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NBA Draft: Mike Brown says he hasn't finalized coaching staff

June 24, 2011 | 10:29 am

I have an afternoon flight to catch to go out East, so I'll just provide the rundown of Mike Brown's comments prior to the NBA Draft, followed by a links post. There'll be plenty of time for further analysis later, but below are the basic points of emphasis that came out of Brown's 13-minute interview.

-- Brown said he hasn't finalized putting together his coaching staff. He also contended that he hasn't officially added anyone on his staff, though numerous reports indicate Ettore Messina has already joined. 

-- Brown sounded incredibly apathetic to the whole situation surrounding Kobe Bryant's continued silence on the hire. As The Times' Mark Heisler recently reported, Bryant eventually took a liking to Brown's philosophies but remains mute about the Lakers' coach in hopes the front office fully understands his displeasure about not being consulted about the hire.

-- The coach shared that Bryant's offensive role will entail finding his "sweet spots" and involve a mix of on- and off-the-ball movement.

--I relayed to Brown that Andrew Bynum indicated in his exit interview that he wanted to assume a larger responsibility of the offense, but that Kobe Bryant immediately countered that he's "going to have to fall in line."  I brought that up because I wondered how Brown would handle that dynamic, but it initially sparked a humorous exchange in which Brown thought I was relaying him alleged conversations discussed in Bynum's exit interview with Mitch Kupchak.

After I explained these were the comments that Bynum and Bryant made in their exit interviews with the media, Brown said he'd handle the pecking order this way: "It's going to determine itself with how well guys play. I can't score for any of them. If they go out and show they can do something, I'm not going to go to Pau if he's having a good night and going for 35 and 36 and leading us and say, 'Slow down so Kobe can pass you.' "

-- With the triangle offense lacking the traditional point guard role, I wondered how exactly Derek Fisher and Steve Blake will be affected with the new offense. It's no secret that part of Fisher's value was  enhanced because he knew the triangle well and some of his weaknesses were protected under the system. But Brown suggested not much would change since he admitted he wants the team to pass the timeline at a quicker rate.

"It's going to be an equal opportunity offense where the one, two or three can bring the ball up since all the smalls are interchangeable," Brown said. "It's not going to be too much different because in the past here they had multiple guys, even including Lamar, bringing the ball up. But the one thing we like to emphasize is attacking the clock. We want to get the ball from the backcourt to the frontcourt within the first four seconds or so, so that we can get to the second, third and sometimes fourth option without our backs being against the shot clock. We'd like to get the ball up quicker than what we've done -- I mean what they've done in the past."

-- Brown's still in the transition stage of settling into L.A., ranging from navigating the 91 in Orange County, recently purchasing a home in Anaheim Hills and completing his move from his Cleveland residence. Apparently, there are also unsafe parts in Orange County. 


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-- Mark Medina

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