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Lakers assistant coaching candidate profile: Chuck Person


Below is the third post in a series looking at potential Lakers assistant coaches. We'll look at Chuck Person, whom The Times' Mike Bresnahan reported Coach Mike Brown planned to interview Wednesday as a possible assistant.

Background: Person joined the Lakers' coaching staff before the 2009-2010 season on an interim basis to help with Ron Artest'sadjustment with the Lakers. Person had experience coaching Artest as an  assistant in Indiana and Sacramento. Soon enough, he worked closely with Kobe Bryant on shooting and with Andrew Bynum on his post presence, and was asked to stay on a full-time basis. He earned plenty of credit from the Lakers for helping with the team's shooting, as well as implementing the  defense that spurred the Lakers to a 17-1 mark following the NBA All-Star break. The Times Broderick Turner reportedthat he had an interview with the Golden State Warriors for their vacant coaching position and was even considered a candidate for the Lakers' head coaching job, though he never received a formal interview. In a sitdown interview with The Times' Lakers blog, Person revealed his interest for a head coaching opportunity. 

Connection to Brown: Person and Brown worked as assistants at Indiana. 

Style: Person would be the only holdover from Jackson's staff and could help ease the transition. Just as Brown impressed the Lakers' front office with his detailed scouting reports and DVDs highlighting  defensive schemes, Person's known to carry index cards detailing every drill he's done since going to Jerry West'sbasketball camp in seventh grade. Person is considered to be an unassuming, approachable and engaging teacher. Bryant, who had struggled at times adjusting to his fractured right index finger, credited Person for helping him change his shooting stroke in the 2009-10 season by transferring the pressure on his right index finger to his middle finger and thumb. Bynum, who took a large role in buying into the Lakers' new defensive scheme this season, can credit Person for convincing Jackson to alter the team's defense to keep Bynum in the lane instead of out on the perimeter to help out the backcourt with stopping pick-and-rolls. Some players had shared in their exit interviews that the new scheme proved to be a deep learning curve, but that spoke more to their inconsistent execution of it than actual knowledge of the system.

--Mark Medina

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Where was that D in the playoffs, not a good sign.

Let the Dwight Howard watch continue. Here's Dwight's comments after a false report about him signing an extension came out....

Howard shot down the report and said, “The biggest thing right now is everybody understands I have one more year left. I’m keeping my options open, but there’s no other place I’d rather be than Orlando. I want them to understand that. “

"I do want to win, make sure everything is in line: our team, just everything from top to bottom, everybody is reaching for a championship. It can’t be me and a couple other guys. It’s gotta be the whole team — everybody on the staff. It’s the same goal: the championship attitude. As of right now, I don’t plan to be anywhere else besides Orlando,” he said. utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+sports%2Fmagic%2Fbasketblog+%28Magic+BasketBlog%29&utm_content=Google+Reader

2:10 left in the 2nd qtr.

that defensive rotation sequence by the Heat was insane!


Seen that too; infact when Dallas was up by 9 with about 4 mins or so to go, the PSP said to the PSP, " At halftime this game will either be tied or the Heat will be up". Whether they are down or up, they are controlling the flow for most of the game. sigh

PSP Officer

/chat thoughts

Can't believe MM would trade Gasol for CP3. I luv Paul, perhaps the most MVP-worthy non-MVP over the last 4-5 seasons.

But certain rules-of-thumb still prevail: you don't trade elite bigs for elite smalls; it's ok to trade elite bigs for better or more compatible elite bigs; it's always ok to trade good bigs for elite smalls. Gasol is an elite big even if he isn't indisputably franchise material like Paul (tho I could see where you're going if the Lakers are trolling for franchise heirs apparent; yes, Paul is franchise-worthy; no, the Lakers would not be better off sans Gasol, with an injury-prone Drew).

Else you're left betting the franchise + Kobe's remaining career on Drew's knees + LO's unproven ability to achieve elite consistency at the advanced age of 32 + 30,000 minutes.

