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Ron Artest's reality television show features him rehabilitating ex-convicts


Follow Ron Artest with a video camera anytime and something funny is bound to happen.

So it wasn't a matter of if, but when he would get a reality television show. There had been a few false starts, such as during the 2009-2010 season and last summer, but Artest confirmed Monday via Twitter that he'll be the star of an upcoming show.

"Check out my new reality helping ex cons and paroles rehabilitate and get a second shot at life," Artest tweeted.

In other words, this isn't going to exactly be a sequel to "Khloe & Lamar," which featured such substantive subjects as Odom arguing with his better half over being overprotective or Khloe battling self-esteem issues. Instead, Artest's upcoming show seems to be an extension of his mental-health advocacy, which earned him the 2010-2011 J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award. It wouldn't be a stretch to believe Plaxico Burress might make an appearance. Anything can happen in Ron's World. 

But here are a few examples why keeping a trusty handheld usually pays off with Artest.

While with the Houston Rockets, Artest was ejected in Game 2 of the 2009 Western Conference semifinals for jawing at Kobe Bryant after some physical play, but he considered the incident minor since he actually witnessed an on-court murder in his hometown of Queensbridge: "It was so competitive, they broke a leg from a table and they threw it. It went right through his heart and he died right on the court." Nothing he said after his Game 7 performance in the 2010 NBA Finals made much sense: "When we won, I didn't know we won. I honestly didn't know we won. I cried earlier before the game. How stupid is that? How do you cry at 10 o'clock and then when you win you don't cry. Dad, you raised a dumb child." And when Artest was repeatedly asked about Amare Stoudemire and Kendrick Perkins raising the never-ending contention that Pau Gasol is soft, Artest simply asked me to repeat the question so he could flex his muscles in front of the camera.

It's not exactly a novel concept for Artest to appear on a reality show. He was supposed to have his own show on E! in the 2009-10 season before scrapping the plans over concerns that it would be distracting. But in the midst of what might be a long offseason with a possible work stoppage and whatnot, these circumstances are different.

"everyone assumes cause I do other things Im not focused on bball?" Artest tweeted. "I work out 2 hours everyday. Dont u do other things when u leave work?"

There's always so much Artest material and not enough space to fill it, meaning it might be a good idea for Artest to have two separate shows. Oh, wait. He will.

"I have my show called "The Last Second Shot," Kimesha Artest will have her own show on being a mom n wife To crazy ... Me," Artest said on Twitter. "Separate shows!!!"

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest flexes after scoring against Hornets point guard Chris Paul in Game 6 on Thursday night. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / April 28, 2011

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OH GOODNESS! Get rid of these "star struck playas!" Gosh, I hope they can find a new home for him.

BTW: if in fact he was a witness to a murder, rest assured, NYPD would have questioned already. He's a ....

@LTLF... “How do you like them apples?” They stink because you cannot have a defensive oriented team with Pau Gasol at center. The only player out there you trade Drew for would be Dwight. Any move that leaves you with Pau as starting center is going to leave the Lakers vulnerable at the 5.
@MM ... Excellent point about how important assistants would be to a head coach’s success. It’s been a rule I have always followed as a business owner and executive. You shine mostly through the people you hire to do the work. You even try to find people who could eventually do your job.
But there still is a substantial difference between the assistants hired by Phil and those hired by Brown. Phil’s staff was filled with guys who were not considered to be head coaching candidates at this point in their career while Mike has surrounded himself with a group of guys who are right in the heart of the next wave of assistants to get shots at head coaching gigs. I think the result will hopefully be a more vibrant and diversified staff who will challenge the head coach.

@LTLF ... Thanks for your response. As usual, excellent points. The reality is that there are so many factors involved as well as emotion that it becomes almost impossible to predict what will actually happen. The best we can usually do is to predict what we would LIKE to happen. LOL.

