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Matt Barnes officially exercises option to stay with the Lakers


This doesn't exactly qualify as breaking news.

Lakers forward Matt Barnes said unequivocally after Mike Brown's introductory news conference May 31 that he would exercise his $1.91-million option to return to the Lakers next season. But for the sake of dotting the I's and crossing the Ts, the Lakers made the official announcement Wednesday that has gone according to plan.

Aside from wanting to have stability after playing with eight teams in his nine-year NBA career, Barnes cited his frustration over the Lakers' four-game loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference semifinals and his own limited effectiveness after right-knee surgery as reasons for returning.

"The bitter taste in my mouth from here on out drove me to not want to go anywhere else," said Barnes, who averaged 6.7 points, 4.3 rebounds and 1.3 assists in 19.2 minutes over 53 games last season. "I want to come back to right the ship."


Matt Barnes exercises option to stay with the Lakers

Lakers say Matt Barnes' MRI reveals "continued improvement" in surgically repaired right knee

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Matt Barnes ends up on the floor after trying to get his hands on a rebound during the 2009-10 season opener against Houston at Staples Center. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / October 26, 2010

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Teams are just waiting till the last second to see another teams final best offer.

Are the Lakers practicing the art of deception by tipping their hand about Derrick Williams?
Or is LTLF thought on Brandon Knight the real catch?

Yay Barnes. Stay healthy this season!

Here's my new pet trade - San Antonio is willing to trade either Parker or George hill to get into the late part of the lottery:

Lakers send Pau and Blake to Golden State

Golden State sends Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins to the Lakers
and their lottery pick to San Antonio

San Antonio sends George Hill to the Lakers.

GS gets a star PF/C to go alongside David Lee in the front court (and dumps off Biedrins contract, which they've been trying to do).

San Antonio gets their draft pick they've been fishing for.

Lakers get Biedrins, Ellis, and George Hill. Two speedy guards who can defend a bit and score, plus a third big body in the front court (Biedrins is a good defender, though weak on offense).

Then they could pick up a PF in free agency and they'd be set.

Hopefully Matt Barnes has a good year. Here's a journeyman who's never really been paid a lot of money.
It would be nice to see him make a few more million in the future.

Might also work differently to get something like Biedrins, Wright, and Tony Parker.

Either way the Lakers get a big body who can play defense, plus a quick PG who can score plus a quick wing who can score.


If the Lakers could turn Pau into David Lee and Tony Parker, I'd wet myself... but that may be hoping for too much.

David Lee and Tony Parker for Pau?

Oh hell yes

If not Pau, then Lamar for Biedrins and George Hill.

(though Lamar to GS has a similar problem as Lamar to Minnesota - David Lee instead of Kevin Love)

Seriously, this play by San Antonio to trade off one of their PGs may be a great opportunity for the Lakers to pick up a very good PG. And one with experience who could contribute IMMEDIATELY.

ugh, just realized the US is playing Panama in USMNT soccer. Thought the game was at 4:30, ugh. Gonna make this quick.

LTLF: Those are all realistic trade scenarios. Personally, I think Mbah Moute is a nice defensive player, Biedrins would be a nice add to the bench. Parker is a proven, quick point guard that would fit in very nicely with this squad.

I'm with you on hoping Mitch makes a move, the chemistry we saw the last month of this past season just wasn't right.

Agree with Yellofever, Odoms value is at a peak right now. His value will never be higher than it is right now.

- - -

Troll Man: "And that natural form for Pau is twiggy-esque"
ROFL! Pasty-white skin, twiggy-esque like arms and a look that somewhat resembles the Geico cavemen. Hmm... Makes you think if that super-hot model he was dating even bothered looking at him through the $_$ in her eyes...


Troll Man,

How about Biedrins + Monta Ellis + George Hill for Pau. Would that do?

LTLF: "If the Lakers could turn Pau into David Lee and Tony Parker, I'd wet myself... but that may be hoping for too much."
definitely TMI - lol.

But I'm with you guys, that would be a heck of a trade for us.

