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Mark Heisler: Mike Brown has won Kobe Bryant over


Note: We will have a live chat at 12:30 p.m. on Monday so bring your questions then!

-- The Times' Mark Heisler reports that Lakers Coach Mike Brown has met with Kobe Bryant twice, once at Bryant's Newport Beach residence and at the Lakers' practice facility in El Segundo, where they went through plays. Heisler also mentions that Bryant has remained silent on the Brown hire as a way of expressing his disappointment that the Buss family didn't alert him about the hiring beforehand.

-- The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding lists 10 things Steve Blake could have done better to secure a Lakers' three-peat.

-- Former Laker Robert Horry writes an open letter to his daughter Ashlyn, who recently died of a rare genetic condition. 

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Andy and Brian Kamenetzky talk with David Thorpe, of Scouts Inc., about the upcoming NBA Draft. 

-- The New York Daily News' Mitch Lawrence believes the Lakers will shift their sights to Chris Paul or Deron Williams rather than Dwight Howard.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin reports that Brown has considered his three finalists for his coaching staff, including Toronto Raptors assistant coach Scott Roth,

Philadelphia 76ers player development coach Quin Snyder and former University of Utah head coach Jim Boylen.

--'s Mike Trudell has an update on Brown's progress in assembling a coaching staff. 

-- Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano answers a few Laker mailbag questions from readers. 

-- Lake Show Life's Chris Shellcroft wonders if it was a mistake for the Lakers to sign Blake. 

Tweet of the Day: "Funny NBA drama right now: #2 pick is being frantically shopped, but everyone is scared to negotiate with T-Wolves cuz they leak EVERYTHING." -- sportsguy33 ('s Bill Simmons)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: "Okay, so here's my informal poll: What would be enough value in return to trade Pau? 1. Nothing - I'd never trade the second best player on the team 2a. Chris Paul, if we could swing it. Other players in the deal don't matter. 2b. Chris Paul, but we'd have to get a big in the deal as well. 3a. Dwight Howard, if we could swing it. Other players in the deal don't matter. 4a. Deron Williams, if we could swing it. Other players in the deal don't matter 4b. Deron Williams, but we'd have to get a big in the deal as well.

5a. Kevin Love and the Lakers' choice of other Minnesota players (other than Rubio) to match salaries (Beasley? Johnson? Milicic?, etc.) 5b. The #2 pick, plus the Lakers' choice of any Minnesota players except Love or Rubio to match salary 5c. The #4 pick, plus Kevin Love, plus one Minnesota player of the Lakers' choice (other than Rubio), with 2 other players going to Cleveland. (Lakers get big reduction in total salary as a side effect) 5d. The #2 pick, the #4 pick, Kevin Love, and another player from Minnesota (other than Rubio).

5e. The #2 pick and players other than Rubio or Love from Minnesota, and the TWolves take on Luke's contract (which means they get a useful player for Luke in the deal). 5e. The #2 pick, the #4 pick, two players from Minnesota of the Lakers' choice (other than Love or Rubio) from Minnesota, and Minnesota takes on Luke's contract. 6. Something else (you name it)" -- LongTimeLakerFan

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Kobe Bryant is congratulated by fans in New Orleans after eliminating the Hornets in Game 6 of the NBA playoffs on April 28, 2011. The Lakers advanced to play Dallas but were swept by the eventual-champion Mavericks. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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You got this one backwards:

"The New York Daily News' Mitch Lawrence believes the Lakers will shift their sights to Dwight Howard rather than Chris Paul or Deron Williams."

He said just the opposite.


Tom Daniels

I understand Kobe's frustration. He deserved a phone call before the announcement. But, hey, in professional sports these things happen all the time. Hell, players get traded and released and learn from the news. I'm not saying it's right. I've never understood the seemingly miserable management skills of many sports teams. But it happens. Get mad. Get over it,

His silence, his public demonstration of his unhappiness, it's just childish and non-productive. This is a team that quite simply did not play as a team last year. Pure and simple that is why they flamed out. It's one thing to lose a series, another not be competetive.

This team needs to pull together and get behind Mike Brown. They need to learn the lessons of this season. It wasn't just Kobe. There was a bad case of Pat Riley's "disease of me" on these Lakers, failing to sacrifice for the team on both ends of the floor.

Kobe wasn't involved in the hiring. He didn't get advance notice. That's a shame Kobe. Now suck it up and provide leadership and show your team all you care about is next year's title.

@LTLF ... “Larry Coon reported that he heard reports that the Lakers offered Gasol to Minnesota for Kevin Love and he #2.” Great news, LTLF. Is this really a true report because I cannot find it anywhere on the Internet. Do you have a link or are you just teasing everybody?
@MM ... Thanks for supporting Dan’s decision. Let’s keep the talk about basketball and remember we are all here for the same reasons. If you disagree, just ignore the other party rather than stalking them. A big reason why some people have left and don’t come back is that they cannot post a comment without their personal stalker immediately attacking them. That’s what needs to stop.