I also dispute MM's contention that more transition offense distilled from better D = faster pace = overall improvement.

MIA -- for all the touted scoring ops resulting from stops & TOs -- averaged only 2/10ths more possessions per 48m than LAL this season. MIA's pace: 90.9, LAL: 90.7.

I'm already on record indicting Laker success (almost 500 games over 4 x season) as the primary cost/culprit for this postseason's collapse.

Dr. Buss apparently agrees [ ].

I'm watching Bibby & JJ Barea play and I keep thinking to myself.
Didn't someone mention them for the Lakers and weren't they
pissed on?

4th quater. down by 4. Come'on Dallas!

La lluvia de las jotas.

They're both UFAs, they won't break the bank. But Barea's current exposure won't bode well for Laker chances.

OTOH, closely following POR and the case for "medically retiring" Brandon Roy. The Blazers are all but guaranteed to exercise their option on Miller.

I like Brooks (recalling the havoc he wreaked 2 x seasons ago) but he's an RFA and PHO reportedly acquired him to become Nash's next-in-line.

Sebastian Telfair is a UFA, young, with the physicals tools to excel at D despite career allergies. Could Brown be the cure?

Barbosa could become an UFA if he *doesn't* exercise his option (w/TOR). CBAs, caps & cash aside, the Lakers could acquire him in a sign-and-trade so Colangelo isn't left empty-handed.

All Mike Brown needs to do is show the video of the Miami Heat celebrating their Finals Championship over and over to the Lakers, complete with closeups of the wide mouth bastard Lebron James. If that doesn't fire up the Lakers, I don't know what will.

Damn you Pat Riley.

@LATOPIA … It’s for sure a tough call whether the Lakers need to trade Pau or Lamar for a starting point guard as they leave the Triangle in their rear view mirror. From all intents and purposes, it appears as if the Lakers front office AND their new coach do not think that they need to make a trade. Besides the usually correct cliché that you should never trade big for small, the fact that the two teams slugging it out in the NBA Finals both sport point guards even older and slower than Derek Fisher.

The problem to me with our current roster is that we’ve lost our speed and athleticism. When you combine two 7-footer post players like Drew and Pau with two slow athletically challenged veterans like Ron and Derek, you get a team that struggles to get back in transition and loses most of 50/50 chances for lose balls and rebounds, a team that looks old and is only going to get older very quickly.

That’s why to me we need to make a trade and the trade that best achieves a balance between size and length and speed and quickness would be one moving Pau Gasol and Steve Blake for Chris Paul and Trevor Ariza. While it violates the rule against trading big for small, it transforms the Lakers starting lineup in one fell swoop into a team not only with size and length but now with speed and athleticism.

A starting lineup of Kobe, Chris Paul, Trevor Ariza, Lamar Odom, and Andrew Bynum would be a dramatic improvement over last year’s lineup. Add a bench rotation of Fisher, Artest, Barnes and find a 3-point shooter and backup center from the draft and free agency and you’re ready to rock and roll. While we might not be as big, the better balance between size and length and speed and athleticism will make the Lakers a more versatile team with fewer weaknesses and areas of vulnerability.

Finally, I do think it’s important always to keep your eye on the long term as well as the present. While we need to win while Kobe is still in his prime, we also need to set the foundation to continue our success and dominance into the era beyond Kobe Bryant, who could be followed by Chris Paul, who could be followed by Andrew Bynum. The Lakers have a unique opportunity to make a move like Jerry West did to get Kobe and Shaq. Chris Paul isn’t going to stay in New Orleans and the league will need to trade him or they will lose him and have a tough time selling the franchise to anyone.



Just goes to show ya, it ain't over till it's OVAH!

Let's go Ls...and make a comeback next season!!!!!



Well at least this makes the Lakers 15-pt blown lead in Game 1 more bearable.