- - -

Troll Man: "Hopefully Matt Barnes has a good year. Here's a journeyman who's never really been paid a lot of money.
It would be nice to see him make a few more million in the future."
Yeah, he sacrificed a lot to come here, hope we take care of him like we did Rick Fox.


Oopsiedaisies.. Wrong thread.. Repost:

Cyber.. Don't foresee much movement before the trading deadline with so much uncertainty looming

LTLF.. Like the monta trade.. Maybe west can gift us monta since we all know they don't want him n curry together.. It worked 3 years ago.. I'd say its worth a try!!

Good for Matt. Hopefully he can stay healthy and give the Lakers the energy they sorely lacked in the playoffs.

Good for Spero Dedes…being the Knicks announcer is like playing for the Lakers. Lots of opportunities ala Marv Alpert and Mike Breen

@GDUB – definitely enjoyed Mingus. Great selections.

@Troll Man – Nice “Ballad of Jim Buss". Flatt and Scruggs in the house. :-)

@LT – I hope you’re right about that lighting a fire under Pau, but I do think he was already motivated after the poor playoffs…so he’ll be EXTRA motivated.

@LTLF – You did call that Odom for the #2 and a throw in. But then again…you’ve covered just about every trade under the sun…lol.


Now the hyperactive gears in my tiny brain are spinning.

Minnesota wants a 2 guard. Badly.

Lakers send Pau and Blake to Golden State.

Golden State sends Biedrins to the Lakers, Ellis to Minnesota, and the #11 pick to San Antonio.

Minnesota sends the #2 pick and whatever (let's say Flynn and Randolph) to the Lakers.

San Antonio sends George Hill to the Lakers

Lakers end up with Biedrins, Hill, Flynn, Randolph, and the #2 pick.


Golden State gets Pau & David Lee in the front court.

Minnesota gets a good SG to go with their new PG and their passle of forwards.

San Antonio gets the lottery pick they want.

Lakers get a big to fill Pau's spot, a starting PG, two reasonable rotation players (or one could go to San Antonio), and Derrick Williams.



***How about Biedrins + Monta Ellis + George Hill for Pau. Would that do?***

in a heartbeat

Monta gives you instant offense
Biedrins is an underrated 7 footer who averaged a double double in 08/09 and would be a perfect backup for Bynum
and George Hill would be a perfect role player whatever that role may be.

We also get to keep LO, even though I give him cyber-grief, lol, it wouldn't be the same without him on the team.

But agree with many here, his trade value has never been higher.

>>>@LTLF – You did call that Odom for the #2 and a throw in. But then again…
>>>you’ve covered just about every trade under the sun…lol.


Hmmm. I haven't suggested trading Derek Fisher for Ekpe Udoh yet. There, now I've covered every possible trade in the nba :-)

Latest wild-ass rumor (from

Odom + Artest for Igoudala.

Wouldn't it chap the Clippers A$$ if the Lakers stole Iggy out from under them.

Sounds like the Igoudala trade might be a way to get from Odom to that #2 pick...

Minnesota is also interested in Iggy.

How about Odom + Artest

for Flynn, Webster, Milicic and the #2 pick.

Great to see Barnes coming back. That guy is all heart. One of the few NBA "tough guys." He has played that way since his UCLA days.

If he comes in and gives us his normal production (pre-injury), he and LO can really provide a good kick off the bench.

Monte is legit, and can alleviate some of the scoring for Kobe. He is a very talented player, and with Golden State looking to go forward with Curry at the head of the table, Monte might be available at retail price....but don't expect the Warriors to play nice with a inter-division rival....

Tony Parker is an absolute steal, I don't know why other teams haven't jumped on this one....I know he may have some locker room issues (ie. Brent Barry, "our championship window is closing"), but his speed and ability to get to the basket are amazing. His slashing ability is a large component of the Spurs' 3-point shooting efficiency...

And now, my responses for all trade scenarios so far given

Re: Parker

Yes, imagine a point guard who can actually finish at the basket.

parker and a young big for pau is great......although lamar is expendable because of his tendency to drift and his suspect offensive game

Sounds like the Igoudala trade might be a way to get from Odom to that #2 pick...