And here's my answer to my own poll...

Definitely would take:

+ Chris Paul and a big
+ Deron Williams and a big

It's hard to fill a big role with the Lakers limited spending means. Doesn't have to be an All-Star, but has to be someone who could play 30 minutes without being a total zero. Milicic would be okay (good defense, weak offense)...Carl Landry would be okay (good offense, a little short)... DJ Mbenga? not so much

+ Kevin Love + the #2 pick
+ Kevin Love + the #4 pick

There were several combinations there - could get them a couple more role players, or could get them cap relief, or a little of both. But that's all secondary to the two main pieces they get back: Kevin Love and a lottery pick.

In any of these scenarios, the Lakers lose some offense in Pau, but they get a younger, hungrier All-Star PF to replace him, and they get a lottery talent (probably a PG) who could come in and play significant minutes.

Some people look at this as giving up an All-NBA player for just an All-Star. I think of it as more similar to giving up Norm Nixon to get Byron Scott. The Lakers would be giving up the CURRENTLY better player, but would get a player who would play at a high level for longer.

If they get another player in the deal (Wes Johnson? Darko? Webster?) who contributes as well, so much the better. But that's just gravy.


These are the deals I MIGHT take for Pau

? Love, but no lottery pick (maybe the #20)

For this to work, they'd have to get at least 2 other players with some potential to actually play. For example, if Shannon Brown opts out, then this trade could back-fill his role with Wes Johnson or Martell Webster or Wayne Ellington... They could get a solid backup center (no stiff like Ratliff) in Milicic. They could get a young fast (if so far ineffectual) PG in Flynn. And Love could play Pau's minutes. It's all about injecting speed and athletecism into the team.

If they could get the #20 pick, maybe they could add Tyler Honeycutt

? Dwight Howard. Normally I'd jump at a chance to trade Pau for Howard. But Howard and Bynum on the same team doesn't make sense. You don't pay 15 million for a backup center, which is what Bynum would be. The only way I'd agree to this deal is if I shopped Bynum first and found a taker for a good PG or a great PF. And then you haven't tweaked the lineup, you've blown it up. Big gamble.

? #2 pick + any players you want from Minnesota to match Pau's salary. I would only consider this for one of two reasons:

1. If I could get a third (and fourth?) team involved to get a decent PG (Felton? Harris?) and get a quality PF as well. Minnesota has only 1 good PF (Love), and no good PGs other than Rubio, who they aren't trading. Wes Johnson and Michael Beasley and some of their other players are okay players, but they're not worth giving up Pau for

2. If I had worked out one of the draftees (Derrick Williams? Brandon Knight?) and thought he was a sure thing (they way the Lakers thought about Kobe back in 1996.

The whole Kobe not commenting on Mike Brown's hiring was much ado about nothing! Kobe already stated that 2011 was a "wasted" season. What was Kobe going to do...sabotage the 2012 season to prove a point? Kobe and Mike Brown need each other to be successful. I never doubted for one minute that they would be on the same page.

Thank you for the clarification mr heisler

And shame on all of you who criticized kobe or even at one point doubted he would accept brown as a coach.. Not being consulted is a slap in the face and I thought he couldn't have handled it any better.. No comments doesn't mean kobe didn't approve of the choice but more of a message I didn't approve of the way lakers treated him

And Lrob... I agree crawford is instant offense.. But after his late season scoring outburst including a 50pt game ( I would know he was my fantasy opponent) no way wiz are lettin him go that easy... He's definitely a keeper... And yellofever approves any gasol trade for any garbage.. Love and a wolves pick would be a steal... As for dwights comments what do u expect him to say? Dwights a class act... Everyone in the league knows gasol is a big soft giant poodle and there's no reason anyone should go around saying it.. I'm sure all the players including coaches already know it.

LTLF - congrats on the Friedman.

Regarding your answer to your questions....if you can get DHoward you do it in a heartbeat and figure out the details later. The Lakers would have no problem getting fair value for Drew.

>>>>I understand Kobe's frustration.

Well, it's actually compounded a bit.

Ever since the Pau trade, when reporters have asked Kobe who he thought the Lakers should sign or whatever, he's told them "That's their job."

And so the Lakers let Farmar walk and dumped Sasha for a salary dump, and Barnes and Blake underachieved. The Lakers playoff loss can partly be credited to ownership/management deciding to save money rather than throwing every last possible penny at putting the best possible team on the court.

The Mike Brown signing without calling Kobe was just an extra kick.

I think Kobe will man up and play through it and maybe even Mike Brown will infuse some new intensity into the squad.


