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Jimmy Kimmel pulls prank on Ron Artest

June 10, 2011 |  8:58 am

Ron Artest has always been considered crazy. He says it. His teammates say it. And comedian Jimmy Kimmel reiterated it Thursday night when he introduced him "as one of the most colorful and unpredictable players in the NBA."

But even Artest has his limits. Artest filmed another public service announcement, this one for an animal rescue organization, but soon enough he realized he was just part of a prank for Kimmel's show (or an organized skit). Members of "Critters United" brought out various animals for him to hold, including a possum, hawk, vulture, snake and a porcupine. "Where do you get the heart to stand so close to that animal?" Artest said. "I don't have that type of heart." Said the director: "Maybe that's because you're not in the playoffs, because you don't have that type of heart."

--Mark Medina

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