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Commenting system on Lakers blog debuts Thursday


Effective on Thursday afternoon on the later range of the noon to 5 p.m., the Times Lakers blog will have a new sign-in procedure for posting comments, requiring readers to use either a Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL account.

Jimmy Orr, the managing editor, online, has posted the reasoning for the decision on the Readers Representative journal here. This is part of an overall website effort to bring greater interaction and consistency to the commenting process. This will allow comments to be posted immediately, minimize the offensive comments that are sometimes posted and strengthen our ability to ban users if necessary.

All Things Lakers, the Times' interactive database on the Los Angeles Lakers, and Fabulous Forum, our main sports blog, and the Dodgers blog are already using a new sign-in system. The Lakers blog serves as an exception to this new sign in procedure because it won't require users to strictly have a Facebook account, an issue many in the community have repeatedly expressed disapproval for a variety of reasons.

So hopefully this strikes as a good compromise. For readers who wonder how they can create an account, look no further than this post. Click here to make a Facebook profile, here to create a Hotmail account, here to make a Yahoo account or here to make an AOL account. I for one, just created a Facebook profile for myself. 

For Facebook users who don't want to have their comments posted on their personal Facebook wall, simply opt out of this by deselecting the "Post to Facebook" check box before posting a comment. For all users who are skeptical because of privacy concerns, simply make an account with your normal handle and don't reveal any personal information. Other than that, the Times sports and web desk will be anticipating the changes tomorrow and will be readily available in case there are any hiccups with the sign-in procedure. 

Of course, any change has positive and negative consequences. So feel free to provide any feedback in the comments section below, e-mailing the Times' assistant sports editor Houston Mitchell by clicking here, or e-mailing Martin Beck, the Times' reader engagement and social media editor, by clicking here.

--Mark Medina

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So many trade possibilities, so few probabilities. For the record….

Iggy - love his defense and all around game. He doesn’t have the offensive skills to be the first or second option on a championship team…but that wouldn’t his role with the Lakers. Good fit for Brown's system.

TParker – Good player…just not a good fit for the Lakers. Need a good defensive guard and a 3pt shooter.

#2 Pick – Not a college guru…so if someone can tell me that Walker, Williams, Knight or Irving will be an all-star type difference maker out the gate then I’m cool with it.

Monta – love his offense and his fearlessness, but he’ll have to be de-programmed. Playing no D in GS created some seriously bad habits.
Don't know if he's a good fit for Brown's system.

@Point Forward – I’m with you. I say put all the eggs in the DHoward basket. Hold off other moves until that situation has been exhausted…unless a complete steal comes up. To win a championship you need a top 5 player...or top 7-8 at worst. It's been proven over and over again. Who will fit that description for the Lakers in 2012? 2013? Certainly not KLove, Iggy, Monta or the #2.

@Utz – Rambis did himself a huge disservice when he had his beefs with KLove last year. It’s a players league and that’s a no win situation.

@MM – The only thing constant is change. We’ll deal with it and keep it moving.

Effective on Thursday afternoon on the later range of the noon to 5 p.m., the Times Lakers blog will have a new sign-in procedure for posting comments, requiring readers to use either a Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL account.


No problem.

Quick question (which could be answered tomorrow/later when I sign-in):
Will "Posted by:" display our Facebook "username" or our Facebook "real name?"

Not a biggie. Just curious.

Ha. Just answered.

Now Lamar gets thrown under the bus.

Fricken great.

Just great.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


LOL that this is an article.

A coincidence, I created a facebook account this afternoon just for the blog. Anyone add me as a friend, I'll do the same. It's under fictional name "Charon Minos"

MM add me as a friend! Maybe we could all link up this way, the whole blog.

I'm good with changing the system since I've been having an iffy time logging on (and staying logged on).


Jon K, I think you've said 'just great' for every goings on the last


LRob: "Rambis did himself a huge disservice when he had his beefs with KLove last year. It’s a players league and that’s a no win situation."
Good point.


Jon K.

About Lamar getting thrown under the "BUSS"...that was just an I.Q. check for Kahn, I think he passed, so he scored at least 50, as he showed a smidgin' of crystallized intelligence.

Many of the free agents that are being profiled aren't coming across with a "wow" factor. I don't think any of them can make a significant difference. If each of the members of the Lakers that will make up the coming season's roster, if there will be a season, just improve their personal game and skill-set, then Mike Brown can hopefully start his crusade to win 12 championships as a coach and surpass Phil. And yes that is a long purple and "golden yellow brick road" on the way to Oz.

Isn't it ironic that the Washington Wizards were the Baltimore Bullets, then became the Washington Bullets, I believe, then their name was changed to the Wizards and then Gilbert and Javaris thought the locker room was the O.K. Corral, or whatever they were up to....

