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Free agent profile: Arron Afflalo

Affalo-1This is the first in a series of profiles analyzing a free agent and how he would fit in with the Lakers.

Arron Afflalo, Denver Nuggets guard

Type of free agent: Restricted

Positives: The Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman considered Afflalo, a former UCLA product, to be the Nuggets' hardest worker by taking pride in defending top players such as Kobe Bryant or Brandon Roy. Picking him up would also help solve the Lakers' dismal three-point shooting, which hovered last season at around 35.2% in the regular season and 28.9% in the postseason. That's because Afflalo finished with a 42.3% mark from downtown in the regular season. The 2010-2011 season proved to be a breakout one for Afflalo, who had marginal effect for the Detroit Pistons in both the 2007-08 season (3.7 points in 12.9 minutes) and the 2008-09 campaign (4.9 points in 16.7 minutes). His numbers from the 2009-2010 season to the 2010-2011 campaign jumped from 8.8 points on 46.5% shooting in 27.1 minutes per game to 12.6 points on 49.8% shooting in 33.7 minutes per game. 

Afflalo isn't considered a volume shooter, so don't worry about him trying to force the issue. But should defenses understandably focus on the Lakers' frontline and Bryant, Afflalo will be a dependable option in hitting an open perimeter shot. 

"I always thought he's been solid," Bryant said of Afflalo earlier this season. "Even in UCLA, I used to go up there and watch him and Russell [Westbrook] and those guys. I always thought he was a solid basketball player. He can do more offensively than he's allowed to show in that particular group in Denver. But I really like him as a player."

Negatives: Considering that Afflalo isn't known for creating his own shot, it's unsure whether he'd able to find the same niche with the Lakers. He didn't provide the same effectiveness in the Nuggets' first-round matchup against Oklahoma City, shooting only 35.3% from the field and 25% from three-point range. But that could've also been a product of Afflalo's hamstring issues that kept him sidelined for 12 days.  

Verdict: Don't get your hopes up, Laker fans. The Denver Post's Hochman reports that Afflalo wants to sign a long-term contract with the Nuggets this summer. That of course shouldn't stop the Lakers from trying to see if they can convince him otherwise. 

--Mark Medina

Photo: The Denver Nuggets' Arron Afflalo tries to pass in front of Oklahoma City Thunder's Thabo Sefolosha of Switzerland during the second half of Game 5 of the Western Conference NBA basketball playoffs in which the Thunder defeated the Nuggets 100-97 in Oklahoma City on April 27. Credit: Steve Sisney/Reuters

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Just wondering about those who wanted the Lakers to sign Bibby, Peja, Troy Murphy or any of those other castoffs. Bibby has been a huge negative in the finals. Peja hasn’t done anything the last two rounds and Troy Murphy never got off the C’s bench.

Speaking of Bibby. When is Spoles going to pull the plug and put Chalmers in the starting lineup. Part of the reason that Carlisle moved Berea into the starting lineup was to get him a more favorable matchup with Bibby. I wonder how long ago Carlisle would’ve benched Bibby if he was coaching the Heat.

@latopia – Thanks, but it keeps taking me to a page to create a blog or pay $$$ for an account. No biggie I’m good like this for now.

@Tom Daniels – I saw that “touchy-feely” article in WSJ. I think someone had too much time on their hand. It’s been proven over and over again that you don’t need the best camaraderie to win.


Hey I'm putting together a mailbag. Feel free to send me questions here or at

There are some interesting trade rumors floating around that include the Lakers. While I previously have said I would only trade Pau Gasol for Chris Paul or Deron Williams, this is a deal that I do like:
Minnesota – trade Pau Gasol ($17.8M) for Kevin Love ($3.6M), Jonny Flynn ($3.4M), Wesley Johnson ($3.7M), and Minnesota’s #2 pick in the draft. This would be a great deal for both teams.
Minny is looking to trade the #2 pick for a veteran big man and Pau Gasol is the perfect fit to help fellow Spaniard Ricky Rubio get off on the right foot in the NBA. Because Minny would still be under the cap after the trade, they can absorb the difference between Pau’s salary and the players going out.
The Lakers get Kevin Love to replace Pau Gasol in the starting lineup, a young point guard prospect in Flynn, an excellent perimeter defender in Johnson, and the chance to get a great young small forward prospect like Derrick Williams or great young point guard prospect like Kyrie Irving, Brandon Knight, or Kemba Walker. As a bonus, the Lakers cut their payroll for next year by $7M.

This would be a solid move!

First of all, it sure fills me with confidence to see that our team has put aside their side projects during the offseason and returned back with singular focus to their special gift and responsibility: BEING A FRICKEN BASKETBALL PLAYER! {Urgh.}

Second, yeah, throwing Brian Shaw uncerimoniously under the bus (and the whole Lakers assistant coaching staff) doesn't sit well with me. These guys got us five rings.