Minnesota is also interested in Iggy.

How about Odom + Artest

for Flynn, Webster, Milicic and the #2 pick.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | June 22, 2011 at 06:01 PM
The only one of those four I'm interested in is the #2 pick. At least throw Johnson in the deal.

>>>@LTLF – You did call that Odom for the #2 and a throw in. But then again…
>>>you’ve covered just about every trade under the sun…lol.


Hmmm. I haven't suggested trading Derek Fisher for Ekpe Udoh yet. There, now I've covered every possible trade in the nba :-)

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | June 22, 2011 at 05:53 PM
Did you cover DeRozan?

i would rather have a pg and a big...rather a shooter and a big....


Fine - Johnson instead of Webster. Or Beasley. Whatever. I think Igoudala has enough sway that Minny would give up any combination of players not including Love or Rubio to get Iggy. In fact, if two of the 3 of Johnson/Beasley/Webster were going out with Iggy coming in, that would probably suit them fine.

Well, one good thing to know is that certain teams are willing to trade their point guards. San Antonio offering up either Parker or George Hill for a pick, Denver is offering Felton for a pick. If the Lakers don't manage to trade for one of them now, maybe they'll still be available later.

iggy would work for us....but not with pau...lamar for iggy would be ok. These teams are looking for cheap talent...I say let minny keep their pics and continue to lose

Well Barnes and most notably Steve Blake didn't really pan out, and I don't have a recollection at the top of my hear of one them performing at a very high level. Aside from Barnes hitting like 6 triple doubles in one day and rolling before he had that injury (See: Shannon Brown before he hurt his finger last year).

The triangle:

I know it was hard for Steve Blake to manage the triangle and there is something to be said that it took the 'Bench Mob' a couple of years to fully understand it, but even for Steve Blake, a guy who (we thought was a very high IQ player) a selfless, pass-first playmaker, you would think he would understand the triangle more. I am hoping that next year he is able to return to what he used to be off the bench (the best option would be to package him with Gasol, Odom, Bynum when/if any of the big 3 stars become available, and hope to get a usable point guard in return.


If the Lakers are keen on sending him to Minnesota for #2 Derrick Williams in return, and that Minnesota responded by asking for Gasol/Bynum (nullifies their original position on Gasol, and their unwillingness to trade Kevin Love) well that shows us we can get them to trade Love for Gasol. That being said, there is still uncertainty over whether Dwight Howard will openly ask for a trade, specifically the Lakers, then we wouldn't be able to better ourselves drastically and would have to rely on Andrew Bynum, missing out on 20 games a year, unless we get somebody durable like Wilson Chandler to balance it out, we are in dire need of a legit PG.

.....As I've said before and it might not make much sense a day before the draft - we should wait it out and see if we can get Dwight Howard because sometimes going young doesn't pan out, and there is usually a 2-3 year grace period until a lottery can make a major impact in the playoffs (See: Memphis Grizzlies).

I meant triples not triple doubles LMAO.

But I'm glad we can keep Matt Barnes for next year's run, we can't forget we got him at a bargain last year and he's still a bargain this year at the backup position.

Big win for the USMNT soccer, Landon Donovan set up the winning goal with an awesome pass. U.S. will be in the Gold Cup Final vs Mexico (probably) at the Rose Bowl on Saturday. That place is going to be sold out and rocking, 90-thousand plus. Should be a fun game, wish I were going to root on our guys.

Alright, back to hoops... lol

Just caught this on the internets, it's from an hour ago:

Report: Sixers, Lakers talk Iguodala-Odom deal
Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Posted: 9:12 p.m.

After a short break, the Andre Iguodala rumor mill began churning again Wednesday, a day before the NBA draft.

According to, The Los Angeles Lakers have discussed sending Sixth Man of the Year (not to mention reality TV star) Lamar Odom to the Sixers for Iguodala.

Odom averaged 14.4 points, 8.7 rebounds and three assists per game last season for the Lakers, who were swept by the Dallas Mavericks in the second round of the playoffs.