"BTW: if in fact he was a witness to a murder, rest assured, NYPD would have questioned already. He's a ....

Posted by: :-( | June 06, 2011 at 12:39 PM "

Surprisingly, the story mostly checked out. There was a NY Times article from 1991 detailing a player from Queens, NY who died in a basketball tournament in Niagara Falls because someone stabbed him in the back with a table leg during a fight about the score.

The problem is this was in Niagara Falls, NY, not Queensbridge like Ron said. The other problem is this was about 400 miles away from where Ron lived, so how was he there as a 10-11 year old? The player that was killed was 19 years old. I can't imagine an 11 year old going that far to play in a basketball tournament with 19 year olds.

@LTLF ... I think your point about the Hall of Fame being a basketball and not NBA venue and Pau’s international accomplishments probably ultimately earning him a place in the HOF. Of course, if he fails to come back next year at his usual level, that could tarnish his reputation to the extent that he doesn’t make it. Hopefully, Pau understands the predicament his is in and will make the necessary changes in his attitude and aggressiveness to keep his career from crashing.


I have a question for you:

How do you go "from trashing Pau & deeming him utterly unworthy of
being a Laker" to "Hopefully, Pau understands the predicament his is in and will make the necessary changes in his attitude and aggressiveness to keep his career from crashing"

w/in a couple of days & no Lakers basketball?

>>>They stink because you cannot have a defensive oriented team with Pau
>>>Gasol at center.

Pau wouldn't play center. You could start Varejao at center and Pau at PF. Or more succinctly, Varejao would guard the more difficult front court player, regardless of whether it's a PF or C. Most teams don't have two quality front court post up players. Vs Memphis, Varejao would guard Z-bo and Pau would guard his brother.

Ariza gives you less strength but more speed at the SF.

And Chris Paul is miles and miles above Fisher/Blake at the PG spot.

The defense would be far superior and the offense might be as well.

@HOBBITMAGE ... LOL. Maybe this will help. Think of the dilemma like this. Pau is like a loved girl friend who you found cheated on you last year but who now wants to maintain the relationship. You appreciate all the great times and rewards she has given you and may be willing to forgive her and move on but you still remain suspicious and under certain circumstances and herbal influences may experience contradictory feelings and emotions that make you want to kiss or punch her.

""everyone assumes cause I do other things Im not focused on bball?" Artest tweeted. "I work out 2 hours everyday. Dont u do other things when u leave work?"

If you play well, no one will question what you do on your own time, Ron.


thanks for the explanation.

to quote Chris Rock: I'd never hit a girl, but I understand! *chuckle*

thx for the clarification.

Bay to LA 1 - Good point. Ron gets extremely defensive about that because he does work hard. What Ron doesn't fully understand or at least acknowledge is no one is questioning his work ethic. He puts in the time. But sometimes he stretches himself thin. Ron has shown when things are simple for him, it's easier for him to play well.

@MM... Your point was excellent too and I agree Phil did not surround himself with “yes” men but the point of view of an assistant who still aspires to be a coach is often very different than from an assistant who understands that he will never get a head coaching opportunity. I prefer guys who are ambitious and on the way up rather than guys who may be holding steady or on their way down. It will be interesting to see where Phil’s assistants end up. For one thing, I think a staff like Mike is putting together with future head coaches has a better chance of including a possible successor.

@MM ... Did you see my post over the weekend about suggestions for the blog? Here it is again:
@MM ... I want to thank you for sticking with the TypePad login system. It has been a pleasure blogging without the constant trolls and objectionable posts. We still need to find a way to balance the number of threads with the need to have a single daily thread where the bloggers inside the blog can carry on their dialogs with each other and you. The quality of the posts and discussions this weekend with only the one thread have been superb. When you finally sit down and catch up, I’m sure you will agree. Now that we solved the login problem, let’s try and find a way to encourage more great dialog and conversation like this weekend. Why quit when we’re on a real roll?