Thirdly, LeBron James is a jerk who has the term, "CHOSEN 1" stenciled on his back. What a douche.

Fourthly, Congressman Weiner is a toolbag. I'm so tired of dishonest people.

Fifthly, If you're wearing sunglasses indoors, particularly at a Hollywood hotspot, you're probably a douche. You might want to do something about that.

Sixthly, How the heck does Mike Brown think we're going to run next year? Andrew Bynum doesn't run.

Seventhly, Okay. Let's face a little cold hard reality here everyone. Almost NO ONE on the Lakers roster has openly commented about Mike Brown's hiring. ALMOST NO ONE!!! The only conspicuous commentator was Derek Fisher, because Derek Fisher is the diplomatic good cop of the team. What does this mean? We've already got chemistry problems. Fricken great.

Eighth, Guess what? Players will take pay cuts to play with Kobe Bryant and 11-fricken-ring-winning-Hall-Of-Fame Coach Phil Jackson. Players will not take a pay cut to play with Kobe Bryant and zero championships, no NBA player career coach Mike Brown.

Ninth, I've seen Mike Brown talk on television and he is WAY too happy jokester. Dude, being the Lakers coach is arguably the most difficult job in sports. Being all Mr. Funny-Guy Jokester is an immediate indication that he has no idea what he is in for.

Tenth, he hasn't even sat down with Kobe Bryant yet. Really? Kobe's not consulted on the choice AND THEN they don't even have a ceremonious, one-on-one sit-down dinner and discuss how the dynamics are going to go? Mr. Brown, you need to get your crap together. Kobe Bryant is a far more intelligent, willful player than spoiled-manchild LeBron James. Don't screw this up.

Eleventh, Aron Affalo would love to be a Laker.

Twelvth, I really need a job. This totally sucks. This combination of Obama smiling and tap dancing while the news is showing all the indicators of a double-dip recession compounded by stagflation (which significant enhances the misery index for the poor) and Mike Brown laughing and doing shoulder bumps with sports commentators has me nervous in the deep core of my being... and increasingly angry.

Thirteenth, You know what we all need right now? A "MATT BARNES WILL KILL YOU... IF RON ARTEST DOESN'T KILL YOU FIRST" T-shirt. Why don't we all put them on and watch a loop of Ron Artest blowing an open breakaway uncontested dunk during Game Four of the Western Semi-Finals against Dallas?

Fourteenth, Jim Buss does realize right that this team is constructed to play the Triangle, right? And considering how far we are over the cap, we won't be just able to immediately retool the entire squad to be optimized for another system, RIGHT? ESPECIALLY, as some of our key pieces are getting a bit older, RIGHT?

Fifteenth, To quote Principal Skinner when confronted by Bart's teacher about the childrens' future: "WAKE UP! WE BOTH KNOW THESE KIDS HAVE NO FUTURE!" {Suddenly upon realizing that he has attracted the collective attention of the student auditoriy, turns to the crowd with a broad, confident smile} "Prove me wrong, kids! PROVE... ME... WRONG!"

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


MM: Same problem here as others have had logging in with twitter.

I don't know if you read my comments a few days back, typepad stopped playing nice with FireFox 3.6 for a few days, I had to log in using Google Chrome. That worked fine for about two days, up until yesterday afternoon when I wasn't able to log in at all. Tried a couple of times last night, still didn't work with either browser. Kept going to the 'report error' screen LakerTom mentioned.

Thankfully, twitter login is still down for both browsers but it does allow for FireFox to login again, although using gmail.

- - -

Thank you guys for stopping the funeral thing. I realize you guys didn't know the back story, that the guys that originated the 'practice season' term was an old Laker fan that literally had died a year ago right around this time of the year.

Personally, say what you will about 888, I suppose rehashing the same thing has a therapeutic effect of whatever. There is no point to continually bash someone who isn't even around to defend themselves, but whatever floats your boats.

That really is the last from my part, I understand that you guys were just venting towards 888 and not TrueFan as you guys just didn't know what had happened. I imagine that if you guys did, if TrueFan posted here then you guys would have respected him as everyone did Rick Friedman.

- - -

As for the Finals, I continue to say that a player that cannot raise his level in tight games, in clutch situations, in the Finals no less, that player cannot ever be placed on the same pedestal that as Magic, Michael, Kobe, Russell, Bird is on.

I don't care if LeBron James averages a triple-double from now until the end of time, the way he repeatedly checks himself out of tight ballgames means he cannot ever reach the pedestal those guys are on. Period, end of story.


and, for now, GO MAVS!!!!!!

