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Caught in the Web: Shannon Brown appears in Dr. Dre's Chrysler commercial

Lakers guard Shannon Brown appears in Dr. Dre's Chrysler commercial for exactly one second at the 0:37 mark in the video above. You'd think his appearance on Snoop Dogg's "Purp & Yellow" would earn him more air time, no?

--The Times' Lauren Beale reports that Ronnie Lester sold his Manhattan Beach home for $1.65 million.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr highlights Kobe Bryant's effort to help the homeless.'s John Hollinger contends that the Lakers' 2002 Western Conference Finals victory over the Sacramento Kings is sixth all time in most entertaining playoff series. 

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky offers his take on Bryant's refusal to comment on the Mike Brown hire.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' need to have depth at the center position.

--The New York Times' Mitja Viola analyzes what Ettore Messina's presence will mean for the Lakers.

--Fox Sports West's Joe McDonnell credits Bryant's effort to fight homelessness. 

Tweet of the Day: "Ron Artest Ultimate Comedy Improv Hollywood July 8-9 Carolines Broadway NY July15-16 Improv Brea CA July 29-30 Comix @MGMFoxwoods CT Aug 5-6" -- ronartest (Lakers forward Ron Artest)

Rick Friedman Reader Comment of the Day: "The new coach seems to be an upbeat, energetic guy. Appears to be a straight talker but who knows for sure from just an 8 minute clip. He sure seems likable. Interesting to hear the audience vote on getting Howard. Wonder where George got the Ring from. Reading the tea leaves, if I were Fish I would be thinking, uh-oh." -- Art_Lakers

-- Mark Medina

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Yo Morning Crew,

What are we talking about now? Crysler commercial and shannon brown? hmmmm werent we talking about things blowing up to quick in " LA-LA-land"? so here goes another edition of that!

oh wow double post! yikes!

@JUSTA ... That was a GREAT tweet from Bill Walton. The Big 3. ROFLMAO.
@LTLF ... Great list. I’d take Stephen Jackson, Trevor Ariza, and Brandon Roy for $2M each since the teams that cut them will still be paying them. Amnesty is going to kill any pre-CBA trades.
@ART ... Congrats on the Friedman. I have to say the Dwight Howard crowd call was typical George Lopez cheap and tasteless shot. Only in LA could this guy be anything but a crude joke.

Laker Tom - I agree. I don't find George Lopez entirely funny. It's not that he's unfunny, it's just that rarely does his jokes actually make me laugh.

Whats up MM, how you been?

MB was funnier than Lopez, but he got in couple of zingers at MB, with the Howard comment and all...

Haha TechN9ne - MB had a good copout, asking let's ask the fans what they think

Yea Mark he was like " I don't want to get fined" lol like David Stern is watching or not like Orlando will freaking sue him for saying that.

but you know, after watchin the 8 minute clips, his personality is pretty funny, I mean we came a long way from PJ and his Zen tactics, I mean he would comment on Traffic in LA rather than the game itself, and every time reporters tried to get an answer from him, he usually responded with 1 or 2 words or even a short sentance, so its very different.

But I also now get frustrated when they keep on asking MB about Kobe, yes people he talked to him and his wife and thats it, we already got it, so stop asking him that damn question all the time, now if I was in his shoes I would be like " cmon guys you asked that questions million times"

but good posts so far,

SSR has a report card on Trey Johnson.

Does anyone think he could be an upgrade over Fish/Blake or is he just too much of an unknown?


FYI, yesterday they did a report card on Sasha that was interesting.

Here's a snip I thought was interesting:


"It would be easy to let Sasha's minuscule contribution to this year's team go unnoticed, to ignore the few minutes he played, to pass over what exactly Sasha brought to the table. After all, he was shipped out for the NBA equivalent of a half a pack of year-old twinkies, and he was hardly missed upon his departure. So why bother?

Because he was missed, terribly. Not the actual player, but the idea of him. Sasha gets a report card, (spoiler alert) a massively failing one, because of how desperately the Lakers needed someone to fill the exact role that was supposed to be his this season."

