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Free agent profile: Earl Clark


Earl Clark, Orlando Magic power forward

Type of free agent: Unrestricted

Positives: Clark wasn’t expected to do much when the Magic acquired him in a mid-December trade that included more important parts than him. That included Orlando trading Vince Carter, Marcin Gortat, Mickael Pietrus, a 2011 first-round pick  and cash for Jason Richardson and Hedo Turkoglu.

He cemented his reputation at Louisville and his first two years at Phoenix as a player who relied solely on his athleticism and usually appeared out of shape. But Clark immediately impressed Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy with his work ethic and showcased his defensive potential:  quick feet, long arms and a 6-10 frame and long arms. His defensive efforts included  limiting Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant to 23 points on seven-of-22 shooting in a regular-season game.

Negatives: Clark didn’t receive consistent playing time because of mental lapses in  learning Orlando’s defensive system.  He also exhibited erratic shooting; consider the numbers from Hoopdata that reveal his percentages at shots from three to nine feet (7.7%), 10 to 15 feet (27.3%) and 16 to 23 feet (36%).

Verdict: Clark has expressed interest in returning to the Magic, and the Orlando Sentinel’s Josh Robbins indicate the Magic want him back. But that all depends on what price Clark is seeking. Clark would be a good option for the Lakers and they could probably pick him up on the cheap. 

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-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Orlando Magic forward Earl Clark was part of a multi-player trade last season that sent him from the Phoenix Suns to the Orlando Magic. Credit: Ray Stubblebine/REUTERS

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In a bit of irony, I remember a few years ago when Kevin Love was a senior in high school in Oregon and he and Kyle Singler, another Northwest product, were being wooed heavily by UCLA and Duke. I remember waiting on pins and needles for the press conference when Kevin would select a school. He actually started the conference by giving some false hope to Duke before opting to go Bruin Blue. Kyle Singler, actually then chose Duke and is one of the better prospects in this year’s draft.

Ken Berger: You can wipe the Pau Gasol-to-Minnesota rumor from your memory banks. "Not happening," says a source.

I worry there won't be any of us left willing to come to the LA Times Lakers Blog.
Posted by: LakerTom

I have to disagree Lakertom... I don't think the main reason traffic is down is because of any so called negativity.. There's been plenty of worst badmouthing n LOT worse negativity last 2 years even before the arrival of the triple digit dramaqueen blogger... But I do think this blog may have lost some steam when our great mamba24 left.. He was the heart n soul n probably took a lot of the faithful GHF club with him.. its almost like that was the jinx to our entire season. Haha.. I would also argue this typepad thing is an invasion of privacy not helping bloggers return.. Its a pain in the butt logging in esp the first time.... And its also no coincidence more longtimers like professor gueco left soon after this typepad thing was instituted.


Guess what I'm sayin is you asked for typepad and MM delivered.. All u had to do was snap your fingers!! But you can't have ur cake and eat it too!! Its either one or the other :-)

I think login problems have to do with traffic being down - at least that has been the case here a few times.

I like the typepad login - when it works. I tried logging in for about a week and was unable to (twitter was no-go, google would time out). I think this is a favorable method to what we had before, but unfortunately the company that runs typepad seems to be pretty iffy and it sounds like the Times is pretty adamant about keeping them around despite the issues.

I imagine some of the other blogs here at the Times probably only get a fraction of the traffic this one does. Therefore, if they go from 3 posts a blog entry to 1 or 2, not a big difference. We can see it here though.

lol yellowfever @ professor gueco

- - -

Forgot to mention about big-mouth Kahn, he came out and said that if the Cavs pass on Kyrie Irving, he's taking him at the two-spot. Wha??? Another point guard? Dude is nuts - either that or he's trying to influence the Cavs into picking him by trying to show just how valuable a pick Irving is. The absolute best thing that could happen is the Cavs pick Williams at #1. Now that would be awesome.

Here's how I picture Glen Taylor reacting whenever his GM opens his mouth:


But I do think this blog may have lost some steam when our great mamba24 left.. He was the heart n soul n probably took a lot of the faithful GHF club with him.. its almost like that was the jinx to our entire season. Posted by: Yellofever | June 21, 2011 at 03:28 PM

Dude...You're on point, Mamba24 was the God Father of this BLOG.

Hello Laker Nation,

Most of the bloger have not left the blog, they just are not posting.I did not have a problem using my yahoo account to get into the blog.

On an unrelated note, I saw J.R. Smith at the Beverly Center the other day. He was rocking a Lakers hat and Lakers shorts. Could he be trying to tell us something? Was he possibly in town on business, working out a deal to become the next Laker? Only time will tell.

Alam007 - That's funny you say that. I saw J.R. Smith last night at the Sparks game too.



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