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Ron Artest's wife to star in VH1's 'Basketball Wives'


In what seemingly has become a prerequisite for having a relationship with a Laker, Ron Artest's wife, Kimsha, will star in the upcoming season of VH1's "Basketball Wives."

As if reality television didn't exist enough within Lakerland, there's now one more option to keep Laker fans occupied during a likely work stoppage. First, there's Lamar Odom's incredibly insightful show with Khloe Kardashian, "Khloe & Lamar," in which the two discuss important topics, such as whether Khloe is too fat or why Lamar shouldn't have to clean the house. Then there's Artest himself visiting convicts in correctional facilities and giving advice on how to thrive in society. And then there's Matt Barnes' fiancee, Gloria Govan, who's been depicted as creating drama with other NBA wives.

For viewers who feel there are too many reality shows to monitor, Kimsha Artest will be in the same show as Govan. Thankfully for Ron Ron's focus level, he won't be a part of this show, rightfully taking Barnes' lead and staying out of his significant other's reality world. But it's surely a reflection of our times that of all the Laker-related reality shows, Ron Artest's show actually seems to be the most serious and substantive of them all.

I'll settle for the Lakers' actual reality show instead. You know, the one that involves hiring a new coach in Mike Brown, owner Jerry Buss' giving more control to his son Jim and the team figuring out if it can return to championship level. That one has proven to be more interesting, has stood the test of time and certainly garners better ratings. 

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-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest tries to steal the ball from Kings guard Marcus Thornton in the first quarter of the team's regular-season finale in Sacramento. Credit: Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press / April 13, 2011

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I don't think Brian Shaw would be interviewing the broad range/large number of prospective assistant coaching candidates that Mike Brown has. I am impressed by the thorough and meticulous way he is carefully assembling his staff. So far I'm liking what I have seen of Brown, I think his style will suit this team well - Jon K's observations of him notwithstanding.

- - -

Regarding Drew learning the sky hook, I'm surprised that he never started incorporating that shot into his game. I remember interviews from a few years back in which Kareem said he was trying to teach him the shot, and Drew said he was trying to become more comfortable with it to start using it in games. I guess it's safe to say Drew never became comfortable taking that shot.

I think it has to do with the low-post position he usually fights for, Kareem on offense wasn't as consistently in the paint as Drew plays.

On a personal note, as a rec player that played on South Bay courts during the late-80's/early-90's the hook shot was my main shot - so much so that my nickname was 'Kareem'. I found it to be an easy way to get shots up over larger players, and from certain spots on the court it was an extremely high-percentage shot - even for a scrub-player like I was.

However, down low, it just isn't effective. There are too many hands/bodies. So I can see why Drew hasn't utilized it. Actually, I could see Pau benefiting more from that shot, he already shoots some hooks as it is.

- - -

LTLF: I would take any of those proposed T'Wolf trades. Even for the #20 if that is the only way to make a trade. Love/Beasley/Flynn and the #2 would be a tremendous trade, even the #20 would work for both sides.

For the Wolves it would remove the logjam at PG, allow them to pick Williams at #2 and take over for Beasley, get back an all-star in return for K-Love, bring in another Spaniard to ease Ricky's transition.

Maybe the Cavs might be interested in packaging for Pau, or more likely Odom? They have the #1 & #4, perhaps they might want to move the #4 for a veteran post presence.

Odom for Varejao & the #4?

OK, I'm not crazy about this, but how about acquiring Baron Davis - whom they've been rumored to possibly move?

Pau/Steve Blake for Davis/Varejao/Hickson & #4?


It's stories like this that makes me throw my hands up and say, "Okay. Trade everybody. Rebuild."

They haven't learned their lesson.

After a season in which every player was completely distracted with utter nonsense, they're still being attention whores... utterly distracted by nonsense.

I have zero tolerance for this crap particularly after last season's humiliation.

These idiots have no idea how quickly Los Angeles will turn on them when they don't deliver.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Charon Minos = CyberCosmiX

Totaly AGREE with you, Jon K.

Thanks for this article MM!! Nothing like a heaping dose of sarcasm to start the day LOL!

To be fair though, Lamar's show did provide a lot of insight into the man he is - what with the issues surrounding his father, not to mention how he treats his friends. C'mon MM - it's not all fluff and stupid stuff.

I'm ok with these guys pursuing other avenues as long as their play on the court isn't affected. That's where I agree with JonK etc... LA will chew them up and spit them out if next season (whatever there is of it) isn't a success. And in LA we only measure success by rings!

I don't think these types of distractions were the reason for this year's failure however. These guys were burned out, injured and just didn't have it in them to continue playing at a high level after the sheer number of games they've been in over the last few years. I feel this year will be a different story, however. There's nothing like a rested, healthy and hungry veteran squad!!