At least the Lakers were back-to-back champs and were gassed after three trips to the well. So what's the Heat's excuse?


The Mavs (CHandler and Dampier) need to rebound if the Mavs are going to take the series.

The Mavs had 'em right where they wanted 'em.(LOL) Great comeback!

Let's go Ls...and make a comeback next season!!!!!


Hey girl, did you buy the first class ticket to Dallas for the PSP yet? The PSP wanta sing loud and clear.

PSP Intern

Holy Canoli! Great "comeback" for the Big D but I really don't expect them to win 3 more. They played with heart tonight when they could've easily given up a la The Lakers.

Yeah don't worry fat lady you will be getting your ticket. ....they wasted a great game by bibby. They took the mavs for granted and paid the price.

Man it's super duper that Pau Gasol is playing for Spain this summer, just what he needs. The Europeans are tough dudes and it will prepare him for the less physical style that the NBA has to offer.

Get that string bean outta here ASAP

Well there is still hope for the Mavs, I'm beginning to wonder whose destiny it is to win this year.


a repost for you, an 888 comment on another blog

I admit that it was more wishful thinking than anything else that we would three-peat this season, but I'm a fan. I am also a fan who admits when he's wrong and doesn't disappear wagging his tail between his legs when he's wrong ...


I'm with LakerTom on this. They should trade Pau for Ariza and Chris. I'd make that trade in a heartbeat. We'd undoubtedly be faster while maintaining our length with LO and Bynum. Not to mention we get two shooters since both Paul and Ariza can score. Gasol is never going to learn. He's going to play with the Spanish team over the summer after supposedly being gassed/tired. Yet, you have the strength to play over the summer? Please. Someone get this ego-head off of our team. He'll never learn good D (nor want to play it) and he'll never get his base.

Troll Man

You gotta be kidding the PSP; he did not say that!! Is he serious? What blog is this? The PSP has to make a pit stop over there ... I promise the PSP will be gentle.

PSP Intern

That’s why to me we need to make a trade and the trade that best achieves a balance between size and length and speed and quickness would be one moving Pau Gasol and Steve Blake for Chris Paul and Trevor Ariza. Posted by: LakerTom | June 02, 2011 at 08:41 PM


Good points overall. And I really do luv Chris Paul on the Lakers and/or as the next franchise-building block.

But you don't win championships without a reliable big despite aberrations like the Jordan Bulls. The key with Drew is, of course, "reliability". Both physical *and* mental. Bynum isn't a sure thing in either context -- yet. And, to me, a bigger risk re the latter.

Dr. Buss is an expert poker player. Gamblers, or at least those who win, prefer sure things. Likewise RC Buford (Spurs). Or Pat Riley. Gasol is a MUCH "surer" bet than Bynum evidence Gasol's *dependability* over 4 x seasons + 2 x championship runs.

Drew's career to date consists of 5 x NBA seasons in which Bynum only survived 2 - two - TWO x seasons exceeding 60 games.

How do you build franchises -- much less championships -- on THAT?

Paul can make ANY player better, IF they're on the court, but he can't make them longer.

"Drew's career to date consists of [6] x NBA seasons [of] which Bynum only survived 2 - two - TWO x seasons exceeding 60 games."


re: 888 and being gentle. There's soooo much I want to say about that, but
I'm not. Happy Hunting. :)

re: Dallas winning. YES!

re: Pau for Paul. I was willing to make a trade w/ Bynum. I'm willing to make
a trade w/ Pau. Here's the thing though. I *TRUST* Pau more than I *TRUST*

I fundamentally don't believe that Bynum's knees will hold up. I hope that
I'm wrong. His character has been mixed. He's screwed up in a number of
ways. However his play while hurt and his effort during the 17-1 run & his
play in the finals is encouraging. The *biggest* issue is that the Lakers seem
not to win when he's doing well. It doesn't seem like the offense flows nearly
as well when he's scoring a lot. So, I question how well his game fits in.

