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Poll: Who is the greatest center in Lakers history, and who deserves to have a statue outside of Staples Center, Kareem or Shaq?

--Houston Mitchell
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A statue for Shaq is a bit much IMO.

You could argue that he helped build Staples Center - but OMG he's well down the list of Laker greats that don't have a statue

who's Houston Mitchell
and where's Mr Medina?

anyway those are some tough choices to pick from as the Lakers greatest center, except Shaq, he was good, but not great and its too early for his statue, maybe in the next 5 years or so, but as far as deciding between the Lakers all time Top Centers, its really hard, to me all of them have a different style of play and played during different times, so its hard to pick just one, but I would pick KAJ for center and for the next statue of course, not because he went crazy and told the media he needs a statue, but he really dose deserve a statue outside of staples center!

It’s a shame the Lakers did not video their job winning interview of Mike Brown because it would have been fascinating to know exactly what was on those defensive DVD’s that he wouldn’t leave with the Lakers or the page after page of notes on each Lakers player he kept pulling out of his briefcase. Obviously, Mike Brown came prepared not only to show the Lakers brain trust what he was all about but also to give them a clear and compelling vision of his own game plan for coaching the Lakers.
Being prepared, willing to outwork everybody, and committed to winning are traits that Mike Brown shares in common with Kobe Bryant. Watching the press conference and reading the comments that have emerged after the initial media and fan firestorm, I am starting to feel more comfortable that Mike Brown will be able to build positive relationships with Kobe and the rest of the Lakers roster. As Jerry Buss noted about Mike Brown, “He seemed to know exactly what to do with this team.”
One of the things I like about Mike Brown is that he came to his interview with a game plan already put together of what he thought about the team, its roster, and how he would return them to the top. What he had to say about what he would do with the team must obviously have hit a sympathetic note and jived with what Jerry, Jim, and Mitch thought should be done with the team. Like Phil, Mike has a well grounded coaching philosophy that keeps him focused and consistent as a coach.
Reading Kevin Ding’s latest article about Brown’s hiring, I couldn’t help but be impressed by Mike’s preparation as he wowed the Lakers hiring committee with “page after page of analysis about each Lakers player, sketching out about 20 plays to demonstrate how he would gear the offense to maximize specific player strengths. That was a gutty move by Mike because he was gambling that his view was in sync with the Lakers. Obviously, Mike Brown shared the same sentiment as the Lakers that this group of players was still championship caliber and needs only minor tweaks.
I suppose all the disclaimers and caveats about whether or not the Lakers will embrace Mike Brown as their new head coach are par for the course when talking about the Lakers and succeeding a great coach like Phil Jackson. Nevertheless, I think the Lakers have made an excellent choice and have a dynamic, energetic young coach who knows the game, knows how to coach, and knows how to win. It was time for a change and I think the Lakers front office once again has come up with a winner.

Wilt was the greatest player to ever play the game. It was not Michael Jordan. It was not Larry Bird. It was not Bill Russel. These are all great players but the greatest of all was Wilt Chamberlain!

Shaq before Kareem, Wilt, Baylor, or Worthy. Stop the insanity. Retiring his jersey is a bit much.

Statue of SHAQ? We are kidding, right?

@William C Harrison: I agree with you about Wilt.

And even though Wilt was crucial on the 1st title in LA.
I still think the center that gave more to the Lakers was Kareem, helping in 5 titles and defeating the Celtics.

All were deserving of great affection by us. But Kareem was the greatest contributor to this organization.

All were dominant in their respective era. This also confirms the great tradition of dominant centers on the Lakers. Because of that I always expect Bynum to break loose and become a consistent dominant center.



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