lebron and Wade did their coughing joke routine, taking that shot at Dirk. (I gave a link to that, dah)
You won't find any posts of me giving props to the Cheat. For a guy who is constantly on this blog you should know this.

There Can Be Only One

Lakers have adequate personnel. They need a heart transplant. Kobe's my favorite, but he needs to mentor Bynum, who is the most talented Lakers player now.

"Adequate personnel"

Did you not watch the series against Dallas a few weeks back?

Because we had zero outside shooters, all Dallas had to do was pack the paint and watch our team build brick walled mansions all night long.

It's obvious that our team needs at least one to two new guys who can open up the paint for Bynum, Gasol, L.O. and even Kobe when he's on the box. We will be giving up one of our bigs to accomplish this, but it must happen if we wish to get back to the Finals and win it all again.

If we don't make any big additions in the shooting department, we will be smoked again by Dallas in the playoffs.

The look on Lebron's face as he slumped out of the building....priceless!
Once again, the self proclaimed "king" showed why he is not the best player when the games count the most. Pretty weird to be routing for the mavs though. I love to read Laker Tom's assorted trade scenario's involving Pau Gasol. Would he approve of a trade of Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin for Bynum? probably not. Still, I would love to get Love and a second pick for Gasol.

this was written:

After the game I would all haters, post your props, and the new NBA Champs Miami Heat.

Posted by: G.Money | June 11, 2011 at 10:26 PM

my response: G.Money ... come out, come out wherever you are!

Island Priestess ... you've been talkin' a lot of crap for a long time. It's
good to see that you don't know crap about basketball.

I'll let every one else finish tearing you a new one. I'm just going to revel
in the fact that LBJ is 0-2 in the finals.

Somewhere Boobie Gibson is chortling with glee. "Maybe it wasn't LBJ's
teammates who "Died in the moment". It was LBJ. Which we need from


Where you at girl?

Love + Ray Felton for Pau
Love + Jose Calderon for Pau
Love + Kirk Hinrich for Pau
Love + Steve Nash for Pau
Love + Monta Ellis for Pau
Love + Devin Harris for Pau
Love + George Hill for Pau

A deal like that would might actually improve the team.

But it might not.

And again, I doubt Minne would give up Kevin Love + the #2 for Pau, even if the Lakers would.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan

LTF I think it's pretty fair to assume that KLove will not be offered at any point for Gasol. I base this on gut instinct. Something I had when I knew that while island priest and a lot of clueless Miami Heat fans that pushed the "hate" card on the bosoms of thousands of objective sports fans, and the like that have viewed stars trying to be anti-Kobe's the anti-Jordans, near-adolescent acting whether through fainting in the paint, or mocking on arena hallways while on camera, or the constant whining, and attention getting. island priest represents that underlying entity of egotism, self-loathing, obsessive, paranoid troll that hit a fever pitch unbeknownst to the already enlightened masses. I don't question your judgment just your resentment toward the man, the pro who has been part of magical championship runs. I still question the same unobjective lolligaggers that disrespect sportsmanship or throw your own team star under the bus in favor of self-gratification and grandiloquence befitting of a small minded, ignorant person.

I will admit there is something about the Heat that I don't like, I mean Chalmers, Bibby, Udonis, Zydrunas trying to coast, or Juwan Howard, Lebron, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh trying to gravytrain, as their fans to a championship? I celebrate a great series today, the Mavs title run, and respect them, once the clock went to 9 seconds. But yet, I still found a way to hate them for their championship coming at the cost of a Lakers sweep. Thereby giving me, and I hope you Laker fans, and I know Mitch Kupchak and Kobe the innate warrior, more motivation to go for another championship run.

Congrats Mavericks! But we are taking that title from you next year. Dirk, much deserved MVP, for his body of work this series. Worst championship celebration, and most boring I've ever ever seen, and Heat-you will be in the finals next year, but that's where you will stay. Late

Congrats to Dirk & Kidd. They really deserved it after their long ringless careers in the NBA. Thank you, Cuban, for keeping your mouth shut during the series, and making it easier for us to root for the Mavs. And BIG THANKS to the Mavs for keeping us from seeing LeBron's smug face for possibly an entire lockout year. WHEW! I gladly eat big crow for wrongly predicting the winners this time. The WEST is still the BEST.