"Sasha was supposed to be this team's shooter. Check that, he was supposed to be last year's shooter... or maybe the year before that. Many moons ago, when Mitch Kupchak decided to reward Sasha's one good season with a decent size contract, it was decided. Sasha is the guy we go to when we need someone to drain a three point shot. He'll be the one who spaces the floor, who can run off screens and fire up a quick three with little space. That will be what Sasha does."

"You don't need me to tell you that Sasha never delivered. Not on that contract, not on the promise he showed in that one fateful season. Since 2009, Sasha has been consistently abysmal. That's why he was deemed so expendable this season, despite the fact that his "role" was one the Lakers were so desperately in need of. That's why few in Laker Nation shed a tear at his departure, even as the rest of the team couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Sasha was a shooter who couldn't shoot, a pest who annoyed only his own bosses. He simply wasn't capable of being the player the Lakers needed him to be."

Mike B passes the personality test but this is a "winning is the only thing" city where nice guys that finish second go to die. We're with him, win or tie.

George L. isn't the first talk show tryout to rise to his level of inefficiency. There have been a few including a guy named Magic.

Meanwhile, I hear they're still looking for the chosen one.

@ Art - hey man I think I'll take Trey over blake, at least for this season, the only time we saw him was couple of minutes in the NOLA series and he was GOOOD! I mean from driving in the paint, to scoring, to passing and some really good Defense so his the guy, I think If Mike can give him a shot, he can mature into a perfect point guard.

He is a scorer no doubt, but he could develope his game in the PG position under MB and the new system, I honestly think we got nothing to loose, Trey and also Ebank, I want to see both of them in the lineup at least coming off the bench, Ebanks has potential to be Ariza #2 in LA so we gotta get this rook some playing time to develope his game.

Trey has been in the D-League forever almost, the guy never got a fair chance, and his looking to explode every time his on the court, so lets see what happens!

"Homeless Veterans Sue Over Neglected Campus "
this is in LA btw

this is the article I read on google and also LA times lol
you think Kobe's and Vanessas foundation can help this guys out? or they didn't start the foundation to late!!!

@hobbit – loved the story of the homeowner foreclosing on Bank of America...hilarious. Thanks for sharing it.

@Art – congrats on the Friedman and thanks for bringing a little objectivity to this whole Lebron discussion. (G Money/IP go overboard on one end & Lebron haters go overboard on the other end.)

@LTLF – I noticed Shannon in one of your trade scenarios with GS. I thought he was a FA and hadn’t decided if he was going to exercise his option and stay with the Lakers one more year.

@fever – Good to see you’re back and good spirits now that the Heat are losing. I’m enjoying it also. But since you pointed out all of Lebron’s Q4 failures in this series, I think it’s only fair to also point all the games where he dominated in the 4th. (Like Art said…the Heat wouldn’t be in the finals with Lebron):

Boston series (4th Quarters):

Gm 2 – 12pts
Gm 4- 11 of Miami’s 17 pts. Including last 5pts to help force OT.
Gm5 – 13 of Miami’s 26pts. Including 10-0 run in the last 2:10 when game was tied.

Chicago series (4th Quarters):

Gm 2 – 9 of Miami’s 14 pts. Including tie-breaking 3 and 9pts in last 5 minutes. Helped the Heat avoid going down 0-2 in the series.
Gm 3- 10pts
Gm4 – 7 of Miami’s 16 pts to help force OT. 6 pts in OT
Gm5 – 12pts. Game tying 3 with a 1minute left and game winner on next possession.

For those scoring at home that means Lebron was clutch offensively in 7 of the Heat last 8 wins before the finals. I'm no Lebron fan and I agree that's he's wilting away in the Q4 of the finals so far...but he's had many clutch moments thus far in the playoffs.

Tech N9ne,

Well ya know, I was thinking, wouldn't it be something if all the types of players everyone says we need like a faster PG, athleticism and outside shooting, was already right there in our own backyard.
We go looking all over the league but maybe no need.

