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Assistant coach candidate profile: Jim Boylen


This is the sixth post in a series looking at potential Lakers assistant coaches. Here we profile former University of Utah Coach Jim Boylen, who, The Times' Broderick Turner reported, met with Lakers Coach Mike Brown about joining his coaching staff. ESPN the Magazine's Ric Bucher reports that Brown indeed plans to hire Boylen. 


Boylen coached for Utah before being fired in March. He also had assistant coaching stints with Michigan State (1987-92, 2007-11), the Houston Rockets (1992-2003), Golden State Warriors (2003-04) and Milwaukee Bucks (2004-05). Boylen also was reported to have been in the mix for the coaching vacancy for Penn State's men's basketball team. 

Connection to the Lakers: Boylen was an assistant coach at Michigan State for part of Shannon Brown's tenure there. 

Style: Boylen ran a so-called pro-style offense with Utah and Michigan State and worked with the team's post players. He's worked with Hakeem Olajuwon and Yao Ming and helped Utes center Luke Nevill become more polished, suggesting Boylen will have valuable insight in further developing the Lakers' frontline in Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. As indicated by some YouTube videos, Boylen has shown plenty of fiery emotion, a quality that Salt Lake Tribune columnist Gordon Monson chalked up to the Utes' intensity as well as their unevenness during adverse moments. But all accounts said he was a class act, even when Utah let him go.  

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Jim Boylen, former Utah head coach, on Monday became the latest assistant-coach candidate to speak with new Lakers Coach Mike Brown. Credit: Douglas C. Pizac / US Presswire

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Speaking of Shannon Brown (in MM's article), does anyone know how he's leaning as to his option?

- - -

LakerTom: Cap was so graceful, so beautiful in taking those sweeping, epic skyhooks. He looks so majestic. Those shots are meant for viewing in super-slo-mo, that shot was a work of art.

Bynum is more Wilt than Kareem - more power than finesse. He has the best touch for a seven-footer in the league today, but his game just isn't the perfect match for the skyhook. He's also more of a face-up, low-post player vs Kareem, who went towards the baseline a lot to shoot those hooks.

It just seems to be a perfect match for Pau, who has a pretty nice hook shot as it is. His main spot on the floor, at the elbow or towards the baseline are the exact places Kareem would launch his skyhooks. His game though, that is a perfect match. Kareem was the ultimate finesse player (with a hint of power mixed in at the proper times). Pau is probably the most skilled finesse big-man in the league right now.

I'm sure Drew learned a lot under the tutelage of Kareem, however Pau would have benefited more from learning a skyhook than Drew.

- - -

LTLF: Wow, these three-way trades start to get mind boggling. Personally, I think I'd take Beasley over Hickson, however if the key to the trade is Varejao + #4 (Kyrie Irving?) for Pau, I'd make that trade if I were Mitch. I would, don't think he would though.

The more I think about it, the less I can see Mitch trading for any high draft pick, then turning around and selecting a young point guard to throw into the fire with this squad. It's just not the way he's operated since he's been GM.

I can see him going more for a lesser trade that would give them a proven, younger vet like say Raymond Felton or Aaron Brooks or maybe like a Luke Walton for Jonny Flynn type deal with Minny.

I'm hoping he does look a little down the line, putting another piece into the next-gen's Laker core group. Drew has been our only top prospect for a few years now, it will be a lot harder trying to bring along a young prospect once the core group is gone than it would be now that they are around as tutors. Look at Dallas, they have done a great job finding the proper mix of vets/youngsters - something that Mitch has done a less than stellar job in.


LRob: I hope & pray Shaw gets a head coaching shot somewhere, I bet he'll find a home with the Pacers since he's already interviewed there before, and overlapped early on in his playing days with Bird on the C's. Vogel being young and unproven, if things do go south he could get a shot there earlier than later.

I still feel bad for Shaw. I still think about him tossed aside. For so many years the Lakers franchise had their chain of command, their knights in waiting, their future laid out so carefully. At least since the chaos of the early showtime days that is.

This is pretty abrupt for this organization, a whole heck of a lot moreso than Phil who was a natural fit after the Rambis failure to keep control during that lockout season.

Ronnie Lester, too. He looked like he was possibly being groomed like Mitch was under West for all those years, he got tossed out like the trash. What a shame.

The way they handled not letting Kobe in on the Brown hiring also. Dr. Buss would have never hired a coach without consulting Magic first.

I am hoping we don't see the same type of thing that happens to pro sports franchises whenever there is a handoff of ownership from parents to their kids. A little bit of the mystique and shine is off the franchise, lets hope these are small hiccups versus the start of anything troubling.



