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Caught in the Web: Reaction to Mike Brown's introductory news conference


--The Times' Bill Plaschke was impressed with Mike Brown's introductory news conference, but he's skeptical on how it might work out.

--The Times' T.J. Simers expresses skepticism on whether Brown will get along with Kobe Bryant.

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan reports Brown will interview Chuck Person today as a possible assistant coach.

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore is struck by how sharp Lakers owner Jerry Buss is.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr presents a photo slideshow of Matt Barnes' tattoos.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding remains impressed with Brown's hire.

--Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin details how Ron Artest broke up a drunken fight in Hollywood. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky features video from Brown's news conference. 

--The Riverside Press-Enterprise's David Lassen points out Brown's contention that conversations between him and Kobe Bryant have gone well. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi wonders if Brown can win over fans. 

--The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller wonders if Brown will truly be given a chance to succeed.

--The Riverside Press-Enterprise's Gregg Patton details how Brown plans to win over fan sentiment. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne argues Brown's hire will be successful if players buy into his system. 

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford noticed Brown seems to understand what the job description entails for being the Lakers' coach.

Ron Artest appears on Norm Macdonald's show, but he doesn't show up to Brown's news conference.

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Sports Show Norm Macdonald #SportsShow

-Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano is more worried about Brown winning games than whether being impressed with his press conference. 

Tweet of the Day: "I don't care who wins But I got heat in 5" -- ronartest (Lakers forward Ron Artest)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: "I wish Mike Brown the best of luck. I was doubtfull about this hiring, but his enthusiasm and respect for the game is encouraging to hear." --- Hermie44

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Mike Brown speaks with reporters after being introduced as the Lakers' new coach at a news conference in El Segundo on Tuesday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times / May 31, 2011.

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Interesting points of view from the Cavs blog regarding MB hiring. These are insights from actual fans who have seen MB manage the the team in CLE:

Shaq is gone (retired) and the NBA is lesser for him leaving...........although 2 years too many.

Loved his domination and his demeanor despite hardly ever getting fair calls on his touches which he got fouled every time.

Thanks for our 3-peat Shaq!

"There's going to be more issues than simply making sure Bryant gets shots in his sweet spots. How will he handle the inevitable clash between Bynum wanting a larger offensive role and Bryant saying he needs to "fall in line?" How will he strike a balance between giving Bryant the space on offense, but holding him accountable when he's not utilizing his talent around him?"


These things are and should be the least of Coach Brown's concerns............most of these issues are just media driven and left over hogwash from Phil Jackson's reign of undefined roles and lack of accountability.

Bynum's focus should clearly be on defense because that's where he'll make the biggest impact and where Brown will seek accountability from him.............that is if he is back next year. Kobe's production has not slipped one iota from the previous fact his production per minute inproved from last after 7 Finals appearances and 5 titles why would the focus of the offense switch? Because YOU want it to?

Let Bynum make an All-Star team first..........Kobe has no problem deferring to bigs that can produce...........Bynum nor Gasol have shown that they are worthy of consistantly running an offense through...........ESPECIALLY DURING CRUNCH TIME............Did you see the playoffs?

Also it is continually repeated as fact by this media that Mike Brown and Kobe may have issues...............Anyone with a brain can see that Coach Brown is tailor-made for Kobe. Brown's philosphy of "Defense first" was what Kobe talked about all year while Phil Jackson and the media harped on "more touches" for Gasol.

Kobe would continually say our offense is not the primary issue..............he would say we can't stop anyone and we have no resistance in the paint or at the rim.

I would be more concerned about Derek Fisher and whether or not he will cause a problem with a reduced role.............How will Derek handle having his new role defined differently than the one Phil had for him............which was never clearly defined other than Derek's "intangibles"

If is often repeated as fact from some in the media that Brown will somehow have to juggle Kobe's ego.................this couldn't be further from the truth and quite frankly there is no evidence to support it. Kobe's only issues with coaches have usually been created by Phil Jackson through the media and taken as fact....................but what if Phil's ego was the problem all along? There is more evidence to support the latter.

Let's take a look at what other coaches have said who have had the pleasure of coaching Kobe outside of Phil Jackson

Listen to what Greg Downer......Kobe's highschool coach had to say about Kobe's work ethic and integrity both on and off the floor

This is what Rudy Tomjanovich had to say about Kobe and Phil Jackson

"I think that Kobe wants to win. He's a tremendous competitor, as fierce as anybody I've ever been around. I don't know Phil, I didn't read the book. But I noticed even after I was gone ... it's just like they got to have a soap opera."