Hard to say. Everyone knows PJ wouldn't play youth so it's hard to know what's there.

Trey J, Ebanks, maybe even Caracter has some potential.

It might make some sense to go with what we've got. I read even Joe Smith might be back though I don't understand that one.

But there will be a few roster spots open for a few players to pick up on the cheap that might actually make an impact off the bench.

They still have until the trade deadline to evaluate and see if there are any rumblings from Howard, CP, D Will and any others about wanting out of there present situation.

If something comes along like a too good to turn down deal (Pau for Kwame etc) then go for it.

Otherwise, I wouldn't mind some of the trades that have been discussed but it won't bother me if the Lakers open camp pretty much the same and see how it goes though the thought of Fish starting, yet again, does bother me.

I am in the camp of hold tight and see what Mike Brown can do. It will become clear soon enough.

The key is everyone buying into coach Browns plans and being hungry.
If they don't do that, if it appears they are still thinking "practice season", then look for trades, blockbuster or not, anything goes if the players don't respond.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about when I say that LeBron 'hides' on offense in tight, close games? He stands in a corner, he doesn't look for the ball, he doesn't crash the boards or hits the lane. He literally hides.

LeBron had some clutch shots, such as the one two years back where he hit a 3-pt shot vs the Magic on an inbounds pass with time running out - but even that shot was a 'no-pressure' one in which he simply had to catch and release.

His 4th quarter vs the Pistons was great.
But all too often does he do just as he did tonight.

Great player? Sure. All-time? Not on the same par as Kobe, never has been and probably never will be. Not. Even. Close.

That is why I've called him this generations version of Dominique Wilkins, and I'll stick to it until he repeatedly shows otherwise.

Wade is the best player on the team, and it isn't even close. That is why LeBron took his talents to South Beach, he knew that he understood he was more Pippen than Jordan. That's also why he had no problem deferring to Wade. He wants to avoid those pressure situations, always has.

Maybe that is what Scottie likes about LeBron? He has a wide array of skills and puts up big numbers but doesn't have the clutch gene - a lot like himself.

Posted by: CyberCosmiX | June 07, 2011 at 10:30 PM

We had a few discussions on Lebron this summer. We’re in agreement that he is a great player (although I’m not sure you said that earlier). We’re also in agreement that by signing with DWade he’s taken himself out of the GOAT discussion. He did what Isiah, Magic, Larry, MJ and any of the other all-time greats would’ve never done.

I do disagree with your assertion that he hides in close games. Although I’ll agree he’s “hid” in the finals especially the last two games. But he’s come up big too many times in clutch moments of the playoffs for that to be a “fair” label. See above post I made to Fever – highlighting Lebron’s Q4 exploits in 7 of the 8 wins preceding the finals. Also, there’s a laundry list of other games that I posted before.

Having said that…for him to disappear in these finals is a major blow to his legacy (so far). I don’t recall ever seeing a great player experience such clutch playoffs moments and then disappearing and hiding from the big moment. This is a conundrum indeed.

Also, stop with the Nique comparisons. I've seen Lebron hit more clutch shots in one playoff series than I saw Nique hit in his career. No to mention Lebron’s defense prowess and playmaking abilities.

Re: LeBron: Let sleeping dogs lie should be the mantra of every Mavs player/coach/fan/anti-Heat rooters.

Mavs have a must win tomorrow to stay in this series!

DWade may be my next favorite non-Laker out there! He definitely leaves it all on the floor! Love his 'crash' game!


>>>@LTLF ... Great list. I’d take Stephen Jackson, Trevor Ariza, and Brandon
>>>Roy for $2M each since the teams that cut them will still be paying them.
>>>Amnesty is going to kill any pre-CBA trades

Yeah because 3 SF/SG's are all going to want to sign up to play limited minutes behind Kobe and Ron Artest.

Maybe ONE of those guys would be good. But the Lakers really need a better point guard more than they need any of those three guys.

>>>@LTLF – I noticed Shannon in one of your trade scenarios with GS. I
>>>thought he was a FA and hadn’t decided if he was going to exercise his option
>>>and stay with the Lakers one more year.