It's worth noting during the entire time the Lakers had Kobe, PJ, and either Shaq or Pau, they were either NBA Champions or lost to the eventual Champions. Pretty good run.

Dear Mitch:

Take note, the Dallas Mavericks just won the NBA title after sweeping the team you assembled, trashing the supposed heir apparent Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Chosen Ones from Miami, without Caron Butler, Roddy Beaubois, Brendan Haywood, etc. They have a very talented rookie guard and will probably get a good player with their first round pick in a week or so. If you think you are going to beat the Mavs by just "tweaking" the present roster your trippin! You need to make bold moves and cut out the arrogance. You got lucky to get Pau and have nothing else to brag about. Laker fans expect more than your cavalier attitude. Now get to work!

>>>Drew & Howard would be a straight swap with a little piece to make
>>>the money right.

Oh, I didn't realize the GM of the Magic was posting. So you've already agreed to give up the best center in the NBA for a center who's almost as good but hasn't played a full season in a couple of years due to injury?

The only way Orlando accepts that deal is if Howard forces their hand. If he INSISTS that he wants to go to the Lakers (like Carmelo did with NY), then they'd probably accept a package including Bynum.

>>>Gasol or Odom can be used with a couple of pieces to make a CP3 or
>>>Williams trade.

As I've said before - if New Orleans gives up CP3, it will be to tear it down and rebuild. When you do that you don't trade one big salary for another big salary. Look at the packages that got Williams and Carmelo - young inexpensive players and draft picks.

So trading Pau directly to New Orleans is unlikely. But they may be able to swing a 3-team trade where Pau goes to Minnesota or Cleveland and a care package of young players goes to New Orleans and CP3 comes to the Lakers.


But here's the thing.

The only way that happens is if the Lakers lose before the finals (or if they're in the middle of the pack in the West at the trade deadline).

Assuming the Lakers are one of the top 2 or 3 teams in the West at the trade deadline, they're not likely to change things up, even if Howard is available for Bynum.

And if the Lakers make the finals in 2012, then they aren't going to be trading off any of the players that got them there in the summer. They'll just be looking to tweak again.

So go ahead and enjoy your Howard/Paul/Williams fantasy, but bear in mind that the only way it'll happen is if the Lakers start to suck.

The contrast between how Dirk has handled himself and how Wade and LeBron have conducted themselves during these Finals tells you worlds about the maturity and character of the three great players. The highest compliment that I can pay to Dirk is that his performance reminds me of Kobe. The best I can say about Wade and LeBron is that their time will probably come but it isn’t now and if Kobe Bryant and the Lakers have anything to say about it, it may be a long time coming if at all.

There was a great discussion on talk radio this afternoon between Any Lawrence and John Clayton about how winning a ring changes our perceptions of great players. Clayton made an outstanding point that it’s easier to be a great player in football or baseball and never win a ring because of how many players are needed to win a championship. Because you can only play 5 at a time in basketball, however, it may be the one sport where you can argue greatness is defined by championships won.

The context for this discussion about rings was, of course, tonight’s Game 6 of the NBA Finals when the Dallas Mavericks once again take their talents to South Beach. I for one will be rooting for the Dallas Mavs to send the upstart Miami Heat and their despicable duo of sophomoric superstars to a well deserved summer of dismay, distrust, disrespect, and division. I would like to see the Mavs finish off the Heat with a record setting romp powered by flurry of 3’s like they did the Lakers.

The basketball gods will speak. The Heat will get their comeuppance. Basketball karma will win our and honor and justice will be served. Dirk will win Finals MVP and LeBron will further tarnish his reputation. The only thing LeBron is king of is the practice season. His chance at true greatness was quashed the minute he quit as a franchise player and chose to posse up with Wade and Bosh. Now he may well find out as many other pretenders to the throne of GOAT that chances to win rings do not come around every day and the competitive environment can change in the wink of an eye.

Posted by: LakerTom | June 12, 2011 at 02:09 PM

Troll Man,

>>>I never said Miami had a great pick n roll defense

You supported someone ELSE's claim that Mike Bibby plays adequate P&R defense, which is ludicrous.