Personally, I think the locker room is a bit too open to the media. A man should have the right to shower and change in privacy, after all, we don't follow the professional players into their locker rooms in other sports. Interviews with in incite, I'm sure Maria Sharapova has some important comments after her matches.

Oh, forgot about my thoughts about the sign in system. I don't think I like it. Breaches in security are a problem in this advanced technological time.

Humanomaly: "I'm sure Maria Sharapova has some important comments after her matches. "
Now you're getting down to the nitty gritty. Heck, I'm sure pretty much 50% of all males would change their professions to tennis reporter if it meant they could do locker room interviews with Maria Sharapova, especially if the rules for locker room interviews were as lax in tennis as they are in the NBA.

We can't forget how Ron Ron had no problem finding Kobe in the showers when the Lakers lost to the C's a few years back...


Ric Bucher reporting:

Steve Nash to T'Wolves for #2-pick fell through.

Tony Parker to Kings is real possibility for the #7-pick, which they'd use on Mychaels son Clay Thompson. Nicolas Batum and Andre Miller of the Trailblazers would also be in on the deal (not sure how as Kings rumored to only be giving up a draft pick? No dollar-for dollar reprecussions?)


Lamar Odom + Luke Walton to 76ers for Andre Iguodala...


Is the reason people "defer" to others (e.g. Phil, Mitch, etc.) because they can't think for themselves?


I really am not anticipating any blockbuster trades. The one trade I could see happening would be some package that sent Lamar to Denver for Felton. This would be a win for both clubs. Lamar would be an upgrade over Kmart who is a free agent and Felton would be a great fit at the point for the Lakers. Now if we could throw in Blake for JR Smith in the deal that would be a major improvement for the team although we would need to find a back up at PF. That could be a problem with the new CBA looming on the horizon.



>>>Lamar Odom + Luke Walton to 76ers for Andre Iguodala...

I heard that tonight on the radio as well. Probably Bucher was the source.

I guess they'd rather have 2 more years of Luke than 4 more years of Ron-Ron.

But HOLY COW! Lamar for Igoudala and they get to ditch Luke as well? Awesome.

But note that there's also a report that the Lakers offered Lamar to Minnesota for the #2 pick and parts and got turned down. And another report that Minnesota offered the #2 pick for Igoudala and got turned down.

So this might be just trying to acquire Igoudala... or it might be trying to get that #2 pick using a third team to do it indirectly.

If the trade is straight up Odom for Igoudala, I can live with that. Iggy is a very good wing defender (probably better than Artest at this point), and a good offensive player as well. In a way, he's like Pau - he struggled as the #1 guy in Philly. As the #4 guy in LA, I bet he'd be awesome.

Or if the idea is to pass him along to Minnesota because the really like Derrick Williams, then this REALLY beats a direct trade. With a direct trade, the Lakers would basically get two Minnesota players (to match Lamar's salary) and the draft pick. Igoudala makes more. So instead they'd get THREE Minnesota players and the draft pick.

And here's the punch line. It's effectively like getting one of Minnesota's players for Luke Walton. Luke Walton for Jonny Flynn? Sure. Luke Walton for Darko Milicic? No problem. Luke Walton for Martell Webster? Great.

Basically, the Lakers would be giving up one very effective player (Lamar) for potentially 3 or 4 useful players, and getting Luke's contract off their books in the process.

Think Lamar for Milicic, Flynn, Webster and Derrick Williams. Upgrade. Or think Lamar for Igoudala. Sideways move, except that removing Luke's contract is an upgrade.

You can't lose.

I hope they can pull that shizzle off.

OTOH, this might be a smokescreen by Philly. They may be taking calls from Minnesota and the Lakers to get the Clippers to add more to their offer of Kaman for Igoudala - Maybe hoping for Kaman + Aminu + Minnesota's unprotected 2012 pick.

Timberwolves make play for Bynum

Minnesota is still looking to land a high-level, impact player for its No. 2 pick. A source said one of the Timberwolves' many trade proposals was a request for Lakers center Andrew Bynum, which involved sending small forward Michael Beasley to Los Angeles.

Read more:

LTLF: Those are some great points. Very interesting how the Lakers would come out ahead acquiring Iguodala first, then making a second trade for the T'Wolves #2. Absolutely I would take either Milicic or Flynn for Luke, and I'm a Luke fan.

Frankly, I hope Mitch could turn a couple other players into new bodies. The mix just wasn't working, everything came unraveled in an ugly manner there at the end.

We can't stand pat with a losing mix while Kobe is still young enough. In my eyes Kobe has a couple of championship-level play in him. Let's not let this lineup which has already failed remain completely whole and intact (save what effects the new CBA will cause).

Mike Brown has already rightly hinted that Fish needs to become a bench player. But, I'm sure Brown isn't eying Steve Blake for that role. Obviously, he is sending a big hint that the Lakers need to acquire a point guard.