The Lakers would have to include another player – the report suggests Ron Artest – for salary cap reasons.

The report also says the Minnesota Timberwolves may be offering the second overall pick in this year’s draft for Iguodala. A rival general manager told the possibility of such a trade is, “definitely real.”

The Sixers took Evan Turner out of Ohio State second overall in last year’s draft.

Although the Cleveland Cavaliers, owners of the first and fourth overall picks, have not tipped their hand as to what they might do, speculation is the Cavs will take Duke guard Kyrie Irving first overall Thursday night.

Depending on what Cleveland does, the Sixers could potentially draft the big man they covet in Arizona’s Derrick Williams or center Enes Kanter.

The Sixers had previously discussed Iguodala deals with the Golden State Warriors (for Monta Ellis) and the Clippers (for center Chris Kaman).

- - - - - -

I would say go get AI-Iguodala if he's available. He's not a point guard, so I don't strictly think he should be had over say a Tony Parker, but he is more aggressive than L.O. and can help us get out from under another contract we may be saddled by. Philly has definitely been shopping him for a while now. LTLF has some very realistic, positive trades for both sides that we could maybe end up with Iguodala and a high pick for perhaps L.O. and another player (Blake, Ron Ron). I'd say that's a win.

There are so many names that I'm starting to believe that the Lakers will complete a trade between now and the end of tomorrows draft.


Should Mitch wait it out and target Dwight Howard over a point guard? Say, CP3 or D-Will? I guess that is the million-dollar question. If Mitch were certain he could land Howard, I'm sure not even Jimmy Buss' largest insistence wouldn't stop it from getting done (almost certainly giving up Drew).

Tony Parker might be a player who could be had at a relative bargain compared to the bank haul necessary to get a CP3 or D-Will. Monta Ellis would give this team an incredible scorer. Derrick Williams or Kemba Walker are chips they could build around for the future. Iguadala would be a tremendous upgrade over Ron Ron and provide us a valuable scoring option we were missing at the position. Any of those guys would help.

Lets hope Mitch reads the blog, just do it Mitch, pull the trigger on any of these guys - we need to change things up around here, the way we fizzled out and struggled through stretches of last year is not acceptable!

- - -

PointForward: I was big on Steve Blake, ecstatic that they signed him - but totally agree that he was ill-fitting the entire season. In hindsight, I wish Mitch would have gotten a young, up-and-coming type point guard rather than Blake. I can't blame him though since I thought it was a good deal at the time.

Donnie Nelson did a great job building the Mavs and mixing in young players with older vets. Hope Mitch starts following that model, if there is one thing he's struggled in is bringing in getting a new guard to push the old one...



Andre is a "big" 6'6 combo guard/forward/slasher scorer. Which is what Odom is. But he's still a better defender and more physical than Lamar Odom, and since we can't fully count on Artest as our go-to defender, if we include Artest, and I mean *IF*, we should do this trade. It is known fact that the 76'ers have been shopping him around, and Odom & Elton Brand used to be teammates back in the Clippers day, they used to be one of the more 'entertaining' teams a long time ago.

It would make perfect sense for the Lakers for three reasons.

1. According to the Phillyburbs, " Sixers president Rod Thorn confirmed Tuesday that Andre Iguodala did SKIP HIS EXIT INTERVIEW following the season. There was some chatter that Iguodala's absence was excused, but it was not. Still, Thorn said he would not trade a player for something as trivial as this. The reason the Sixers are in discussions about Iguodala is because of the swingman's value in the marketplace and their need for a shooter or big man. While no trade is imminent, we wouldn't be stunned to hear Iguodala's name on the move before the impending lockout. Jun 22, 12:10 PM"

-He skipped his interview??? They all checked out on each other. They want a big man. They inquired about Chris Kaman earlier in the year, but nothing has come of it.

2. They get two players. And Lamar Odom an excess of ~$9 million off the books in 2 years.

3. Game Winner against Lakers 3/17/09
Game Winner vs.Grizzlies
Fullcourt Shot After the Buzzer
Buzzer Beater Catch and Shoot Against Knicks

He is clutch, you can't refute that.