After Don Nelson coached Kobe in the 2002 All-Star game this is what he had to say about Kobe

"He's got the whole package," says the Mavericks' Don Nelson, who coached the West team to a 135-120 win. "First of all, defense is a priority to him. He's a wonderful player in an All-Star Game because he guards and he scores. Then he has all of these incredible moves. ... He has great touch. He shoots it outside, scores inside and can make a pass whenever he wants."

This is what Coach K had to say about Kobe after coaching him in the Olympics

"I really like Kobe a lot. He's easy to coach. He buys into everything. He's doing all the unselfish things, playing hard defensively, not really caring about who scores. It's all about winning. ... He'll do whatever he thinks he needs to do to bring about a championship. He's proven it and he wants to prove it again. There are lot of people who prove it once and never want to do it again. He's uncommon. He wants to prove it over and over again. There is nothing bad about Kobe Bryant."

The list goes on and on................I think part of the Phil Jackson era of scapegoating is a tainted view of Kobe despite the overwhelming evidence and quotes from credible coaches who have dealt with Kobe. They seem to think Kobe is a coach's dream............The most talented player with the strongest work ethic...............

Bloggers as you continue to read these perceptions masquerading as the truth about potential problems with coach Brown and Kobe please remember this post.

Don't believe the hype..................With Phil Jackson will 80% of the internal problems with this team

"Dude...Just in case kobemvp888 decides to like in today. Dude, you're a COWARD couldn't take the HEAT, maybe next season that stupid Practice Season slogan will not return. Next year the New NBA champs vs the Former NBA Champs should be EPIC.

Posted by: G.Money | June 01, 2011 at 08:51 AM"

As much as I hate to say it, the practice season slogan might actually hold some weight this year since they have a new coach and might actually practice some new strategies.

If the slogan is used, it should just be used less recklessly than it was in the past.

I thought Mike Brown came across real well yesterday. Rather than have an entire offensive system like the triangle, which really kept player creativity to a minimum - I love the fact that he has some simple, basic philosophies instead. Actually, reminds me a lot of Pat Riley, who used to stress bringing the ball up-court as quickly as possible. I can see this rejuvenating Kobe, freeing him up more to show off his entire rounded game.

I also liked how he'd give the players a voice, and then hold them up to what they propose. Giving them an 'ownership' of the offense. That's how you get players to buy-in.

He's a smart guy, too. Talking to the families of the players is the right way to go, making the team more into a family environment. That is another point that harkens back to the Showtime days, remember the days (those old enough to) that we would know the names of all the Lakers wives? Anita, Wanda, Cookie, etc? It was more of a family atmosphere back then, it was a tighter-knit group on and off the floor. Some of the nonsense about this team we only heard rumors of may have played a big part in the disintegration we saw the last month of the season/playoffs. Who knows, I suspect that is the case, but Brown stressing family is a good thing.

Another good thing? When asked about possible roster moves, he immediately mentioned bringing in a young point guard. He gets it. Fish can be valuable off the bench, anchor the guys and give his brand of wisdom, but the days of Fisher as a starter have really gotta come to an end.

Introductory press conferences are always promising, but my mind is more at ease with Mike Brown now than before.

- - -

Snake, the other day I looked up Brandon Roy - what rules would cover if he'd 'retire' and got too busy to post. He'd have to sit out a year from what I understand, and if he returns to play again he'd spoil the Blazers plan not to have that money count against their salary cap number.

Read your link above, looks like the main complaint from Cavs fans about Brown is that he couldn't control LeBron. I don't think he'll have that particular problem with Kobe though - although, sure, Kobe could be hardheaded. Kobe is about one thing, winning, and that is the bottom line with Kobe.



I guess the discussion whether Shaq's Laker jersey should be retired will fill this blog for the next few days...

Time to start the reconciliation process with Shaq.

Who knows, maybe we're better off remembering how former teams won titles than realizing the current team WON'T win one??? (not saying we can't win, just that some changes need to happen)

I would have been in favor of having Shaq come off the bench for LA last season, except we all knew that you cannot trust Shaq in the locker room... what he'll do to the harmony, what he'll do to the culture, etc. It's very sad.

