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Free agent profile: Shawne Williams

This is the fifth post in a series of profiles analyzing a free agent and how he might fit in with the Lakers.

Shawne Williams, New York Knicks forward

Type of free agent:



The Lakers are in dire need of three-point shooters -- they shot 35.2% from three-point range during the regular season, 28.9% during the postseason, and they shot 37.5% on shots taken from 16 to 23 feet, according to Hoopdata. Williams' presence could immediately help solve that problem, considering that he shot 40.1% from three-point range last season with the Knicks. Since he is 25 years old, this kind of production should not suddenly drop off next season.

Some might point to concerns about Williams' off-court behavior. But Jonathan Abrams, formerly with the New York Times, documented in great detail how Williams has overcome his transgressions, including several arrests and drug charges, once driving with a suspended license and arriving at training camp out of shape. All accounts indicate that Williams made most of his chance with New York. The Lakers' veteran experience also has been able to this type of player, such as Ron Artest, because of the pressure to immediately fall in line with a championship roster.


There are valid questions about Williams' consistency. In January and February, his season averages dipped in points per game (8.2, 4.6), field-goal percentage (41.4%, 32.1%) and three-point field-goal percentage (44%, 25.9%). But then the numbers went back up through March and April. 

Verdict: Williams has indicated that he would like to stay with New York and that he is not looking to line his pockets. The Knicks are expected to try to keep him, in particular because he will not be expensive and he has taken steps to redeem himself. Should that scenario not play out, the Lakers should see Williams as a necessary and inexpensive upgrade.  


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-- Mark Medina

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In the above video he dosn't look like his throwing it down, more like rolling in a layup lol

you can clearly see that DHoward didn't want to get dunked on so he stiff arms him for him not to be able to go forward with full speed!

The Bulls and their 72-10 team are certainly one of the best ever... but better than 71-72 Lakers?

That's pretty wow.

If those teams all had to have their own playoffs vs each other, it would be interesting to say the least. I think the Bulls would have their hands full and probably wouldn't be able to beat either Laker team... but who knows

its so quite on this blog today, everyone left just like that....


also whats funny is, I tought Laker fans were crazy for rioting the streets after lakers won the championship(s) but nothing like Vancouver and their loyal fans, even tough they lost, they still riot... go figure! then they say you guys always make fun of canada, at least we riot for winning something! ahahah but sadly I was rooting for Vancouver cuz I can't stand Boston weather NBA, NFL or NHL

The Miami Herald reports that Bosh says he was as overwhelmed by the Heat's loss as he looked on videotape.

The air gushed out of Bosh, and he fainted to the floor. It wasn’t so much a letdown as a crash.

“I haven’t experienced that pain in a very long time,” Bosh said. “To be so close and work so hard and come up short, it just got to me. It took over me.

“I’m not an emotional guy. I couldn’t help it. I got it out of me and feel a lot better.”


Techa N9na is out!

Tim 4 Show - That is an interesting debate. I can't really offer my 2 cents since I never actually did see the 71-72 Lakers play. But I think it's telling that Jim Cleamons argued the 95-96 Bulls are the best. He would have good insight on that since he was an assistant with Chicago on that team and played for the 71-72 Lakers

Also, every Friday I'm going to be doing a Lakers mailbag so be sure to send in your questions



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