Twitter chatter update:

Chris Broussard: As far as Odom, Teams worried he won't b happy or motivated outside of LA. That's decreasing his value on market.... about 37 minutes ago

Read more:


May be, but it didn't stop him from owning when he was with the Heat, Clippers. Honestly, it doesn't affect many players being traded unless you have the last name 'Perkins' etched on the back of your jersey. I'm sure he understands the business being 11 years in the league, and the consequence of getting swept only left Kobe, and Fisher (for sentimental reasons, and Kobe's wingman in the league) the only two untouchables in the team.

He averaged 12.3 points against the Mavericks, a shell of himself - haring a % of the blame for getting us swept and looking like we didn't even belong in the series, embarrassing the fans and putting their integrity into question. If losing to the Mavericks in that fashion doesn't p you off, and motivate you.. nothing will in this league. The league isn't kind to the weak-minded, just see the Miami Heat.

utz: daaaang.... I guess the writing was on the wall when he didn't even show up to Rubio's presser, although supposedly Minny sent their whole front office to welcome him off his flight from Spain, and sit in on his press conference, clapping and all...

- - -

PointFoward: I'm with you. He is an upgrade over Ron Ron, who has lost a step defensively, and left any trace of his athleticism back in '05 or so.

Hope teams aren't down on L.O. to the point where they wouldn't trade for him. Could his L.A. based reality show be keeping teams away too???

The Artest contract will be nice to get off the books. AI is versatile enough to handle some of the L.O. duties, and I totally agree that he is clutch.

The thing for Philly, he isn't an ideal first-option to build around. Here in L.A. he would be a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th option, and I could see him fitting in well with our crew.

If we could retain Pau and make the deal, I think it would be outstanding. Our starting lineup would be Bynum-Pau-Iguodala-Kobe-??? lol

Even with the ???'s, I would put that starting-4 against ANYONE in the league, including the over-hyped one down on South Beach...


@CyberCosmiX Hope teams aren't down on L.O. to the point where they wouldn't trade for him. Could his L.A. based reality show be keeping teams away too???


I understand but if the Lakers needed a veteran big, with some range either to start or off the bench, but we had someone like Ray Felton I might still consider trading for him if he were on the Heat and his team just got swept, and it being in the back of his mind and everything.

I just hope teams aren't dumb enough that actually believe it would affect him to the extent that he isn't able to make full use of his athleticism (whatever is left in the tank for him, which, I agree with these teams - if he motivated he can play -he is either too high or too low and we all know this full well as Laker fans). But.. he's turned the corner last year and if it wasn't for Blake Griffin being such a freakin' stud last year he would have gotten the nod, barely, over Kevin Love.

*He is also the reigning 6th Man of the Year - and aside from the Mavericks series (which was an aberration for the entire team with locker-room drama), he had a very consistent season and high level of play.

*Will the dropoff be so big from the alleged lack of motivation he would have, that it wouldn't be smart to trade for him given his price tag and his expiring contract? Will it really put teams off?

Heck Ron Artest wasn't motivated and people like Stephen A. Smith who are close to Ron's camp even admitted on the record that he wasn't motivated and doesn't really like Kobe Bryant but wanted to play anyway. So far 1 of 2 title runs at a decent level overall.

I can't blame teams for putting that out there, but...... but they might have sent word out to him and *could* be using Chris Broussard (ironically he's been eerily quiet during this entire offseason and just pops out of the woordowk) to leverage deals, BECAUSE they want to get more players in return (and with his years and lack attitude, I also can't blame them), but they might be asking too much? Either way I don't think Lamar Odom, motivated or not, hasn't shown he hasn't turned over a new leaf. He finally got recognized by the league for his talent so I doubt, with reservation, that Odom would sit idly by and revert to his old self given what I saw last season. His wife's show while it affected him in some ways many ways helped him, the question is how less motivated will he actually be?

"But I'm glad we can keep Matt Barnes for next year's run, we can't forget we got him at a bargain last year and he's still a bargain this year at the backup position.

