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Mike Brown talks Lakers with George Lopez

June 8, 2011 |  9:11 am

The typical protocol for any Laker appearing on Lopez Tonight involves dropping a few jokes, playing along with George Lopez and guaranteeing NBA championships.

So in that respect, Lakers Coach Mike Brown passed his first appearance with flying colors. He met Lopez's approval in dressing "California casual." Lopez equated Brown's arrival to a restaurant going under new management and pleaded, "When the restaurant opens, tell me the food is going to be delicious." To which Brown replied, "It's going to be delicious. I want some bling bling." Brown played along with Lopez's imagined rendition detailing Browns' text message conversation with Kobe Bryant, which supposedly entailed him writing: "OMG I'm your coach. WTF. Holla." And Brown shared the story that his son, Elijah, sounded more excited about meeting the Kardashian sisters than the Black Mamba himself.

But there was one particular interesting nugget that revealed Brown's thoughts on the Lakers' defensive identity.

"There's a nice foundation on the defensive end of the floor," Brown said. "You've got the two seven footers. You got the versatility in Lamar Odom. You got the mean toughness in big Ron Ron. And you got the sleekness in my man Kobe Bryant.

Whether it was a Freudian slip or an honest mistake, Brown made no mention of what Derek Fisher provides defensively. Read the tea leaves for what they're worth,

--Mark Medina

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