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Lakers offer of Lamar Odom for No. 2 pick in NBA draft rejected by Timberwolves

LamarODOM The Lakers tried to move up in Thursday's NBA draft by offering forward Lamar Odom to Minnesota for the Timberwolves' No. 2 overall pick, but Minnesota turned them down, according to two NBA officials who were not authorized to speak publicly about the trade talks.

The Lakers wanted to use the No. 2 pick to select Arizona's forward Derrick Williams, the officials said.

However, Minnesota didn't want Odom, the NBA's sixth man of the year last season, because the Timberwolves have Kevin Love at power forward and see him as part of the franchise's cornerstone.

Instead, Minnesota asked the Lakers for either Andrew Bynum or Pau Gasol -- two players the Lakers were not going to trade -- for the No. 2 draft pick. Talks broke down and the teams aren't talking anymore about a deal, the officials said.

The Lakers don't have a first-round pick in Thursday's NBA draft; their second-round draft picks are Nos. 41, 46, 56 and 58.


Minnesota Timberwolves want Andrew Bynum

Should the Lakers trade Pau Gasol to Minnesota?

 -- Broderick Turner

Photo: Lamar Odom in Game 2 of the Lakers first-round playoff series last month against Dallas. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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Thank God minny is dumb...

Hey Mitch, send Drew, hehe....

And I called this one a few weeks back - the fact that Minnesota wouldn't be interested in trading for Lamar because his skillset overlaps with Kevin Love too much.

Probably wouldn't want Artest for the same reason.

I have to ask... were LakerTom and I the two "officials" ?


Wow, Lakers actively shopping LO. LO out of hollywood? If it means the end of the reality show I say LO for a bag of magic string beans and I don't mean Tayshaun Prince . lol

Lakers want Derrick Williams?

Javaris Critterton?, the gun thing and the fact he hasn't developed over the years makes me think not.

So it looks like if the Lakers want the #2 pick it's Pau or Bynum.

Don't think I'd do that without throwing in Love or Beastly

Again, Derrick Williams? The Lakers brass must feel he'd have an immediate impact.

Well...that's that.

Troll Man,

Remember - the Lakers once traded off their starting Center (who later became an All-Star) for a draftee.

That was how they got Kobe Bryant.

So if they really are making these offers to Minnesota (and it's not just some pundit reading everything on our blog and reporting it as if it were fact), maybe they worked out Williams (or some other player) and really like them a lot.


Vlade memories, but Drew and Pau are even better players.

Man it's starting to get fun now that we're closing in on the draft.

The Lakers really have some good trade baits and if Derrick Williams is that good.........

If the Lakers are really willing to trade Lamar to get the #2 pick, this smacks of 3rd team. There must be a team that would love to have Lamar and would be willing to give up something that Minnesota actually wants.

So let's consider that...

What does Minnesota want?

We'll assume with Rubio and Ridnour that they're set at PG.

And with Love/Beasley/Webster/Johnson, they're also set at PF & SF

That leaves C and SG. They tried Johnson at SG last season and he wasn't very effective.

So find a team that has a decent C or SG they'd be willing to trade and who would want Lamar Odom.

Would Golden State take Lamar for Ellis?

Would Denver take Lamar for S&T JR Smith? or Afflalo?

Would Detroit take Lamar for Ben Gordon?

Would Indiana take Lamar for S&T Jeff Foster?

Would Memphis take Lamar for OJ Mayo?

Would Oklahoma City take Lamar for James Harden or Serge Ibaka?

Would Orlando take Lamar for JJ Redick?

Would Portland take Lamar for Rudy Fernandez?


There might be a 3-team deal where the Lakers could send out Lamar and get back one other player (from Minnesota or the other team - whoever needs to match salary) and the #2 pick.

If they really want Derrick Williams, that is (or as I said, if they worked out Brandon Knight and are sure he's the shit, or something like that).

(note that the sign & trade deals would have to happen after the

>>>Vlade memories, but Drew and Pau are even better players.

Ah, but none of the rumors have the Lakers offering either Drew or Pau for the #2 plus parts.

This all started with Minnesota advertizing to the world that they would love to trade #2 for a star like Pau. They offered. The Lakers countered by offering Pau for Love + the #2. Minnesota turned that down.

Then Minny went off and tried to get Bogut, Hibbert, McGee, etc. (clearly they want a talented 7 footer more than anything). Then they came back and offered the #2 for Drew (again, no Kevin Love). They obviously haven't got the message that Jim Buss values Drew higher than Pau.

Then the Lakers offered Lamar for the #2, and Minny turned that down.

That is, if all of the rumors are essentially true. If that is the case, then clearly the Lakers like the player they want to pick at #2. OTOH, it could all be a load of malarkey. It could be that the Wolves and the Lakers haven't even spoken. Or that one of the three offers really was made, but the others are all in the minds of Chad Ford and guys like that.

It's not over till it's over

Obviously Minny is not serious.