"...Dont u do other things when u leave work?"

If you play well, no one will question what you do on your own time, Ron.

Posted by: BayToLA1 | June 06, 2011 at 01:32 PM


Oh no. That sounds eerily similar to Shaq commenting about "healing on compnay time."

All this team really needs are players who are hungry for a title. It's all about the "Hunger."

I see a lot of people mentioning Kidd and Bibby's roles as starting point guards on championship level teams as evidence the Lakers don't need a quick point guard. I disagree.

The Heat have the top trio of talent in the game and two of them can handle point guard responsibilities. They also have a speedy point guard off the bench in Mario Chalmers. Also, when you have a great overall team, you can afford to have a player that isn't good for anything other than making a wide open shot. That's what Bibby is now and that's what Fisher was when the Lakers had a stronger healthier cast around him.

The Mavs also have a speedy point guard off the bench in JJ Barea and a point guard that can do it all in Jason Kidd. Jason Kidd may be older and not the quickest but can anyone imagine Derek Fisher guarding Dwyane Wade or Kobe Bryant? Or Derek Fisher playmaking and setting up teammates?

Some people are looking too much at Bibby and Kidd's age. The Heat and Mavericks have a lot of things at the point guard position that the Lakers don't have.

"Oh no. That sounds eerily similar to Shaq commenting about "healing on compnay time."

Posted by: :-( | June 06, 2011 at 02:04 PM"

A little but I don't think that's what he meant by it. He has every right to have a life outside of basketball. If he spent 12 hours a day collecting ladybugs in his front yard but still came out at 7:30 and played lockdown defense and made open shots, no one would care at all about what he is doing on the 21 hours a day he's not playing basketball. The only reason people are questioning Ron's focus and priorities is because he isn't playing up to standards.

Next point guard...

Steve Nash.

Every bit as good as CP3 on the offensive end (maybe even better), but a liability on defense.

Phoenix has been in rebuilding mode for a few years, so this deal would come down to whether Nash wanted to try for a ring more than he wanted to stick with the Suns. If he asked them to, I think the Suns would willingly trade him, probably even to the Lakers. The thing is, Nash is already 37, so the Suns KNOW that he won't be around for more than another year or two.

Bynum for Nash & Lopez would probably get the job done. Might even get the Suns to throw in a draft pick or another player, since Bynum is still a young force and Nash is in the winter of his career.

Pau for Nash & Gortat & something might fly as well.

In either of those cases, Phoenix is getting the player with the most value in the trade (since Bynum & Gasol will both be playing in the NBA longer than Nash), so the Lakers would probably need to get at least one more player or draft pick in the deal to even it out. Maybe the #13 pick. Perhaps Frye or Warrick or Dudley. Or maybe Phoenix would take on Luke's contract to even things out.

Might even be able to work out a deal for Odom & picks for Nash if he really wanted to come to the Lakers.

Basically the trade would be about the Suns getting a younger high quality player who can contribute for more years. They have their presumed PG of the future in Brooks, so the Suns would probably help Nash get a ring if they could.

Note that a deal with Gortat or Lopez (or to a lesser extent Warrick or Frye) would partially solve the front court issue of one of the Laker bigs leaving.


The resulting team would be better offensively - Nash gets everyone easy looks and shoots a high percentage himself as well - but no better defensively, if not worse.

@BAY TO LA.... Superb post about Kidd and Bibby. All you have to do is watch how many times Kidd gets the ball into the hands of the right player in the right spot at the right time to understand why a true point guard is extremely important. Whether we can get CP3 or DWill or Raymond Felton is a big question the answer to which is unknown. Whether Derek Fisher and Steve Blake can provide what Mike Brown want is a question the answer to which is probably No.

Another Lakers player with a reality show. This is another distraction. Please trade Artest along with Bynum for Dwight. Sooner or later, Vanessa Bryant is going to have her reality show and then Kobe will be distracted.



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