The exact quote (over multiple twitters) was:

"Heard there's something to it. Lakers may have offered Gasol for Love & the #2. No indication that Minny even has Love on the table, although the #2 can be gotten. Doubt Minny would do Love + #2; doubt LA would do Gasol just for the #2. Is there a compromise in the middle somewhere? "

Note that just because Larry Coon heard it doesn't make it true.


Soft...smoft. If there's some other "soft" post players averaging 19pts, 9rebs, 3asst, 2blks every years please send him to the Lakers. I agree Dwight is class.

@LTLF ... Thanks for the detail. I love how these guys insert “may” to cover themselves. Got my fingers crossed. Other than getting Chris Paul or Deron Williams, this is the only other Pau trade that I think could be worth it. Congrats on another Friedman. Your virtual mantle overfloweth.

On the Pau-Love-2 issue,

If Coon did hear a true rumor and the Lakers really did offer Pau for Love + the #2, that says a couple of things:

1. Lakers might be willing to trade off Pau if they think it would improve the team

2. Maybe the Lakers tried out a lottery player that they really liked a lot

Note that what it doesn't answer is if Minnesota would be willing to give up that much to get Pau. Also doesn't answer if the Lakers would settle for Love and the #4 if they could swing a 3-way trade with Cleveland.

It also doesn't answer whether the Lakers would intend to keep Love or try to parlay Love + the # 2 into an All-Star PG. If they could get Chris Paul or Deron Williams out of a 3-way trade, and maybe a functional big like Milicic or even Randolph or Tolliver, that might sell them.

Btw.. Didn't even Jim buss make a public statement acknowledging he shouldve handled things differently and consulted kobe. In effect that's the closest thing to an apology without directly saying it.. if it even came out of the horses mouth then why are people still criticizing kobe?

Of course kobe will play through it! This is a non-issue. The bigger issue is just what the lakers are gonna do about gasoft... Do u keep a giant poodle on ur roster and risk wasting another year of kobes career?

And Lrob.. With respect I don't think providing gasols stats or avgs makes a good point.. Going back to all of last season including the playoffs he's not anywhere near a model for consistency anymore. Last season we all saw pau disappear for LONG stretches in the season at a time on MULTIPLE occasions.. His stats may not have reflected but us lakerfans that saw every game really saw him mentally CHECKOUT in games.. Then the playoffs was the last straw. He is no longer a reliable option and for 18MIL that's a scary proposition heading into next season.

I don't understand Minnesota's interest in this trade. Is it all about building a Spain in Minnesota? Pau is a better player but he makes 4 times what Kevin Love does and you're not going to see 4x Kevin Love's production out of him. They'd also have to unload half the team on top of that just to match salaries. Maybe this is why some teams just don't do well.

Bay to La,

>>>I don't understand Minnesota's interest in this trade.

Well, technically, Minnesota hasn't been reported to be interested in THIS trade.

Minnesota leaked to the press that they'd love to turn the #2 pick into a star player, and they named several examples including specifically mentioning Pau Gasol.

So on that front, Minnesota is interested in trading the #2 pick to get Pau Gasol, just not including Kevin Love in the trade.

But there's no way in hell the Lakers would do that. Even if they got back the best 4 players (which it would take to match salaries) with the highest upsides (let's say Beasley, Johnson, Milicic, and Webster), you still don't give up an All-NBA player for a puu-puu platter of lesser players. There's a chance one of those might turn out to be an All-Star, but there's a chance they'll all be rotation players at best.

So if the rumor that Larry Coon reported (Lakers offered Pau for Love + #2) is true, then that shows that there's potential interest on both sides - just not for the same pieces at this point.

Bay to La,

>>>I don't understand Minnesota's interest in this trade.

I'll also add this... Unless you draft a superstar like LeBron or Derrick Rose, then there are two ways to go:

1. keep losing and keep drafting in the lottery for many years, like Chicago did, until you get the big one. Think of their recent draft history - Kirk Hinrich, Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas, Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson. They've built up a formidable team, mostly through the draft, but it's taken them 10 years of sucking to get there.

2. You trade a bunch of your lesser pieces for a star. This is what New Jersey just did, trading for Deron Williams and what New York did, trading for Carmelo. You throw down whatever you have to get the one superstar, and THEN you worry about other guys to put around him. When it works out, this route can be much faster.

If Minnesota assumes that Ricky Rubio is a lock to be one of the top PG's in the league with multiple All-Star games and all that, then maybe they would be willing to give up Love and the 2.

BTW, if the Lakers and Minnesota get Cleveland involved, it opens up a lot of options. Cleveland is also in a "we don't just want a ton of rookies on the roster" mode, and they're talking about keeping the #1 pick but trading the #4 for a veteran that they feel has good upside. If they saw Wes Johnson or Michael Beasley or some other TWolf in that light, then perhaps the Twolves would be willing to give up Love and the #2 if they get the #4 pick back in the deal. (or alternatively, perhaps the Lakers would be happy with Love and the #4 pick, letting Minnesota keep the #2.



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