Almost. The last part is right. There's a player option on the second year of his contract, which he hasn't signed yet. But he's not a free agent until that option expires.

If I understand the CBA correctly, Shannon would have to opt in and agree to the trade as well. Remember when Devean George prevented the initial Dallas trade to get Jason Kidd - I think Shannon's situation is like Devean's was.

So basically, Shannon would have to agree to the trade. I don't know whether Shannon's contract includes a trade kicker, or if Golden State would promise him a starting role, but it would probably take something like that to convince him to buy in on the deal.

Note that if Shannon wasn't on board, and if Golden State really wanted the deal even without him, the Lakers could sign & trade Joe Smith or Theo Ratliff to make up the difference in salary for matching purposes.

But if a trade brought a PG to the Lakers and it was going to cut Shannon's minutes anyway, he might be willing to go to the Warriors to get more minutes. I'm not sure how Shannon would choose between bench-riding ring potential vs big minutes on non-playoff team.

Posted by: Art_Lakers | June 08, 2011 at 01:30 PM

I agree with your assesments, we actually might have a talented PG in our back yard in Trey, and depends on if he preforms better this upcoming season than lets say steve blake, or Dfish maybe he can start or even be the second unit option. Like I said, we only saw him play once or twice and we are not sure what he can do. I did see couple of his D-league games and the guy looks like the road runner on the court, they give him the ball and he takes off, his quick, agile, and pretty knowledgable in basketball so I would say why not give him a try. The reason I say that is because I'm guessing that Lakers are coming back the way they went out last season with the same players!

Okay so Joe Smith is staying? and I know why, he might want a piece of Hollywood action too, since MM put up the other thread which was written that " Joe smith saw The GAME(rapper) in a barber shop or something like that" so everyone looks like they love LA and they want to stay! not for basketball tho heheheheheheh

Yes Art if any trade comes up as in the ones we have been talkin about, I would do it, such as getting Dwill or Cp3 or even HOWARD, I would even take the Minnesota trade as well with Flynn nd Beasley/ and or #2... but when I think that they are coming back the same team, then why not talk about the possibility that our bench might hold the key to this PG solution...

Art when you said this " The key is everyone buying into coach Browns plans and being hungry." I do have a problem with that because thats what MB thinks, he thinks our LA guys are hungry, do you guys think that too? I certinly don't and I will tell you why, did our team look hungry when we VS'ed the NOLA? no other than KOBE's posturized dunk, we looked tired and drained, Did the team look hungry when we VS'ed the Mavs? Nope it looks like they were playing street ball and the outcome wouldn't even matter. Now thats what I see, if MB thinks they are hungry then let him, but from what we have seen, they looked like they didnt care.

No one showed up to MB's press conference, except MATT BARNES, everyones out on vacation or doing reality TV shows or charities, I mean come on MB, do you really think thats a hungry team? are they showing their hunger by not congradulating their new coach? all I'm saying is to me this team looked anything but hungry, how about full and annoyed?!

so yeah thats my 2 cents!

>>>Trey J, Ebanks, maybe even Caracter has some potential.

I fully agree. I hate to say it, but I think Ebanks might have more potential than Matt Barnes. And if he were given enough PT to get up to speed, I think Caracter could be a reliable 10 minutes a game guy off the bench as well.

Not so sure about Trey Johnson.

Certainly, I think speed & athleticism at PG is the Lakers greatest need. If they could get that without giving up any of the core, then they're back in the hunt. If the team comes back unchanged, they better hope they get lucky on their draw of playoff opponents, as some teams might just pound them like Dallas did.

"Yea Mark he was like " I don't want to get fined" lol like David Stern is watching or not like Orlando will freaking sue him for saying that.

