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Lakers Chat: Discussing Mike Brown, Shaquille O'Neal and other Lakers offseason tidbits

Lots of offseason stories to discuss. Click in the chat box below the jump!

--Mark Medina

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Dude...regarding Dfish being assigned to the BENCH, I know you Lakerholics remember when Gary Payton arrived. Fish pitch a bitch, jaws GRIPPIN very unhappen dude. And if Blake some how becomes the starter, you're still not going to win anything. Blake's a BUST he's been completely exposed., DEAD weight like Luke. Now let's sit back and get ready for the KING, Kobe... dude it's your turn to make the POPCORN.

Shaq was the most dominant player ever lived (period). Me as a Laker fan for all my life have never enjoyed the game as much as when he was playing.
Let honor him as he deserves. And all vote for retiring his jersey for ever.
Hope the next generation get somebody comparable to him.

Long live Shaq

Your lifetime Fan!



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