A different but related thing, Andy Katz on BSPN U's Draft Preview show yesterday said that Kemba Walker might fall as low as the 12, maybe the Lakers should have a plan in place if that does happen.

A little like the pre-arrangement a certain Mr. West had in place with the Charlotte Hornets way back in '96...


I just wonder haow Lamar is dealing with this latest speculation. I do know that we have too many players who take nights off by "deferring" (pau, lamar, dfish, blake). Also anything that can get rid of Luke's massive contract will go a long way.

i think we are going to see jim buss try to make this team his team. as such he is going to have to make statements in various ways including trades. my concern is, does he have the basketball acumen to do this or is he going to do it anyway?

i think we are going to see jim buss try to make this team his team. as such he is going to have to make statements in various ways including trades. my concern is, does he have the basketball acumen to do this or is he going to do it anyway?

On the long list of reasons why trades for high profile players is so difficult:

The crap Minneapolis just pulled.

Seriously. Now the "fact" that the Lakers were peddling LO is out there. After LO had a great season, Sixth Man of the Year, one of the few Lakers to play up to his potential last year. And he gets to read in the Times that he was being peddled for a draft pick.

I'm sorry, but that's bull####. A GM has to be able to call around and make inquiries without the other team running to the press. We don't really know what deal the Lakers offered. Minnesota is just trying to drive up the price of that draft pick by advertising the Lakers' offer of Odom. But we have no idea if it was seriously offered. We have no idea if it was a stright up deal, or was LO for the # 2 and parts. We just have loose-lipped GM negotiating in public and screwing Mitch on his relationship with LO.

It's hard to make a move involving an LO, Pau or Drew, much less a Dwight Howard or CP3, when there are GM out there who are huge tolls, making the negotiations public. It makes it damn hard to explore options without risk of damaging relations with a top tier player.

@Tom Daniels, I totally agree. The news about Lamar being offered up by the Lakers could only have come from Minnesota, which shows you want kind of a trade partner David Kahn is. Very douchey, indeed.

I have been a longtime critic of Lamar's inconsistency throughout his career, and was finally beginning to embrace him after a season's worth of excellence. Then the playoffs rolled around, and we sort of went back to the inconsistent LO (something that was totally overshadowed by the total collapse of Pau Gasol). However, I am not sure that trading LO is the way to go. Iguadola is more naturally a shooting guard, but plays minutes at the SF position (where he is undersized). I don't really see how moving LO for an undersized SF makes the Lakers better.

While Iggy is more athletic (by far) than Artest or Barnes, the Lakers would be giving up the one thing that still sets them apart from every other team in the league: their formidable front court rotation. I am willing to sacrifice that rotation for certain hypothetical deals (Gasol for Deron Williams; Gasol or Odom for Love, filler & the #2 pick), LO for Iggy does not appeal to me, even with the very attractive prospect of dumping Luke Walton in the process....

Okay, so here's my latest thought...

If you do a trade before the draft, then the previous year's salaries count for salary matching and such, and draft picks count as 0 for salary matching. In other words, if the Lakers trade Pau right now, then they'd have to take something like 16 million back.


If you do a trade AFTER the draft, then NEXT year's salaries count Technically it can't be completed until after they compute the next year's salary cap, but you can submit trades to the league and they will be pending approval after the cap is in place.

and Minnesota has enough cap space to absorb one of the big Laker cap spaces under next season's salary numbers.

So what if the Lakers assume that the "flex cap" will pass, and they know the specific number the owners are going to push. Maybe 90 million. Maybe 80 million.

Maybe these trades for Lamar or Pau aren't because the Lakers are unhappy with their performance last year. Maybe they're just trying to work a trade to get under the number without giving up 4 or 5 players.

Think about it. Forget about all the extra players. If the rumored trade offer Pau Gasol for Kevin Love +#2 pick (which Minnesota would select for the Lakers), then the Lakers would turn one great players into two very good players and cut 9 million off of their salary.

Similarly, if the offer was Odom for the #2, that cuts 5 million. If they manage to do Odom + Walton for Igoudala, then trade Igoudala for the #2 pick (and nothing else), again, they'll cut about 9 million off of their payroll (and keep Pau).

Note that it's not possible to trade Blake (for example) to some team, get less back, and save 9 million. Only trades involving Kobe/Pau/Drew/Lamar could get them that kind of savings.

>>>Also anything that can get rid of Luke's massive contract will go a long way.

Again, misconception.

Luke's "massive" contract is 11 million over the next 2 years.

If the new CBA offered an amnesty, and the Lakers still had Luke and Artest, I'm not sure they wouldn't keep Luke and dump Artest's 28 million over 3 years instead.

DAMN! I use Google signin! Why is that not included!?

@ NuggetsCountry Sorry about that. Google and Facebook haven't been able to come to an agreement on using Google credentials to sign in.

Plain and simple ... Go Lakers!

testing one 2.



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