It's funny to me that you can judge a person's character by the words they use and the people they acknowledge. Kareem yesterday talked about remembering the great players of all-time and mentioned Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt himself hated the thought that KAJ might be considered better than he was, and refused to acknowledge KAJ's successes. In fact, Wilt didn't want to give anyone but himself any credit out there for being any good.

However, Wilt went on record early on that Shaq was the first person that might turn out to be better than Wilt himself.

That just shows you the potential that Shaq had. And yet, I would argue that he squandered a huge percentage of his talent. That's the tragedy.

And how does Shaq refer to the greats of the past? He dissed KAJ. He dissed Walton. He claimed himself the most dominant EVER. He told Tex Winter to "shut up old man". He got up on stage and said "how does my a** taste?" He ran down the court (after recovering on company time) and said in front of thousands "Pay me my money" directly to the owner.

It's no wonder the guy had to be traded from the Lakers. It's no wonder he left teams in shambles (LAL, MIA, PHX) (I give him a little more credit for CLE & Bos).

Still, it's obvious that he will have his number retired and that he is going to go down in history as a Laker great. His retiring will make reconciling easier. If Shaq acts like a man and apologizes for some of these juvenile things that he did, he'll get his number retired nearly immediately.

@Nuggets - I'll echo your sentiments...thanking Shaq for the 3peat and 8 very good years.

@pfunk - I don't think you have to worry about DFish causing any problems due to reduced playing time.

@snake/Cyber - It's hard for a coach to "control" a player when the owner gives the player carte blanche.

@Tim - You pointed out some of the disrespectful things Shaq said...but he also said very complimentary of Kobe, Kareem, Dr. Buss and Tex Winter at various times. (The Walton statement was a part of a constant back and forth between those two.)

Dr. Buss has already gone on record in saying Shaq's jersey will hang in the rafters. He truly appreciates his contributions to the Lakers great franchise and that's just another reason why I love Dr. Buss as an owner.

Okay, here's my first stoopid trade suggestion of the (non-championship) off-season. Laker Tom is going to hate me for this one...

Lakers trade Andrew Bynum and Steve Blake to Cleveland for:

Anderson Varejao, Ramon Sessions, JJ Hickson, and the #4 pick in the draft.

Bynum would be a guaranteed all-star for Cleveland. Absolute lock. He'd be their #1 option on offense and would average 20-10. Blake backfills the backup PG slot for them (replacing Sessions). And they get to keep the #1 pick as well.

Lakers get an upgrade at PG (Sessions is an excellent pick & roll PG), an front court defender who is Bynum's equal on defense (Varejao), and two young players (Hickson and the #4 pick) to add depth to the roster.

With the #4 pick, they probably pick a PG - maybe Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker.

So the Lakers give up an outstanding (if injury risk) Center, but get back depth, defense, and youth.

BTW, I know for a fact that trade will never happen. Jim Buss would give up both nuts before he'd trade Bynum. I'm just starting with some impractical trades that are at least somewhat balanced and might help the Lakers.

Shaq should have his number retired at Staples. He brought us 3 titles and lots of entertainment.

This shouldn't even be a question. Let bygones be bygones people.

Guess what game is on NBA TV (international)?

GM 7 Finals last year.

After being down by 13... watching this one year after.
What I can say is that: faults of this year were already there. The difference was that the team showed a lot of heart in GM7 and prevailed.

About Mike Brown I have a good feeling and with hungrier players I think we can compete for the title.


Are you okay? ARE YOU OKAY? Are you ready to be torn apart today? How dare you suggest a trade involving Baby Drew? Do you not know that Jim Buss reads this blog and will hunt you down? Some 'unnamed' person(s) may also hunt you down :-).

On a more serious note, the PSP can't wait to see what trades go down this summer. We definitely need a PG, and a speedy wing wouldn't hurt at all; we either give up some of our better players or we get Rambis to sell out on Minnesota and give away some players to the Lakers for 40 acres and a mule ( also known as Lucas Walton and Theo Ratliff in no particular order).

PSP Intern

An alternative to the stoopid Cleveland trade...

Lakers trade Pau Gasol and Steve Blake to Cleveland


Baron Davis, Anderson Varejao, JJ Hickson, and the #1 pick.

In this version of the deal, Cleveland gets Pau who is ALREADY an All-Star (and top 2 or 3 PF/C in the league), and who hasn't shone injury-prone tendencies like Bynum.