Posted by: PointFoward | June 22, 2011 at 07:11 PM"

PF, My Friend, We did not keep Matt Barnes, Matt Barnes kept the Lakers. Let's hope the Lakers reward players who sacrifice for the franchise. Matt could probably go out and get a 3 year contract for a bit more, enough to have a nice life after basketball. But he's willing to risk another year, for the goal of a championship. I have loved his game since his U.C.L.A. days. I would say he's not a highly skilled player, however he gives all his effort and intensity. Remember Devean George, and Elden Campbell, those two looked like they were always more concerned about the bright lights, than the lights that formed the score.

Kobe you need to speak up. I know you can't make management decisions but...
Don't let them trade LO! Ok, so you get a more needed starter in a #2 pick, but the bench will be HORRIBLE. Wasn't that the problem this season? Is LO probably at the peak of his career as far as trade value? Sure. Has he been consistent as a Laker? No. Do we need a point guard? Definitely.

Ok but here's the flip side. We already said the bench is terrible, probably the worst in the league. We also know that LO is the most versatile big man in the league- pass, penetrate, rebound, score, plus his threes aren't too shabby either. Plus he can play 3-4 different positions which is key when a player goes down (see Bynum). LO's contract isn't breaking the bank, Kobe and Pau's is. Hell, he got the 6 man award and this is how we reward players for working hard? Really!

If that's the case I'd pull a Luke next year. Right? I'm just saying...

Good news re Barnes, however old.

Meanwhile fave head-nodding Q&As from Brian Kamenetzky's chat transcipt @ ESPN/LA [ ]


Brady (Temecula, CA): Am I the only one that thinks trading Pau for unproven talent is crazy? Derrick Williams is a nice player, but there is no knowing of how he'll turn out to be. Love is a good player but he's nowhere near the talent Pau is.

Brian Kamenetzky (1:56 PM) : Brady, that's basically the undercurrent in the post I put up yesterday. Gasol was bad in the playoffs, for sure, but is overall still one of the game's great big men.


Peter (Edina, Minnesota): Am I the only one who sees K Love as overrated? I watched a few Wolves games and he is one of the worst defenders in the NBA.

Brian Kamenetzky (2:16 PM): He's a very good player, and should continue improving, but you're right- he's awful defensively. In part because the team around him is awful as well, but also because he's undersized, and doesn't have much agility.It's a great example of how "getting younger" wouldn't necessarily help them in the athleticism/speed area. Young guys aren't always faster or more athletic. Gasol is a better athlete than Love.


Zain Saleh (Lincoln, Ne): What do you think of picking up Michael Redd? Fills our outside shooting problems. Him on one knee is better than any of our 3 point shooters.

Brian Kamenetzky (2:03 PM): Zain-I actually think Redd, if he's healthy, will turn out to be more expensive than what the Lakers can give, but can't say for sure. I'm terrible at estimating what guys will get on the open market, and with the new CBA coming, it's even harder. But you're right- Redd's skill set would be a great fit.


Bobby (Los Angeles): Of all the point guard names being thrown around out there which veteran PG is most likely to be a laker next year?

Brian Kamenetzky (2:21 PM): Hmmmm.... Maybe Tony Parker? But I don't put the odds of it very high. Just guessing, since you asked. Has Felton been around long enough to be a veteran PG? Probably. So he's in there, too, just because he's available.


While Felton is an interesting name, his playoff production is anything but: 2 x 1st round exits (w/CHA & DEN), 11.9 PER, .016 WS/48, 113 DRtg. Ugh. Would NOT trade Lamar or even Artest for "that". Might as well sign T.J. Ford (UFA) for the vet minimum & take your chances (painless cut/release).

So Donnie Nelson gets 1 championship and all of a sudden Mitch needs to be more like him??!!

The Lakers were the first team to win back to back since.....

How many GM's have had their teams going to 3 straight finals (and if Drew and Ariza were healthy it would have been a threepeat) and are not named West or Auerbach (cough). Better yet - how many have done in this century.