However, if you can get CP3 ... you do it.

There is no way NO makes this trade. NO WAY!!!

What y'all should be hoping is that Luke Walton retires.

@LAPTOPIA … I think if the Lakers were worried about Drew’s long term health, then they would pursue the Dwight Howard trade. Howard’s reliability is the biggest pro to make that deal. He would cost more and would have to settle for being the third option behind Kobe and Pau. That’s a trade I could understand even though I wouldn’t make it nor would the Lakers right now. A year from now, things might be different. Who knows. But the problem with trading Drew instead of Pau for any other player, including Chris Paul or Deron Williams, is that you just diluted your center position and traded away your defensive anchor. Dwight would be the only straight up trade for Drew that works. That’s why you have to consider trading Pau for and Blake for Paul and Ariza or Lamar and Blake for Felton and JR Smith. You’re trading big for small but also size for speed, athleticism, and youth. Not to mention defense. Let’s be honest, when teams talk about fearing the Lakers length on defense, they’re talking about Drew not Pau. As much as I like Pay’s great overall game, he is not the answer at center if we’re going to be a great defensive team. At least, that’s my take on it. What a great game!

There is no way NO makes this trade. NO WAY!!! Posted by: hobbitmage | June 02, 2011 at 10:07 PM


Agreed (unless more teams become involved). Just addressing chat transcript hypotheticals.


What y'all should be hoping is that Luke Walton retires. Posted by: hobbitmage | June 02, 2011 at 10:07 PM


Lol. Especially w/his favorite blankie retired & all.

Woooooohooooo what a colossal CHOKE JOB!

now dallas has regained HCA and is heading back home with mad momentum... much like they did when lakers blew their own 15 pt lead.. dont be surprised if dallas wins the next 3!

lets see what these chokers are made of now on the road.

and the FAKE KING cannot handle FINALS pressure.. please see lebcrabs stats in the 4th quarters of both games:... lecrab clearly DOES NOT want the ball in his hands.

this game 0 FG attempts and only 2pts from the charity stripe...
last game 2-3 FG on two dunks one of which was alley-oop after game was decided.

WIN OR LOSE THE CRAB will be riding dwades coattails for his ring...

Lecrab nothing more thab SCOTTIE PIPPEN 2.0.. (although this may be huge disrespect to scottie one of the greatest SF ever)

so paul gasol who complained of fatigue all season long... the same guy who once upon a timewhined for more touches then went completely M.I.A on us now wants to play in the euro games?? we're not even talkin bout the world championships or the olympics here.. its the freakin euro games??? is this some sort of joke??

so pau cant even hold his own panties against quality NBA american talent last playoffs and now wants to go bang his body against his fellow soft euros like ricky rubio? figures!

and yellofever is not buyin that twin tower talk from coach brown.. gasoft will be traded this summer and lakers better find a buyer of his massive 18MIL contract cause coach brown defensive system simply WILL NOT work with a big spanish pussycat in the middle

pls jim and jerry buss i beg of you.. i will kneel before you... please do everything in your power to NEVER let pau wear purple and gold again.

and MM.. fyi, really dont feel comfortable setting up a twitter account to log in.. compromising my principles here just to participate in ur blog.. hope this is just a temporary move.. and in case u havent noticed very bad for LA times business since traffic has completed crawled to a screeching halt here since u made the change.. JMO.. =)


re: Pau and the Europe games. You want this. Trust me on this. You *WANT*
this. I would guess that he wants to be in better basketball conditioning.

I also believe that he wants to work on some things that he had a problem with
this past season.

A motivated Pau Gasol is a wonderful thing. We went to the NBA finals 3
times with a motivated Pau Gasol.