In exchange, Lakers get Baron Davis (and his bigger contract), and they get the #1 pick. You don't give up a top flight PF/C for nothing, even if he does play soft at times.

After this version of the trade, the Lakers draft Kyrie Irving as their PG of the future, and they get MUCH tougher in the front court. And Bynum becomes the #2 scoring option,which I'm sure he'd love. Here's the lineup after this trade:

C - Bynum, Varejao
PF - Odom, Hickson, Caracter
SF - Artest, Barnes, Walton
SG - Kobe, Fisher, Brown
PG - Davis, Irving, Fisher

(hmmm - maybe they could work dumping Luke into the deal as well ... Cleveland does have a bit trade exception :-)

It’s a shame the Lakers did not video their job winning interview of Mike Brown because it would have been fascinating to know exactly what was on those defensive DVD’s that he wouldn’t leave with the Lakers or the page after page of notes on each Lakers player he kept pulling out of his briefcase. Obviously, Mike Brown came prepared not only to show the Lakers brain trust what he was all about but also to give them a clear and compelling vision of his own game plan for coaching the Lakers.
Being prepared, willing to outwork everybody, and committed to winning are traits that Mike Brown shares in common with Kobe Bryant. Watching the press conference and reading the comments that have emerged after the initial media and fan firestorm, I am starting to feel more comfortable that Mike Brown will be able to build positive relationships with Kobe and the rest of the Lakers roster. As Jerry Buss noted about Mike Brown, “He seemed to know exactly what to do with this team.”
One of the things I like about Mike Brown is that he came to his interview with a game plan already put together of what he thought about the team, its roster, and how he would return them to the top. What he had to say about what he would do with the team must obviously have hit a sympathetic note and jived with what Jerry, Jim, and Mitch thought should be done with the team. Like Phil, Mike has a well grounded coaching philosophy that keeps him focused and consistent as a coach.
Reading Kevin Ding’s latest article about Brown’s hiring, I couldn’t help but be impressed by Mike’s preparation as he wowed the Lakers hiring committee with “page after page of analysis about each Lakers player, sketching out about 20 plays to demonstrate how he would gear the offense to maximize specific player strengths. That was a gutty move by Mike because he was gambling that his view was in sync with the Lakers. Obviously, Mike Brown shared the same sentiment as the Lakers that this group of players was still championship caliber and needs only minor tweaks.
I suppose all the disclaimers and caveats about whether or not the Lakers will embrace Mike Brown as their new head coach are par for the course when talking about the Lakers and succeeding a great coach like Phil Jackson. Nevertheless, I think the Lakers have made an excellent choice and have a dynamic, energetic young coach who knows the game, knows how to coach, and knows how to win. It was time for a change and I think the Lakers front office once again has come up with a winner.

sorry... Ebanks should be ahead of Walton in that last depth chart...

And note that there's more youth in the lineup - Bynum, Hickson, Caracter, Ebanks, and Irving. So there's a core for moving forward after Kobe and Lamar and Ron-Ron retire.

Next stoopid trade team - Denver. They racked up a load of assets on giving up Melo, but the truth is they REAAAALllly didn't want to give him up. So maybe they'd be willing to part with a package of assets to get an All-Star back in the lineup.

Lakers trade Pau and Devin Ebanks to Denver for

Ray Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Chris Anderson, their choice of one of (Aaron Afflalo (S&T), Wilson Chandler (S&T), or JR Smith (S&T), their #22 pick in the 2011 draft, plus a future first rounder (either theirs or the Knicks.

This doesn't help the Lakers as much defensively in the front court, but it does give them a very very good defender at the PG in Felton. They get some scoring and defense out of Gallo, some defense out of Chris Anderson, plus an extra wing (Afflalo/Chandler/Smith) who might be a bit more consistent than Shannon Brown.

Again, this is about trading strength at one position (PF) for strength in another position (PG) and all-around depth.

In the 2011 playoffs, the Lakers two biggest weaknesses were PG defense and bench scoring/defense. This trade shores up both of those issues (at a big cost of course, but you never get something for nothing).

And for those in the "trade Bynum, not Gasol crowd", here's a Denver trade that keeps Gasol:

Lakers trade Bynum and Blake


Ray Felton and Nene.

Nene doesn't have Bynum's size, but he's a quality center who could play alongside Pau just fine. And Felton is a big upgrade at PG.