Jon K: I think the reason a lot of guys haven't commented yet on Coach Brown, is that unlike Phil (or even Rudy T), Brown comes in an unproven entity. This core group have all won rings, multiple titles.

Phil came in with a half-dozen as coach. Rudy T had a couple himself. They had immediate, built-in respect. Coach Brown will need to prove himself. That's just what I read the tea leaves as.

- - -

LakerTom: I would welcome that T'Wolf trade with welcome arms, If we could add a PG with that draft pick... oh man... that would be a sweet trade!

- - -

Afflalo wouldn't be what we need, a dead eye shooter or a speedy guard. We already have Barnes, who does a lot of what Afflalo would do.


I'm sorry about all the login procedures. So I had a meeting with Jimmy Orr, the Times' Online Managing Editor and I brought up the issue surrounding the login problems. Below is what I told him

1. There has been a problem from Typepad's end on banning IP addresses and with the glitches during the current login system. He is going to talk to the tech people and try to arrange a meeting, which will include me to solve this.

2. He mentioned the Facebook possibility, which is the direction all the other blogs are going in. The reason why that has held off with the Lakers blog is I have told management that you guys opposed that idea. He brought up the possibility that if users created a FB profile that just had their name without revealing any private information, that might assuage some of the resistance. In no way are we leaning toward this. We both understand the opposition to this idea but just wanted to throw it out there in case the ability to create a profile with your Laker handle only would make you reconsider.

3. I brought up the possibility to separate the comment threads into a separate message board so the conversation doesn't get broken up. That idea is not feasible with our site.

4. I also asked again if The Times can hire another person so that it's a two man team, making it easier to moderate and also expand our coverage. Citing budget concerns, that was shot down. I pitched the idea of hiring an intern to help out with the technical aspects (moderating comments, live chats, etc) and he said he'll look into it.

That's all the news I have to report. In the meantime, I'm receptive to more feedback because I'm just as frustrated.

Marky Mark, regarding the login situation, I just wonder why it got to this point. I think we should have a system like silver screen and roll use, which actually lets users and posters know upon commenting what the guidelines are, to discourage users from botting, spamming, etcetera, that is my take on what we should do. We used free-form typing for a while and while there are and have been arguments between members, as I recall they didn't include 100%, and these personal issues have been resolved, for a while now, to penalize the rest of the posters is a bit mundane in my opinion. That is just my take on it, the rest of the spammers, and what not they can do what they want, we will just police ourselves and ignore them. Maybe if we had an login system in place where you can have an account would work, as we are all opposed to using "global" logins.. that also discourages folks from using multiple handles.. but I am opposed to logins in general. We are all big boys and girls here, we can handle ourselves.


cybercosmix you said that Afflalo does what Matt Barnes does? Afflalo is considerably younger and faster, and less injury prone than Barnes, and from what I recall he, Afflalo, had multiple game winning shots and game changing plays down the stretch. I also understand Barnes took up his option so he will stay with us I don't know if we can even trade him after the fact (is it possible?). If not, I still think Afflalo brings a different game than Matt Barnes off the bench, if Shannon where to leave, these two are more different than we think. Matt Barnes is more of a scrappy defender than offensive. They have similar styles I rather have JR Smith or Raymond Felton = faster SG backup, and actual need at PG respectively, but that's just me.

>>>Minnesota – trade Pau Gasol ($17.8M) for Kevin Love ($3.6M), Jonny Flynn
>>>($3.4M), Wesley Johnson ($3.7M), and Minnesota’s #2 pick in the draft.
>>>This would be a great deal for both teams.

If the Lakers could get that deal, I bet they'd take it. Love is not quite as good as Gasol, but he's a much BETTER rebounder and outside shooter. And he's young and still has upside. In the same deal, they'd get a good 3-point shooting SF (Johnson), and a PG of the future in the draft. And Jonny Flynn for filler.

Unfortunately, I doubt Minnesota would be willing to give up that much, even for someone as good as Pau. Pau is an upgrade over Love... but not THAT big an upgrade.

BTW, Are you the Tom Wong who used to work for an Animation company?

LTLF- I understand what you're saying about Kevin Love, but I refuse to accept that Minnesota are that imaginative, or going to shake up that part of their roster.. on the other hand, they might do it for Gasol, I am not sure I would do that trade for Kevin Love unless they included one of their guards, who I am not in love with. The Busses don't just jump at any trade because they are pressured, specially since Jim Buss is at the helm. My personal opinion is that Kevin is serviceable and a great rebounder, and he would infuse our team with more offense since he can take the open 3 and would take a lot of pressure off of Bynum.. and we would have a logjam at the 4 if we got Derrick Williams, who is unproven. It might sound good because we are shipping Gasol off, but he's one of our biggest chips so we have to play our cards right. Don't hold your breath, I know I'm not.



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