Posted by: Tech N9ne | June 08, 2011 at 11:28 AM"

Hi Tech N9ne:

I disagree, Stern loves to collect money from the Lakers, especially when it was Phil Jackson's. Mike Brown was fully aware of that and evaded the fine. Hey, George Lopez is probably making a great deal of money for just talking. Mike Brown is still relatively young, and acted responsibly by not throwing away $50,000...and maybe the Lakers being fined another $50,000 if he had made any kind of comment. Stern...or is it mainly Stu Jackson still, does not give much margin for error. As for them personally watching the show, you're right, they probably don't...unless they did hear Mike Brown was going to be on. If Brown had flubbed and made a comment, some Orlando fan, or some anti-Laker fan (gee, you think there are any out there, with "Beat L.A." chants throughout the league) would have sent an e-mail to the NBA office or to the Orlando's possible...silly but possible. I bet Stu and Stern are trying to figure out if they can fine George Lopez in some way....but hey, First Amendment rights and he's not an employee of the Lakers. Just looked it up on Celebrity net worth, George Lopez is said to be worth $50 million dollars, wow, I guess water can flow upstream....

"No one showed up to MB's press conference, except MATT BARNES, everyones out on vacation or doing reality TV shows or charities, I mean come on MB, do you really think thats a hungry team? are they showing their hunger by not congradulating their new coach? all I'm saying is to me this team looked anything but hungry, how about full and annoyed?!

so yeah thats my 2 cents!
Posted by: Tech N9ne | June 08, 2011 at 02:25 PM"

Here's a penny of my thoughts on that, I'm cool with you Tech N9ne, it's just that you have brought up good points...Yes, the team is and should be "annoyed"...Barnes showed up because yes, he is hungry, so hungry he gave up probably about $6 million over this 2 year contract he's on, he could have gotten more from other teams. I love his intensity, the ball fake to Kobe's face, classless, but look what it got him, it brought him back to LA. He's always been one of my favorite players. Oh back to the money, he's around 30 years old and to date, before the Lakers, in his career had only made around $10 million dollars, before taxes. So he sacrificed. Why did none of the other Lakers show up...I somewhat don't blame them, after all, they say they've played 400 games over the last 3 capitalize on the extra free time, but continue to work on your game. I also think there's a fire hydrant in the middle of the room and like dogs, they have already marked it as theirs, they want to see if Brown is worthy to decorate it as well. NBA players have egos, after all, most do make more than their coaches. You want your player to have an ego most of the time, if it adds to his confidence. So for those in town who did not show up, probably half the team, because of families...I think they wanted to watch Mike Brown and see how he handled himself in the bright lights, which they have mastered. I went to the training camp in Honolulu, when Phil made his return, was that 2007???, and they played two games against the GS Warriors, Mike Montgomery was their coach at the time, I watched Phil, he was around 300 lbs and obviously in pain and had difficulty moving, this was before he lost that weight, and had some surgeries. Montgomery was nervous, he kept peeking at Phil, then before the game he walked over toward the Laker bench and extended his hand to Phil...Phil ignored him. Montgomery crawled back toward his bench. Just an insight into his "mindgames"
As for the team going forward, I think we will see more from Blake and Barnes, and from Ebanks and Caracter (I'm not aware of Brown's treatment of "newbies"), hopefully Shannon decides to stay and will continue to improve his game and his consistency. I was never a fan of the Cav's but it would be good for Brown to have at least one player he is familiar with, Delonte West is a PG, I believe that is available and cheap. I don't know Brown's relationship with this player with a "surprise a week" personal life. I don't know how much gas he has left in his tank. He could be the conduit, to explain to the Lakers, if they would listen, what Brown is trying to get across. The Lakers have a history of being able to control controversial players. Because I say keep the team totally intact, and only tinker, I bring him up.
Tech N9ne, once again, you give great input, it is vey soundly based...I on the other hand am the one who thinks outside the box. Sometimes off based and sometimes repetitive, that's just me.