The method of success is not to be masters of panic like most of the junior GM's on this blog and realize how good we have it. We do not need to blow up this team. Just tweak it a little and recharge the batteries and we will be working on our next threepeat soon enough.

PointFoward: First of all, woooh... I hadn't heard those Stephen A. Smith rumors about Ron Ron before. I like Stephen A., but sometimes he exaggerates things. I only know him from ESPN TV, have never listened to his radio show, so I don't know him as well as many. At least I hope he exaggerated those things.

I could deal with Ron Ron not liking someone, that sort of thing happens in locker rooms everywhere. But the fact that he wasn't motivated? That implies he didn't try. He consciously didn't care enough to give his all. That's a problem.

I believe the rumors that he's being shopped around. Usually, where there's smoke there is fire, multiple outlets claiming the Lakers have approached teams with prospective L.O. trades can't all be wrong.

I totally agree that if the Lakers could use a bench player to either get a very high draft pick or address a need (at the 1 and 3 spots) then he has to be made available for trade.

Which leads me to:
Randall4Showtime: I find it awesome that you pull for L.O. that much. You are truly a bigtime Laker fan.

But the thing is, standing pat is a no-win with this group. They pretty much started disintegrating there at the end, and it's not like this team was in the grips of the Kobe/Shaq feud, or say, had two of their starters (Magic/B-Scott) down or whatnot. This group didn't really have an excuse to lose 4 straight games in the playoffs.

L.O. is an older player and if the Lakers can get younger/quicker or ultimately better (in case of a high draft pick) then he needs to be looked at. We can't accept these playoff flameouts while Kobe still has enough health left to impact the game as strongly as he does.

Anyways, I like L.O., whatever the Lakers do is good by me but if the Lakers could address a couple of needs, then there is no choice but to give in order to get, painful as it may be...


latopia: Brian Kamenetzky saying, at 2:16pm that Kevin Love is "awful defensively" - my goodness. Maybe Brian should stay off the live chat format, that simply isn't the case.

Could a player that set the most double-doubles (counting rebounds) since Moses Malone be an "awful" defender? Maybe I'm wrong, I always though rebounding is a key part of defense.

I agree that he isn't the most athletic player, but that's not his thing. Like it wasn't his coaches thing when he was a player (when he was still Minny's coach, that is). Much like it isn't Varejao's, Noah's, Nene's, Turiafs, David Lee's... things.

Redd would be a nice pickup, but Brian is right he'd come more expensive than MLE (unless, of course, he *truly* put winning over all - something all players claim to do, yet don't pull the trigger ala Barnes and Fox when the moment of truth arrives).

As far as Felton's playoff flameouts, he's not exactly option 1-A on the teams he's on. His shooting is suspect (at best). But he's got quickness *and* speed, he's one of the top defenders at the 1 and he wouldn't 'break the bank'. Not the perfect choice, but not bad.

T.J. Ford? The CBA thing always hovers overhead, I still am baffled how it might work, being the Lakers will surely be over any hard cap if it's instituted, would they even be able to pick someone off the release list? But, assuming they can, there may be more attractive cuts out there that could come cheap. Chauncey Billups? Aaron Brooks? Gilbert Arenas? If not, T.J. Ford would be worth picking up, at least they'd have a speedy point guard on the roster.


"Could a player that set the most double-doubles (counting rebounds) since Moses Malone be an "awful" defender? Maybe I'm wrong, I always though rebounding is a key part of defense." Posted by: CyberCosmiX | June 22, 2011 at 10:26 PM


Not necessarily. You could say the same thing about steals. In the same way some players ignore assignments to attempt high-risk steals, so do some players ignore stops, switches, close-outs to position themselves for rebounds.

I will say Love is in select company.

Among players 6-8 taller who've played 200+ games, averaged 20+mpg and 8+rpg with a Defensive-Rating of 108 or higher, Love is 1 of 3 [ ].

The other two: David Lee & Antawn Jamison.

Re [ ]:

Change the DRtg => to <= and you'll see how noteunworthy Love's 3's-Company really is.



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