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Jerry Buss expresses appreciation for Shaquille O'Neal's presence with the Lakers

Shaquille O'Neal once, in the middle of a preseason game, famously yelled out to Lakers owner Jerry Buss to "pay me." Skeptical of O'Neal's injury history and his $30-million-a-year asking price, Buss traded him in 2004. And the immediate aftermath entailed Shaq taking swipes at Buss' preference for hanging out with twentysomethings.

But with Shaq announcing his retirement Wednesday, enough time and perspective has passed for Buss to express his appreciation for O'Neal's eight-year tenure with the Lakers, which included a three-peat from 1999-2002.

"Shaq had a long and amazing career, with a huge impact both on and off the court," Buss said in a statement released by the team. "His contributions were significant to the entire NBA, but we specifically appreciate what he did with and what he meant to the Lakers during his eight years with us. We have three championships that we wouldn't have won without him, and we will forever be grateful for his significant contributions to those teams.”

-- Mark Medina

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Time heals all wounds. Maybe someday Kobe and Shaq WILL sit down and watch Steel Magnolias and have a good cry.


Ah yes, Steel Magnolias and that memorable line: 'an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure'

Shaq-fu, Good Riddance!

Don't let the door hit you in your fat Arse!

In the last ten years you have been coasting to a fat paycheck and ruining teams left and right! Yeah, Could of been -- Should of been!!!

See Ya and No, I won't ever miss Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>>But he better go in the Hall as a Laker...

Oh, he will. He won 3 rings with the Lakers, 1 with the Heat and did squat with any other team. If he was really spiteful, he could choose to go into the hall as a Heat, but not likely.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | June 01, 2011 at 04:18 PM
LTLF - Shaq and Riles breakup was very bad. And there has been no attempt to mend fences as of yet.

No Ten day Contracts with the Lakers,
No Retirement party,
No Statue,
No Jersey in rafters,
No Going in the Hall as a Laker,

No Never Noway None Nothing for the Big Fraud!!!!!!!!!

Sorry Mr. Laker but Diesel's jersey will be in the Staples rafters soon...


We don't have any specific timetable on this, but you can be assured we will retire Shaq's jersey," said Lakers spokesman John Black in an email on Wednesday.

It looks like Mr. Laker and Mr. Owner have different views on Shaq's contributions to the Lakers. I think I'll side with Dr. Buss.

We can hang his worthless jersey in a urinal and P!ss on it all day!

Buss might be good(great) but he also makes mistakes!

Luke's contract, Luke's contract, Luke's contract, etc...

If he does hang up Fake's Jersey,
I hope someone goes up there in the middle of the night and burns it!!!!

A phrase comes to mind when reflecting on Shaq's career: "Wasted Talent."
Imagine if he had the work ethic of Magic, Mike & Kobe. One can only think about what could have been. 3 Rings & 3 Finals MVPS with L.A. while playing with an up and coming Kobe Bryant. A dynasty was cut short. Oh well, we all know the money was more important but when he really finds the time to reflect on his career, he will understand "Wasted Talent."

Some Lakers mock draft news. I wish I could post pictures.

The Bleacher report says:

58. Los Angeles Lakers: Chris Wright
Chris Chambers/Getty Images

One of the nation's top seniors this past season, Chris Wright of Dayton is an athletic beast.

He's strong, long (6'8"), and he's got some great speed for a guy his size.


As athletic as Wright is, we must also keep in mind how skinny he is.

If he wants to match up with the best, he has to raise his weight 20-something pounds to make it an even (and force-worthy) 240.

Why He's a Good Fit:

The Los Angeles Lakers have a long history of developing the young players they draft, and Chris Wright could soon join them.~

56. Los Angeles Lakers: Jimmy Butler
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Jimmy Butler is athletic and long, and at 6'7" and 222 pounds, he should be perfectly fine meshing up against your average NBA small forward.

He is a great on-ball defender and has tremendous leadership skills additionally.


Butler, while being known partially because of his scoring, is not the shooter he is made out to be. He is too inconsistent and sometimes struggled at the foul line, too.

Why He's a Good Fit:

The Marquette Golden Eagle has been so infrequently mentioned amongst NBA draft junkies that he is considerably underrated.