If Shannon wants out, to get more playing time, things are changing up with the Warriors...Mitch and Jerry can be civil with each other. The Warriors do have a PG that they drafted that they sat out last year, Jeremy Lin, the Harvard grad. He has size, he's not a 5'9" player, but I think 6'3", but who knows what else. It would be better to get something than nothing, not sure about the tradeability of Shannon if he resigns, or opts out and resigns for more, then there would be a time limit I believe before the Lakers could trade him and the Warriors would have to throw in some filler. My suggestion is way speculative, and people will say Lin is not ready to lead a championship team. I think he would be a fast learner, and we would still have Fisher and Blake.

Posted by: Humanomaly | June 09, 2011 at 10:50 AM

Hey whats up man, sorry for missing out on your posts like that I just noticed it so I'll go ahead and reply to it now...

You made good points pretty much on both posts, reagarding the NBA and Stern and how MB almost "got fined" for saying LA needs howard. You are right some wierd fan would send a letter to Orlando and Orlando will send another letter to the NBA and david stern and next thing you know, Mark will put up a thread saying " they fined MB for his comments on GL" honestly I think that's really annoying an stupid, people should be able to say whats on their mind, its not like Brown is making a deal to get Howard here, his just saying that would be good. Second, I think that since MB made those comments they will fine him and not the Lakers, I think Stern would do it just like he did with any other coach, the NBA fines them individualy and not the team unless its said in the Lakers FO, so Stern would have slapped a nice 50,000$ fine on MB for saying something that may never happen! ahahah so yeah I think he would get fined and not the whole Lakers staff or team... They do that to players and not the team!

GOOD ASSESMENTS on MATT BARNES, I loved the guy ever since the GSW team man, he was like a ghetto kid in the middle of the court running around and punking everyone, when they made the announcement were getting him and he turned down a lot of money to come to LA and sent a txt to Kobe saying " is it koo if I sign with LAL?" that just shows respect, while Kobe was in the resturant waiting for Raja Bell to show up to dinner so he can convince him to come to LAL, but Raja didn't show up, so we got someone better, he stink in Utah anyway, he wanted money not championships!

I love Matt's heart and drive, how many times do you see matt barnes get the ball in the paint and lay it up real easy, or cut to the basket, get the pass and lay it in, even offensive rebouds he gets.

Here's the deal, as soon as I heard he was coming to LA I went and got my own custom Jersey for NBA, because they did't have his LAL jersey yet, so I can probably say I was the rear fans or Matt Barnes that went out to get his jersey, and I still wear that in the off season!

Insteresting story about PHIL and Montgomery. It was pretty interesting read. On Blake, I think that he either will come back hungry and strong, or he will come back worse than he was this season. He has a lot of potential dont get me wrong but it seems like he only uses that talent once or twice per game, if he commited 100% every game, we wouldn't be talkin about PG trades, we would make him Starting PG and fish off the bench. He has a lot of skill but to me, ever time I watch him, either he looks scared or is too distracted to do that right thing, they said he can shoot, and maybe he can, but we havn't seen him shoot constantly. And also, I hate it when he drives in the paint, and then kicks it out to other player on the perimiter even tough he could lay the ball up off the glass, have you noticed that too? every time he drives and has an open layup he won't do it! he just won't and I dont know WHYY!

on Brown, honestly this guy has tremendous talent, but again like Blake for some reason he shows up on some games the others he dosn't its like a roller coaster ride, he has great speed, can handle the ball okay (not great) can dunk and fly in the air, all he needs to do is get a little more basketball IQ and he would be an amazing player for LAL...

It will take time but I belive that he will develope his game, I think his just lacking confidence, he knows he has the skills its just maybe he dosn't have enough confidence to get it done every night!

On MB, I liek his assistant coaches better than him, with his assitants I think he can do something but I hate how he always says in every single interview " Im a defensive minded coach" " we need defense in order to get offese" they ask him about offense, he says " when we can't score, we need to do defense" its like everything he knows has to revlove around defense, which is not a bad thing dont get me wrong its just funny to me how his either avoiding the questions or his hoping that he could give the ball to KOBE 24/7 and make him jack up random shots! But we can judge him because we only saw him coach the Cavs so we'll just have to wait and see... But he is pretty funny tho

anyway great input Humanomaly and honestly I think this is the most I have written on this blog lol



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