>>>I am a Miami hater, their arrogance and lack of respect was never more
>>>obvious and self-evident than when Lebron and Wade did their coughing
>>> joke routine, taking that shot at Dirk.

And I'll agree with you there.

It's funny - I never remember DWade acting like a D-bag before he hooked up with LeBJ

btw - his new nickname is LeBJ... because he sucks.


so how do you equate "adequate" with "great" to take a weak shot at me?

Save it for a better battle, you are smarter than that.

There Can be Only One


The thing is, Dallas can only put 5 of those guys on the floor at a time, just like everyone else.

The Lakers match up well at C, PF, SF, and SG with Dallas. PG is where they're owned (same could be said for the Heat). Put a lid on Terry & Barea and Dallas the Lakers would take them easily in a 7 game series. Fisher & Blake did nothing to even slow them down. Even Farmar would have been a big improvement.

It would also help to have more than one player (Fisher in this case) who can hit 40% of his three pointers. No outside shooting meant that Dallas could sag off off into the lane to make things tougher for Pau & Drew. If Artest wants another ring, he should spend 2 hours in the gym every day this summer doing nothing but taking 3-point shots. Set shots, dribble left and shoot, dribble right and shoot, take a pass from the left and shoot, take a pass from the right and shoot. Work every combination of way you could get a 3 pointer and shoot-shoot-shoot.

Same for Blake and even Kobe.

But the Lakers need to add a faster point guard. They don't necessarily have to trade off any of the core players to get one, but they might have no choice. If they do, it wouldn't likely happen until the trade deadline.

Perhaps they should bring in Javaris Crittenton. He's not the right kind of shooter... (hold for laughs)... but he's got size and speed to defend well on PGs - with some good coaching he might turn out to be a productive player.

hey derryl hows your brother derryl

Enjoy your Championship well deserved, the Laker's head was certainly not into it this year. It's tough going to Finals EVERY YEAR, something you Mavs fans will never understand.
Next year, beware. Motivation is a strong emotion, especially now that Cuban and Magic both took a shot at Kobe in their post game comments.
You think that was the best the Lakers had to offer?

Again enjoy, but I'm backing the notion that the Mavs had one of those dream years.
You know kinda like that sitcom "Coach" where his football team won the championship!!!
The stars were aligned for sure but don't expect next year to play out the same.

There Can be Only One

Interesting fact: Since 1980, every WC Champion has either been the Lakers or from Texas.

holy effing ship!!! G.MOANY...come on..dont go cry in the will be ok.....naw. it wont..HA you're proof that you can really eat your foot if you try hard enough...self proven a basketball do-not........LAKESHOW fans..i love you all..the true spirit of OUR sport...see you all in november...

****It's funny - I never remember DWade acting like a D-bag before he hooked up with LeBJ****


Totally agree, I had always liked Wade until right then, besides the fact he gets the most touch fouls I have ever seen a player get.

There Can be Only One

No need to worry about Island Priest and G.Money

because next year Miami will come out like gangbusters and probably win a ton of games and those two will once again start with their misguided "How Great Thou Art" proclamations.

There Can be Only One (this is really stupid isn't it?)

Funny the real difference between Kobe and LebRun.

You know Kobe will force the issue... He's going down swinging, win or lose.

LBJ ??? How more ordinary can you get when it's on the line??? He became an ordinary point guard.

The Chosen One? The King?


The Woeful One, The Pretender

Kudos to the Mavs....Dirk, Jet, JKidd, TChandler, Matrix, JJ, DSteve, Cubes and coach handled your business and truly was the best team in 2012. To go 16-5 vs. the Lakers, Heat, OKC and Portland with all the incredible 4th quarter comebacks was amazing.

I defended Lebron here when others have attacked him for not being clutch. Well the finals is the ultimate stage and you have to deliver there to get the ultimate respect...ask Dirk. Lebron failed terribly in the clutch. Period!

Funny the real difference between Kobe and LebRun.

You know Kobe will force the issue... He's going down swinging, win or lose.

LBJ ??? How more ordinary can you get when it's on the line??? He became an ordinary point guard.

The Chosen One? The King?


