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Free agent profile: Samuel Dalembert

This is the sixth post in a series of profiles analyzing a free agent and how he might fit in with the Lakers.

Samuel Dalembert, Sacramento Kings center


At 6-11 and 211 pounds, Dalembert would provide the shot blocking and defensive prowess that would be needed under Mike Brown's defensive system. His presence would also provide the Lakers a legitimate backup to Andrew Bynum, a spot that was severely lacking in seasons past. As indicated by his efforts in helping with relief efforts following  2010 Haiti Earthquake, Dalembert's known for being a model citizen. 


Dalembert never developed into a dominant force after the Philadelphia 76ers selected him with the 26th pick out of the 2001 draft. The Lakers may not specifically really need that, considering they wouldn't need him to start. But he asked for the 76ers to trade him because of a reduced role and offered similar sentiments about his first year last season with Sacramento, which consisted of being out of shape partly because an inner thigh injury forced him to miss training camp. He won't bring any attitude problems if the Lakers sign him, but the role they'd be able to offer for him wouldn't match what he's seeking.

Verdict: The Miami Herald's Barry Jackson and the New York Post's Marc Berman report that the Heat and Knicks, respectively, are both hoping they can have him serve a big role on the team's respective frontlines. Both reports indicate the likelihood of a deal hinges on what the new collective bargaining agreement looks like regarding the mid-level exception. But regardless of how that turns out, it's likely the Lakers wouldn't be able to offer the money and role Dalembert wants. 

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--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol attempts a shot over Kings center Samuel Dalembert in 2010-2011 season finale on April 13. Credit: Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press

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So far none of FA profiles have been realistic....smh

TOMORROW’S NEWS TODAY !!!! LAKERS TRADE PAU GASOL to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love, Jonny Flynn, Wesley Johnson, and #2 pick in the NBA draft to be held next Thursday.

Speaking for the Lakers, Jim Buss said it was hard to give up such a great player like Pau Gasol but the offer from the Timberwolves was just too good to say no. Not only do the Lakers get younger and tougher by swapping power forwards Gasol for Love but they also get desperately needed help in the back court with Flynn and Johnson and via the #2 pick one of the top two point guard prospects in the draft. While Buss would not tip his hand at who the Lakers will take, he did say that the Lakers made the move with a specific player in mind and are confident that player will be available at #2. Finally, the bonus for the Lakers is that the deal will save them over $16M/year in salary and tax.

Speaking for the Wolves, GM David Kahn stated that the trade for Pau Gasol gives the Timberwolves the most skilled big man in the game today in his prime and a compatriot and fellow countryman who will ease the transition of Spanish point guard sensation Ricky Rubio into the NBA. Wolves insiders say that Kahn considers Ricky Rubio their franchise player and believed acquiring Pau Gasol was key to getting Rubio off to a good start. Kahn also was not happy with Love’s attitude feeling he had not gotten on the Rubio bandwagon. Kahn also said that the Wolves are now considering giving head coach Kurt Rambis and the Triangle another year now that the team has acquired Pau Gasol.


Haha, nice one man. Would this be in The Matrix or Inception?

PSP Intern


Is that you? Or is this a Mary Chandler proposed trade? I like it but realistically it would have to be Flynn or Johnson with Luke Ridnour (who I wanted instead of Blake), or Love, #2 pick, Flynn, and Darko. That would be my top trade and I would do it in a heartbeat.

>>>Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love, Jonny Flynn, Wesley Johnson, and
>>>#2 pick in the NBA draft to be held next Thursday.

Nice try, but the salaries don't match.

>>>Finally, the bonus for the Lakers is that the deal will save them over
>>>$16M/year in salary and tax.

Ahh. I see. You were trying to use my proposed trade.

Only problem is, they don't save that much in the deal you proposed:

Pau = 18.71 million

Love = 4.61 million
Flynn = 3.41 million
Johnson = 4.00 million
#2 pick = 3.95 million

Total = 15.97 million

So in your trade, the Lakers only save about 5.5 million in salary + taxes.

You can have salary savings or extra players. The more of one you take, the less you get of the other.

To recap here, the deal I proposed (that DOES save the Lakers over 16 million in salary and luxury taxes) was:

Lakers get Kevin Love, Anthony Tolliver, and the #2 pick

Minnesota gets Pau Gasol, Derrick Caracter, and a couple of trade exceptions

Cleveland gets two Minnesota players of their choice; let's say Milicic and Webster (they give up chunks of the LeBron trade exception for them - they don't send any players back in the deal)

Rudy Allen - That's not true. Shane Battier and JR Smith are realistic

@hobbit – I responded before on the Bynum World Cup issue, but I’ll give my thoughts again. I don’t think it was a mistake. I think rewarding employees for accomplishing a goal is a good thing. Drew “manned up” and played in the 2010 Playoffs when he didn’t have to. As I documented before the great Tim Duncan had a similar injury in 2000 and choose NOT to play. Duncan was 23 at the time and Drew was 22. I thought Drew’s commitment was solid for the year. I do acknowledge that Pau had to log some extra minutes early in the season due to Bynum’s absence. But overall he avg 37 minutes per game, the same as he did in 2009 and 2010. His minutes could’ve been reduced if FO had signed a reliable 4th big instead of Theo.

I know I’ll get hammered for this, but players need to be able maintain some outside interest during the season if they so desire. LO had more outside stuff than anyone and he had a very good regular season. Thus, if reality shows, clothing lines, etc was a problem his play would’ve suffered during the season when he was doing all of those things. The Lakers can’t sell DHoward (and other players) on the great opportunities they’ll have in LA then tell them that they can’t take advantage of them when they become available. The Lakers lost this year because Dallas executed better, was hungrier and had more players contribute - not because of reality TV, etc.

I totally agree with you on the Duncan/DRob comparisons. Those are two first ballot HOFers. The deficiencies of the Drew/Pau duo compared to them are too numerous to name.

@psy – It sounds like you’re ready for a motivational speaking gig. You got me fired up!

@:-( - Pau being called soft is nothing new. I don’t think he’ll have any problem bouncing back. He’s a competitive guy with a lot of pride. But only time will tell. I have no problem trading him if the Lakers could get something of great value in return, but not because I think he’s damaged goods.

@LTLF – If the Lakers can get Love, Johnson and the #4 for Pau and a throw I’m all for it.


Forget Dalembert, we could use a 2nd rounder to draft Jeremy Tyler. In high school, this kid dominated the competition here in San Diego so bad that he dropped out of school to go pro. It would be a good idea, in my opinion to take a chance on this guy, let Kareem work with him. He could be a much needed extra big off the bench.

Tyler is a 7 footer with a lot of athleticism. He can shoot. He's been a pro for 2 years in Isreal, then Japan. He's only 19! There's a good story on him on Hoopsworld right now:

It looks like he has his head on straight under the guidance of Bob Hill. The Lakers have a lot of leadership in this organization as well. This kid is super talented. He might be the most talented big in this draft.

Go Lakers!

Tyler sounds interesting but if available Keith Benson a good pick also.



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