He'll be a steal when the Lakers pick him with the 56th selection.

46. Los Angeles Lakers: Greg Smith


Greg Smith's size and power alone would snag him a selection in the middle of the second round of the draft.

In addition, he is a solid rebounder and a decent athlete.


Despite having size as a strength, it still doesn't bode well for an NBA team to have a 6'9" center, unless your name is Ben Wallace. Alas, his name is Greg.

Another focal point of improvement is at the free throw line, where he only made half his attempts last season for the Bulldogs.

Why He's a Good Fit:

The Lakers could use another talented big. There's no rule that says you can't!

41. Los Angeles Lakers: Cory Joseph
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Cory Joseph of Texas shot an awesome 41.3 percent from beyond the arc this past season and proved he has the utmost range.

He is a versatile and quick athlete whose 6'3", 186-pound frame is pretty well represented as your typical NBA point guard's size.


Joseph is an okay passer, but he lets too many balls slip away from him throughout the course of a game. He needs to limit turnovers if he wants a starting gig at the professional level.

His 3.0 assist clip from this season might not do him justice though, as collegiate players simply don't finish like the professionals do.

Why He's a Good Fit:

Could Cory Joseph be the answer the Lakers are looking for at the point guard position for the long term?

The 20-year-old may turn in a nice career in the NBA, and he's already better than both the quarterbacks on the L.A. roster right now. says:

#41 6-11 Jeremey Tyler

#46 Jereme Richmond 6-8 SF

#56 Justin Holiday SG

#58 Etwaun Moore SG'Twaun-Moore


The Lakers were fortunate to get Shaq in his prime. While people lament what might have been, by 2004 Shaq had declined enough that the Pistons could get away with single-teaming him. Given those were the years that the Spurs were at their peak, I'm not sure they could have gotten more than one more Championship out of the Shaq-Kobe duo, even if they hadn't been at each other's throats. Keep in mind that the contract Shaq was demanding would have also handicapped the team for years.

In the end, give Jerry West credit for stealing away Shaq in his prime, and credit Jerry Buss for knowing when to let go. And credit Shaq for getting it done while he was at his peak.

Give credit to Shaq-fool for staying fat, lazy, unmotivated, and recovering on company time!

Let's Purge our team of this Imbecile Cretin!!!!

No we are not forgetting the championships but we do need to get rid of the Awful Omens he left behind! We need an Exorcism to expunge him from our team forever!!!

Soooo, the 'Big Aristotle' decides to finally hang 'em up, eh?...probably a year or two too late.(LOL) That said, there's no denying his contribution to the Lakers legacy. He very well may have been the most physically dominating force in the history of the association...just wish he coulda made his FTs.(LOL) At any rate, best wishes big guy, and I for one, am grateful for all you did as a Laker...enjoy your retirement.


I hadn't commented on the Mike Brown hiring, but I don't have a problem with it. I'm looking forward to some changes with the team and I hope it doesn't end with the coaching change. The Ls need to make some roster changes, too! I think it'll be fun to see what changes Coach Brown will make and how the players(especially Mamba) respond to them...should be VERY interesting.:-)

One thing I hope to see much more of next season is some transition offense from the Ls, coz it seemed non-existent this past season. Lord knows we can't depend on Ron Ron or DFish to lead or finish a fastbreak, so hopefully the FO will get a few players who can fill that role...we could use some easy buckets once and a while...don't ya think?:-)

And a couple of knock-down 3-pt shooters wouldn't hurt either.:-)

I still think they should trade Pau and get a 'good' PG and some other players(preferably athletic ones) who can defend and fill the lanes on the fast break and most importantly...FINISH. Guess we'll have to wait and see what, if any, moves the FO makes to bolster the roster.


@LRob:Glad you enjoyed Max. I'm sure that was some enjoyable listening with Dinah, she was/is peerless...what a incredible voice!


For today's musical contribution, Imma go with an another trupeter that definitely was lost WAY to soon...enjoy!


Let's go Ls...and make a comeback next season!!!!!

@Tom Daniels: That was a funny line.(LOL) BTW, been meaning to tell you that I always enjoy reading your posts.

Let's go Ls...and make a comeback next season!!!!!



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