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Lakers Coach Mike Brown coming closer to finalizing his coaching staff


--The Times' Broderick Turner reports the following nuggets: Former University of Utah Coach Jim Boylen met Monday with Brown; Philadelphia's Quin Snyder, who was in charge of player development with the 76ers last season, met with Brown on Thursday, mostly about the team's offense; and Chuck Person has interviewed several times with Brown about a position on the staff.

--ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher reports that Brown plans to hire Boylen.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding lists 10 things Pau Gasol could've done better to ensure a Lakers' three-peat.

--Gasol tells reporters in Spain that he'd prefer to stay with the Lakers instead of getting traded, for obvious reasons. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky previews the NBA draft involving Northwest Division teams.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin details Brian Shaw's planned interview with the Indiana Pacers for the team's lead assistant coach position.

--Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus reports that the Lakers and Timberwolves have many differences that could complicate a possible trade involving Gasol. 

--The Orange County Register's Mark Whicker considers the idea of trading Gasol to Minnesota for Kevin Love to be silly.

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore provides a pretty hilarious and painfully honest report card on Luke Walton.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano looks at possible draft candidates for the Lakers. 

Tweet of the Day: "Brian Shaw will interview with Frank Vogel and Larry Bird this week for the Pacers lead assistant coach position, according to a source." -- MikeWellsNBA (Indianapolis Star's Mike Wells)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: I was always of the mind that trades for any of those players, Gasol, DHoward, Chris Paul, etc would need to be blockbuster trades. I've mentioned it before, it's not a matter of, will it happen, rather what teams should be involved. Another thing I want to mention for you Kyrie, Kemba Walker fans out there. How has Paul Wall been last year? Some are of the thinking that the Lakers should get KLove and #2, Kemba or Kyrie to fix some of our PG issues, while Andrew pack. and Dwight/aren't mutually exclusive.

For me I wouldn't hate the Monta Ellis trade, but since we're talking trades, and one of your two biggest trading chips for the duration of Kobe's last highly competitive years, and more realistic chances of winning another title,the implications of making the "wrong" move would be bad. Instead go for the sure decision in Chris Paul or Deron Williams. Deron is taller and more offensive minded, Chris Paul is shorter but a better defender. Both help on the wing, both can penetrade and kick, both will immediately contribute into any coaching scheme. Dwight Howard on the other hand is a matchup problem, while if we traded Pau for KLove (would necessitate not trading for CP3-Deron Williams if we want Dwight), would mean the Lakers have to find some other guard that can run the offense." -- PointForward

-- Mark Medina

Photo: Mike Brown speaks with reporters after being introduced as the Lakers' new coach at a news conference in El Segundo on May 31. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Congrats on the Friedman,

>>>How has Paul Wall been last year?

I'm guessing you mean John Wall. Starting PG for the Washington Wizards. 16.4 points and 8.3 assists per game. Low shooting %, but rookie pgs usually take a little time to get fully up to speed. Good speed and a good defender.

>>>Some are of the thinking that the Lakers
>>>should get KLove and #2, Kemba or Kyrie to fix some of our PG issues,
>>>while Andrew pack. and Dwight/aren't mutually exclusive.

Nothing personal, but I'm guessing English isn't your first language. If I understand correctly, what you're saying is something like:

Some are thinking that the Lakers should get Kevin Love and Kemba or Kyrie to fix some of our PG issues. And a Bynum package for Dwight isn't mutually exclusive.

In other words - if the Lakers could get Love and #2, they could have an All-Star level PF, add a quality young PG, and still have the parts to trade for Dwight Howard at the trade deadline, if that becomes possible.

I'd go further and argue that if Minnesota actually went for a Pau + #2 type trade, that the pieces coming back in that trade (Webster? Flynn? Milicic? Tolliver? Pekovic?) would make it easier to make a package deal with Bynum as the centerpiece.

But admittedly, there is a step down from Pau to Love. It's not a step off a cliff, but it is a step down. You'd be counting on Bynum to provide some of the post scoring that they'd give up going from Pau to Love. I'm sure that would make him happy. But is he up to the task.

And again, I don't think Minnesota will give in to giving up Love for Pau.

And yes, the reason I would do the Love + #2 for Pau deal in a hot minute is that it would give the Lakers a hot prospect at PG. Not a John Wall level talent maybe, but better than they have in Blake and Fisher.

More food for thought.

If the new CBA imposes a hard cap, it may mean that the Lakers can only offer minimum contracts to free agents.

Assuming a Salary Cap of about 58 million (that's what it is this season, could go down next season), 18 teams would have cap space. Some of them as much as 20 million. So those teams would likely feed first.

There might be one or two players who would settle for 1 million a year to play for the Lakers or Celtics or Heat... but guys like Afflalo, Smith, Chandler, etc will probably opt to take more money to stay with their current team or go to a team that has enough cap space to hire them for 4 or 5 million per.

So in that scenario...

How confident do you feel that the Lakers could improve enough with only minimum salary players to get back to championship level? Who can they get for a million bucks who can slow down Barea and Terry?

your thoughts?

Chad Ford's prediction for Lakers draft picks:

41. Los Angeles Lakers (from Golden State via New Jersey)

Nolan Smith | SG | Duke

The Lakers need to replace Derek Fisher at some point and Smith would be a great candidate. They are both combo guards who have toughness and can shoot the ball. Smith would be a great fit in L.A.

46. Los Angeles Lakers (From New York)

Malcolm Thomas | PF | San Diego State

Thomas is an elite athlete who can run the floor, rebound and block shots. He's still raw offensively, but he has lots of upside for the 46th pick.

56. Los Angeles Lakers

DeAndre Liggins | SG | Kentucky

It's doubtful the Lakers keep all of these second-round picks. If they do, Liggins is one of the best defenders in the draft. With Ron Artest aging, Liggins could be a solid pick here.

58. Los Angeles Lakers (From Miami)

Julyan Stone | SG | UTEP

The Lakers like big point guards and they like defenders, and Stone fits the bill. Just don't ask him to score.

"Who can they get for a million bucks who can slow down Barea and Terry?"

They could sign Smush!

Oh wait, I saw that you clarified your question.... that can "slow down" JJ & Terry...

Um, in that case, best bet is to find someone in the LV summer league or pray that Trey would be up to it?? LOL

It certainly would be interesting if they go hard cap. Players could get traded more often, but free agency would suck. I'd be for it in the long run if players weren't getting stupid 5 year or 6 year guaranteed contracts where you literally cannot get rid of them. The Lakers have had a few of those (yes, MORE than one... as if not learning from the first one)

I like we could start going Al Davis and just recruiting track athletes and hope we can turn them into basketball players



Smush is exactly who I was thinking of. If you don't have the money to spend, that's the level of player you're most likely to get. If there's a hard cap, then the Lakers will probably buck up and hope they don't face Dallas in the playoffs.



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