Whatever the FO decides regarding trades and/or the draft, I'm good with. They want to win. They know how to win. And I fully expect them to put the Lakers in a position to carry on this tradition. Why would anyone expect anything less?

Great picture of Ron Artest playing defense. It's amazing how low he gets. He has those big tree trunks for legs. To play tough defense and stay so low like that for 40 minutes a game is super duper hard.

Go Lakers!

@CCX ... Thanks for the second post. I was reading the first post and thought this new blogger is pretty good. Then I saw the tagline and said wait I know this poster. LOL. We’ve all become bloggers with multiple handles.
I agree that Pau is the guy to shoot the hook shot. Talking about the Sky Hook, here is a great article on the shot by JJ Adande:
And here is a video of George Miken (and Kareem and Magic) shooting the shot:

>>>T'Wolf trades. Even for the #20 if that is the only way to make a trade.
>>>Love/Beasley/Flynn and the #2 would be a tremendous trade, even the #20
>>>would work for both sides.

I'd definitely take Love/Beasley/Flynn and the #2. Probably with the #20 instead of the #2 as well.

And if they got the #2 I'd be trying to trade down, since the PG they need would still be available at #4.

I'll bet Cleveland would take Beasley, the #2, and the #46 (+56+58?)
for JJ Hickson, the #4, and the #32.

That way the Lakers would benefit in several ways:
1. they'd get a defensive minded PF (Hickson) instead of offensive minded (Beasley) , and Hickson makes a lot less than Beasley as well.

2. they'd still get Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight at #4

3. they'd pay 800K less for the first year salary (#2 pick makes 4 million, #4 pick makes 3.2 million - total saved over first 3 years = 2.4 million).

4. they'd get a pick at the TOP of the 2nd round. Lots more nuggets fall to #32 pick than #41 pick.

But I think this is all wishful thinking because Minnesota looks like they're sticking with Love. Enjoy your long road back to the playoffs Minny.

>>>Pau/Steve Blake for Davis/Varejao/Hickson & #4?

Pau for Varejao (the two best players in the trade) is too big of a drop off.

The end result of this trade is that the Lakers would be overloaded with not quite good enough PGs instead of Cleveland. Unless Baron Davis could crank up his level of play and play like he did in Golden State when they beat Dallas.


Why would you call out barnes and artest? What have they done? Its their wives not them participating in these stupid reality shows.. The only one SELLING OUT is freakin lamar.. Khloe is embarrassing the F**K out of him and whatever manhood he's got left. That man needs some major soul searching

btw.. Anyone surprised lakers may be actively shopping around PAU?? Hope not yellofever stated right after playoffs he will be trade bait.. Anyone who quits on their team during a title run is a deserter.. Real champions defend their title like men and fight with honor.. This punkass coward lacked heart n effort and should NOT be welcomed back by teammates and coaches and esp not fans...

Let the record show yellofever has an impeccable record in calling out CHOKERS.. It started way back 2 years ago with vincesanitation (battles w kblitz) then Ledouche (last year w some LAguy)... Where have they all gone???

Btw I'm not Yellofever.. I wanna be freakin yellofever

Damn this typepad thingy!

@Justa - thanks for the perspective on reality shows/outside ventures. I know many are looking to blame the Lakers demise on any/everything under the sun...but those distractions didn't lose the Dallas series.

@LT - interesting conversation you, hobbit, LTLF, Tim-4-show and others was having o the sky hook. You mentioned players didn't shoot the jump hook in Kareem's day. I do remember Cowens shooting it often in the early-mid 70's. However I'm sure he wasn't the first. Anyone remember any of the earlier guys who starting shooting the "jump" hook instead of the "sweeping" hook?

@MagicPhil - what's up. Lil MagicPhil may have to find a new favorite player if Shannon isn't back.

@LTLF - I wouldn't call JJ Hickson a defensive minded player, but he sure plays more defense than Beas...but who doesn't.

@Cyber - It looks like BShaw is now interviewing for Assoc HC job with the Pacers. I hope he gets his HC shot soon. Maybe he should've took that Cavs job. Also, reports say Rambis is on his way out in Minny. He may never get another shot.

"Posted by: Jon K. | June 21, 2011 at 10:57 AM "

I also completely AGREE! I blogged a month ago about this and getting rid of all these garbage distracted players! Don't see a driven player like Kobe doing this garbage. He needs teammates that will drive like him, even if they don't have the mad skills he has/had!

I rather trade injury prone Andrew Bynum instead of Pau.Gasol was proven and tested already in fact Andrew is useless and injured the past two championship.After the all star break when we have the 17-1 record Lakers played well when Andrew played defense and rebound.But it all changed when playoff start he wanted to score more and forgot what hes more effective was to play good defense,rebound the ball and putbacks.



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