The Woeful One, The Pretender

Posted by: Troll Man | June 13, 2011 at 12:04 AM

That's what I find most disturbing about Game 6. I thought it would've been closer or at the very least, as you so sweetly put it, go down swinging. But I mean, judging from body language, The Heat quit right after half-time. You would've thought Lebron would've went down firing away and at least try. I forget which sports writer said it, but Lebron didn't want to do what Kobe is willing to do in any and all games, which is to take the heat for firing away (missing or not) and try to get your squad back in the game. Kobe takes all the "ballhog" criticisms as pure noise to be blocked out.

And hopefully people finally understand, THAT'S why Kobe is still the greatest today because he has heart, skill and determination. He never would've went out like Lebron did.
****It's funny - I never remember DWade acting like a D-bag before he hooked up with LeBJ****

Can ya say bad influence?

"Totally agree, I had always liked Wade until right then, besides the fact he gets the most touch fouls I have ever seen a player get.

There Can be Only One

Posted by: Troll Man | June 12, 2011 at 11:25 PM"

I never liked Dywade ever since he got the reputation for putting out all that effort evidenced by all his floor time, personally I think it puts his team at a disadvantage if he doesn't get the call, and also made him prone to injury....Just like Jordan, Kobe has worked on his footwork the last few years, evidenced by his session with's amazing to watch him use legal pivot foot and be at the free throw line at one second and laying it in the next, making a legal pivot, jump, and extension. It is skills such as this that extended Jordan's career and hopefully will extend Kobe's career, if he wishes. If he wishes to retire before his skills have faded, I thank him for all the effort and joy he gave to us Laker fans. He is a Laker who I was able to watch his entire career from start to eventual end. He may not be condoned ad the Greatest of All Time, however, I think for his position, he is high up the list. Recognition is not the the thing that drives Kobe, it is the competition.

Always been a die-hard Kobe fan,
and after watching Lebron refuse to put his reputation on the line and D-Wade's weaknesses exposed when not getting all those touch fouls....
It is evident to me that Kobe is a different animal, truly on another level that statistics can never truly reveal.

Whoa... did anybody realize, that the postgame analysis from ESPN with magic and the crew after the Mavs thankfully dumped the heat for the title, pointed out that LeBron has choked in the finals, bad? Or when he feels the pressure?


I'm damn excited for next year


Yeah, I feel the same way. I don't care what his suppossed shortcomings are, I was on board with Mike Brown from the get go for exactly the reason you listed. I mean, the man had his team 1st in D for one year, close to it the previous one, all while amassing best record in the league once or twice, made three conference finals appearances and went to the Finals once, all with LeBrick and a bag of chips (and given how Quitness choked yet again in the finals, you start to wonder was it really the Cavs that wasn't manning up or was it LeChoke?).

I can only imagine how Mike must be licking his considerable chops with all the possibilities he has available to him because clearly he has more options and depth here than any team he had in Cleveland. Plus, I like that he's fired up to be here, has a plan (by all accounts extremely motivated and prepared, outline and all) to run with. Let's get next season started already!

Lebron's postgame commments were priceless. He said that the people who were happy that he failed will have the same problems that they have after the happiness have worn off. Meanwhile, he will continue to do the things he want to do. Lebron is a real king. He is saying that he is rich and have no problems while people like hobbit and PSP who are on welfare will still have to beg for money.

But what I said a few years ago about LBJ was recently repeated by tim legler on mike and mike. Lebron game is incomplete. He has an outside game from the 3 point line and getting to the rim but no midrange game. kobe in contrast has a complete game. Lebron needs to work on his post game. As big as he is he should take people like kidd, marion, stevenson, terry etc into the post and punish them. Work with the dream this summer and develop some footwork. Also train with a shooting coach and take thousands and thousands of 12 to 18 foot jumpers.

Congrats to the Mavs on a well deserved championship. They did it in a classy way. I appreciated that and it's a reflection of their great coaching and ownership. Big Dirk is a basketball legend along with Jason Kidd and I'm very glad that both of them finally got a ring.