Yellofever - I'm sure you feel that way. But you don't have to sign in with Twitter. There's a number of options, including Facebook, Yahoo, Google, MySpace, Typepad

latopia - I've usually maintained not trading size for a backcourt. But with the Lakers changing their offense, they are in need of a better backcourt. Perhaps Steve Blake and Fisher will play better next season but based on the performances last year, they definitely could use some help

Wow what a comeback for the Mavs.Too much stubborness and cockiness of the heat specially Lemonkey and Dwadethemouse cost this game for them.hahahahahahaaha!!!i will trade Andrew bynum for either Dwight Howard and DWILL...

It's funny to me that people say Bynum is unreliable yet who pulled a disappearing act during the playoffs? Gasol. To me (Bynum's health issues or not) Gasol is the more unreliable of the two. You never know when Gasol is going to go soft on us. And you think he had a hard time this year when he got called out by Perkins and Amare and everyone tested their theory about his manhood, they're really going to come after him now that he folded up when attacked during that last stretch of the season and throughout the playoffs. He plays aggressive "when it's needed" (his words, not mine). Um, it's always needed ya sissy.

If Pau does stay, at least Coach Brown will take that retarded idea of Drew primarily being the defensive stopper as it made Gasol even more lazier on D than he already is. Telling Bynum to focus on D only is a waste of good offensive skill that he does possess. I understand that there's only one ball between Kobe, Gasol, and 'Drew, but I mean, if Bynum's man can't stop him, then dangit, ride that wave until they shut him down.

That's the other thing I look forward to Mike Brown coaching. At the very least, he'll use ALL of our pieces/options/weapons.

What's this about Pau, who complained about how tired he was, now playing in some worthless Euro championship.

It shows where the pansy loser's loyalties are it.

I DESPISE Paula Gasol with every inch of my soul. Trade this sissy yesterday JIM. Damn you Jim Buss AND Pat Riley.

I like watching referees turn away when lechoke and wade scream at the top of their lungs when they don't get a whistle. Technical foul? not on your life against these guys. If dallas can continue to hang in there against superior talent, they can win. I'm surprised how much the cheat are allowed to get away with....where is g(broke)money???

MM, I signed in using google but I guess my blog handle cannot be used ti sign in....however I am here.


It doesn't sound like Gasol or Bynum are going to be traded. Yet the fact remains the two just don't play that well on the floor together. Or should I say, the team doesn't seem to benefit from undeniable size and skill advantage the two provide.
You trade away Odom, and you lose your best player on the break.

But with the Lakers changing their offense, they are in need of a better backcourt. Posted by: Mark Medina | June 02, 2011 at 11:48 PM


No disagreement there. The questions, as always: how much "better" and to what degree of "need?"

Example. Would "settling" for Gilbert Arenas (assuming Arenas could be taught or motivated to actually defend at his age) if it meant losing Odom (+ Blake + Walton) be more or less problematic than sacrificing Gasol to acquire Chris Paul?

There are many"depends" involved.

Otherwise, the shortlist of Paul-like (PER > 18, AST% > 25, WS/48 > .100) offensive options is, well, predictably short [ ] while the list of more flawed (PER > 15 AST% > 25) though also & perhaps more attainable options, not as [ ].

If it weren't for HIV, Magic would've led the Lakers to at least 2 or 3 more championships thus ending his career as the best in the NBA. Right now, he's No. 2 behind Jordan. Hang in there Dallas and go for the "miracle" victory. At least you've shown that there is no "quit" in your TEAM game, unlike our very own Lakers who are all enjoying their early vacation. After all, putting in 15 years of "hard" work before retiring with all the money you can ever need or want surely takes its toll. The team certainly "deserved" a break. This team will not even "smell" another ring for quite some time. Get ready for the drought. Teams will be realigned to beat the Heat.

>>>All Mike Brown needs to do is show the video of the Miami Heat celebrating
>>>their Finals Championship over and over to the Lakers

I'm sorry, did I miss something?

Did they play 3 more games and the Heat didn't choke?

One win does not a championship make.



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