It's a weak draft, and Lamar just came off a season where he was (for all intents and purposes) an all-star.

Trading a sure thing to help your team win games vs potential bust and they won't do it.

Good luck Minny, you'll need it.

As for the Lakers, I like that they're willing to shake things up a bit. Also, if the rumor about San Antonio is true (shopping Parker for a high pick), seems like it could have been a set up to landing a top tier PG.... or not. I'm just happy the Lakers aren't looking to stand pat right now.


When Kobe worked out with the Lakers, West had him play Coop one on one. After a few minutes, West got up and walked out.... reportedly saying "well, I've seen enough. He's better than anyone we have on the team right now"

Do we really think one of these guys fits THAT bill?

I'm just so pleased the Lakers recognize that they need to make a few changes here or there... otherwise they risk a very long road ahead.

Here's a mock draft posted today I wonder if the Lakers pull the trigger on a deal to move up - should be interesting to see how it plays out.

Now I guess Lamar will feel disrespected and do a "pau" on us. These guys get very sensitive u know....

Wow...LO for a #2 pick in a weak draft, no thanks. LO is the NBA's 6th man of the year, and would start on most teams. In terms of statistical efficiency, LO should have been an All-Star...I would love to see the Lakers make some moves, just not this one.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that the TWolves are going to fire our boy Rambis...poor guy, I hope he lands on his feet.

California's Finest Black Mamba

Wow...Lakers offer their #3 big for the T-Wolve's 2nd-overall? T-Wolves counter with a request of one of the Lakers top2 bigs. Lakers, I mean WOW!!?!...ain't that news?

Way to go lakers!!, stick it too them the way they did to us. Seriously offering just the #2 for bynum that just down right insulting someone must of cracked their open up in minnesota to think the lakers would be crazy enough to give up bynum for a #2 in such a weak draft.

Give them Lamar and anything else they want..........just as long as that ugly Fat-assian sister is packaged in the trade and sent packing out of LA!!!!

Lamar Odom + Steve Blake and cash for #2 and one of their guards. They don't want to let go of Beasley, so they are obviously either pandering to their fan-base, trying to gain leverage, trying to have their cake and eat it too, or they think the Lakers front office is that stupid to send one of top 3 bigs in the foreseeable future for a bag of peanuts.

David Kahn needs to understand something, that CBA-forcing-teams-to undersell-their-stars pie isn't going to land on anyone's lap.. earth to Kahn-it's still a business at the end of the day, the Lakers aren't going to lose one of their biggest trading chips for YOUR player, because it would take at least adding one more team, to GIVE us another useable player just to make the deal work... well since YOU want to keep your starting core in tact.

UN-believable. Laughable. Joke

BT - "The Lakers tried to move up in Thursday's NBA draft by offering forward Lamar Odom to Minnesota for the Timberwolves' No. 2 overall pick, but Minnesota turned them down, according to two NBA officials who were not authorized to speak publicly about the trade talks."


I also think it's conceivable LAL rejected any MIN proposal that included Michael Beasley. The Wolves were reportedly looking to unload Beasley in any number of ways -- with no takers.


Let's thank those genius' at Minnesota for being too intelligent to know a good deal when one is presented. And, Mitch the jury is still out on you!

remember before, Lakers are offering Bynum and LO for KG, then they refuse, now they know Bynum is a monster that's why they want him. Management in Minnesota are stupid.

If kahn is trying to bargain with the Lakers, he must be pretty desperate...most teams are scared to death of giving us the next gasol or Kobe via trade. coach "pop's" face is probably on fire right At the end of the day, minny must really want to move that pick, or they would just draft good players and get ready for the playoffs....NOT! Therefore, the game of chicken is on....and mitch will be waiting with the assets that nobody saw as desirable. Teams want one of the bigs, so they'd better pony up. I just hope the rumors are true and we're able to get talen that is able to contribute. We need floor spacers, and defense....I'm not sure blake won't bounce back. Maybe phil's presence with the triangle caused the new guys from last year to be pressed. Even Kobe, Lamar, and most veteran players don't like the triangle at first.

Mitch is obviously projecting the impending handicapping of the the CBA, trying to unload an star player for an unknown draft pick with a small salary.
Personally, I really hope that players don't cave to owners demands. Why should great teams be handcuffed by smaller market teams that can't make it? Maybe they shouldn't have teams in the first place. Furthermore, is there any garantee that making bad teams more competitive will increase their profitability?

The biggest drawback of going to an NBA game is the price of a ticket, and I don't hear owners saying anything about that.

Does baseball suffer because the Yankees can afford the best players and is willing to pay for them? Would baseball be better off if the Yankees were forced to get rid of half there team and become mediocre? I don't think so.

Why should the NBA force the best teams to unload their talent so teams like Minnesota can steal their players. What would the NBA be without teams like the Lakers, Celtics, and San Antonio?

Are we looking at a Brave New NBA, where the playing field is so leveled that no great teams exist any more?



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