"troy & Jon K

I'm right there with you guys. I was sort of disgusted last summer when everyone on this blog kept saying "they're unproven" LOL. I learned that lesson too well in 08, and our 04 squad could have easily won it had it not been for injuries.

A team of superstars playing a whole season together is going to be VERY hard to beat by any ordinary team.

The irony of how to fight back vs the evil unleashed in Miami last summer is to fight fire with fire and allow all teams the luxury that Miami had. This means an abolishment of the CBA.

Yes, you heard me. Lift all restrictions and make it a free for all.

That's the only way I can see to level the playing field quickly vs the Cheat. Think about it... you could trade any salary for any salary, you could sign anyone to whatever salary you want, and an elimination of luxury taxes would mean the owner isn't losing half that salary to a stupid subsidy for losing squads. The Lakers, with their recent cable contract, could afford to amass significant free agents and pay them handsomely, while teams that barely make money or lose money could not. This would result in power accumulating into the hands of those that can afford it, and this would level the playing field real quickly, but among the top teams only.

Unfortunately for us Laker fans, the NBA, the players, and most everyone else do not want this. They want guaranteed contracts, salary caps, and restrictions on free agents.

So when a once in a generation deal goes down in Miami, the rest of the league is going to be stuck hoping they suffer injuries or other calamities to keep them from running the table until their players get old.

Posted by: Tim-4-Show | June 01, 2011 at 09:50 AM "

Just a month or two ago, most of this blog had every bit of confidence that the Lakers would take down the Heat if they were to meet in the finals. Miami is playing well right now but they're not as far ahead of the pack as some teams have been in the past.

I think it would actually be better to tighten the CBA and prevent future superteams from forming. It's nice when your team is the one winning championships but overall, it's better for the league when it is a level playing field. It's strange state of the league when people are talking about new life and the torches being passed when we are getting a repeat of a finals series we saw only 5 years ago.

Omg here we got with the trade speculations and fantasy trade deals and arguments over whos going to be traded and whos not...

here we got again!

>>>Omg here we got with the trade speculations and fantasy trade deals and
>>>arguments over whos going to be traded and whos not...

Yeah, baby!

That's what happens when you lose.

And BTW, they aren't trade speculation. To be speculation, I'd have to have some small iota of belief that they could actually happen.

To be honest, I don't think the Lakers will do any trades at all unless it involves getting an All-Star or near All-Star level point guard back in the deal. I think they'll mostly stand pat, but try to sign a couple of better defensive guards, and maybe a 3 point shooter.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | June 01, 2011 at 02:46 PM

I agree with you 100%. Watch and see the whole team from last year including bench players come back, now even I would love to get the best or near All-Star caliber point guard, but Lakers don't have any room left for anything. Even if we somehow make a plausable deal happen, you always got to think that would the other team(s) trade for this certain player? and usualy the answer to that is no.

So that is why I'm almost certain we'll get the same players back and who knows maybe they'll come back hungry and ready for a championship or maybe not. Who knows, I wish I did, but I dont, so we just have to ride along!

@LongTimeLakerFan:"Lakers trade Andrew Bynum and Steve Blake to Cleveland for:

Anderson Varejao, Ramon Sessions, JJ Hickson, and the #4 pick in the draft.

Like it!

>>>I agree with you 100%. Watch and see the whole team from last year
>>>including bench players come back, now even I would love to get the best or
>>>near All-Star caliber point guard, but Lakers don't have any room left for
>>>anything. Even if we somehow make a plausable deal happen, you always got
>>>to think that would the other team(s) trade for this certain player? and
>>>usualy the answer to that is no.

YEAH! YEAH! That's why the Lakers always had the same roster through the 80's Showtime teams.

They'd never trade away any of their players for a draft pick (except for trading Don Ford for the draft pick that turned out to be James Worthy).

They'd never trade away a starter (except for trading away Norm Nixon for Byron Scott).

They'd never do anything to change the core of the team.

But they did. Almost every year they either made some small trade (the above two were the only LARGE changes) or added some role player to the team.

Seriously though, though I doubt any of Kobe, Gasol, or Bynum will be traded, it wouldn't shock me to see Odom or Artest traded, as they're the only other two players on the roster that could bring back value in a trade at this point. But even then, it would have to be for someone they think could contribute at least as much to the team.

So a more realistic trade would be something like Odom for Ray Felton. Huge improvement at PG might make up for the loss in the front court. They'd only do it if they had some PF they could bring in for the MLE or less to take up Lamar's minutes.



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