Now, how are the Lakers going to beat them next year? It's obvious who the guys are that are the difference makers on the Mavs. Everyone expects Dirk to be Dirk, Terry to be Terry, and Kidd and Marion to do their thing. The guy that nobody expected to emerge this year was JJ Barea. How do we contain Barea? He was getting into the paint at will, opening up everything for the Mavs. Plus he's a great shooter. A very tough matchup for anyone. I would say have our PG take him in the post and go to work, but we don't have that guy, and Barea is a strong little guy too, and he's a good flopper.

Another thing the Mavs showed this year that the Lakers showed none of was heart. Dirk, Terry, Kidd and the Mavs were on a mission. The Lakers were not on a mission. And it didn't even feel like they cared that they lost this year. All the players just went back to their tv shows and vacations and lavish lifestyles. These Lakers don't even seem to care that they have a new coach. Our team better get out of this rut that they are in because there's no time for dilly dallying around now, there's a new challenge here. It's a different challenge than the Celtics were, but it looks like it's going to be just as, if not more challenging.

The Mavs didn't even have their whole team with Caron Butler injured. We're definitley going to have to add a few pieces in the backcourt to be able to compete.

Go Lakers!

Troll Man,

>>>so how do you equate "adequate" with "great" to take a weak shot at me?

It wasn't a shot at you. It was a shot at your weak argument.

I argued that personnel (namely foot speed, good lateral movement, and intelligence about defending the pick & roll) is as important as coaching.

You COUNTERED THAT ARGUMENT (or attempted to) by using someone else's statement about Bibby... which was wrong.

Name 5 good pick and roll defending teams. Now count how many slow footed point guards were on them. And how many PFs who don't quite show hard enough and are too slow footed to get back to defend the pick guy.

Serious challenge. You're the one who tried to suggest that players don't matter. Name 5 good pick and roll teams and find me the slow starter.


>>>Totally agree, I had always liked Wade until right then, besides the fact he
>>>gets the most touch fouls I have ever seen a player get.

ESPECIALLY in the 2006 finals. If the refs had given the Celtics the "hands off Kobe" treatment in 2008 they way they gave Dallas the "hands off Wade" treatment in 2006, the Lakers would already have finished a 3-peat.

In the 2010 finals, if they'd have called a foul every time someone created as much contact as was called fouls on DWade in 2006, THEY'D STILL BE SHOOTING FREE THROWS.

Normally the refs let a lot more go in the finals, but in 2006, you couldn't breathe on Dwyane Wade without it being called a foul.

But before this year he was a bit more restrained. Now LeBron has turned him into an egomaniac.

>>>He is saying that he is rich and have no problems while people like hobbit
>>>and PSP who are on welfare will still have to beg for money.


Good thing HE didn't actually say that instead of just one of his adoring fans.

It's a very Marie Antoinette thing to say. And LeBronze still hasn't won at the highest level, so he can't really be Queen James yet, he has to settle for being Princess Jimmy.

But even the statement he made - belittling fans because they don't cheer for his team... completely classless.

island priestess,

Stop. You can't switch horses after the race is over. You've been ripping Kobe a new
one for at least one year. You've obviously preferred LBJ's game & D-Wade's
game over Kobe's. You can't now agree with what *I*'ve been saying all along.

Shut up. Stand there. Take your punishment.


What happened to the 'royal lashing' the princess was supposed to administer to Terry I believe you mentioned? The psp should write you a ticket AND give you a lashing for all the drivel you have been spewing for the past few weeks.

Oh and the PSP is not happy with you at all; what happened to free first class tickets? What happened to singing at the game? Now you are dissing your boy the princess and praising the Mamba?

It looks like your boyfriend G Money has bailed on you so better find another circus partner to perform with on here. Don't know if you met him but the PSP recommend BUTLER, former laker blog resident troll. You guys would get along great.

PSP Intern

>>>Dirk, Terry, Kidd and the Mavs were on a mission. The Lakers were not on a

Yeah, but getting swept in the second round can PUT you on a mission.

Hey hope everyone had a good weekend. I've received a few emails about the login not working. I'm passing these along to management. But for those who haven't been able to login and haven't emailed, please do so and I will forward it along so that hopefully we can fix this problem

Troll Man - Sorry I didn't understand your message. Waiting for what?

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