Still waiting for those LA Times "Laker Blog Awards"

I would suggest getting approval for the categories you might be thinking of using though. lol

Posted by: Troll Man | June 21, 2011 at 06:37 AM "

Wait, PSP has promised laker blog awards?????

Time for me to head down to Costco and buy the biggest tub of popcorn known to man. This will be entertaining.

Troll / Bay

The PSP had it about halfway done but then about 80% of our blog members took flight/disappeared, so not sure how much fun it is gonna end up being. Anyway the PSP will dig it back up and attempt to complete it!

Plus with the new dictatorship MM is running, the PSP could get thrown in jail for daring to make fun of his 'darlings'. Imagine that, police going to jail ... I feel like a rogue cop already!

PSP Intern


Please brace yourself before Looks like the T-Wolves want Drew. Of course, I'm opposed to that trade for the same reasons I mentioned about Pau.


Why would you call out barnes and artest? What have they done? Its their wives not them participating in these stupid reality shows.. The only one SELLING OUT is freakin lamar.. Khloe is embarrassing the F**K out of him and whatever manhood he's got left. That man needs some major soul searching

Posted by: Yellofever | June 21, 2011 at 11:46 AM "

I agree. From what I have seen it has not made Lamar look very good. I get the impression that if he wasn't gifted with the ability to be a star basketball player, he'd live in a dirty one room bachelor pad with a bunch of guys smoking and playing video games all day.

Not knocking the lifestyle since a lot of peoeple live that way and are perfectly happy with it but I didn't think Lamar was that way until I watched the show.

David Kahn, the general manager of the Minnesota Timberwolves has just proclaimed that he is not going to trade Kevin Love. Kahn is gambling big that the Wolves will start winning and that will be enough to convince Kevin Love to forego free agency in two years and stay with the Timberwolves. Almost every other observer has noted that Kevin Love is not happy in Minnesota and is sure to bolt the first opportunity he gets. Assuming the Wolves tender him a qualifying offer the end of this year, Love will become a restricted free agent next year and will likely get an offer that the Wolves won’t match. Holding onto Love, who plays the same position as Gasol and won’t stay, doesn’t make sense.
Kahn has a chance to trade Love, the #2 pick in the draft, and other players for one of the best power forwards in the game today. Unlike Love, Pau Gasol is a proven star power forward and the perfect candidate to mentor Ricky Rubio and make sure the Wolves franchise player’s career gets off to a successful start, which is a big concern after Ricky only averaged 5 ppg off the bench last year in the Euroleague. Additionally, Gasol is locked up for a full three years, assuring the Wolves he will be there. Kahn has basically gone “all in” on Ricky Rubio and believes Gasol is the right solution to get the team winning and to insure that their franchise player makes a successful NBA debut.

Bynum is more Wilt than Kareem - more power than finesse. He has the best touch for a seven-footer in the league today, but his game just isn't the perfect match for the skyhook. He's also more of a face-up, low-post player vs Kareem, who went towards the baseline a lot to shoot those hooks.

Posted by: Charon Minos | June 21, 2011 at 12:32 PM
Bynum best touch for a 7-footer in the league? How bout Bargnani, Pau, Ilgaukas, Dirk, KG, Krstic, Brad Miller, Okur, Cousins, Duncan, Hawes...etc. I'll have to throw the hyperbole flag on this one.

Also excellent post at 12:49pm. I agree it is a little unsettling.

@LROB ... LOL. Hey, bottom line, I do trust the Lakers front office to make the right move. Their record on the big deals gives me confidence they won’t trade Drew unless his play next season were to regress. I also think there are only a few scenarios under which they would trade Pau or Lamar. As 888 used to wisely say, I trust the Lakers to make the right moves – even if it included Drew.
I have a hunch that Thursday’s draft is going to be a very exciting draft what with all the potential deals being discussed. Frankly, it may be one of the toughest drafts yet to predict accurately. We should know a lot more about what the Lakers front office and other teams are thinking when we wake up on Friday morning. Hopefully, there will be a lot of happy Lakers smiles that morning.
I hope that the blog awards being discussed by some are going to be positive efforts to appreciate and recognize bloggers for their contributions rather than just another opportunity to spew negativity and dredge up old wounds until they start bleeding again under the guise of just having some fun. Otherwise, I worry there won’t be any of us left willing to come to the LA Times Lakers Blog.

I also completely AGREE! I blogged a month ago about this and getting rid of all these garbage distracted players! Don't see a driven player like Kobe doing this garbage. He needs teammates that will drive like him, even if they don't have the mad skills he has/had!
Posted by: NuggetsCountry | June 21, 2011 at 12:05 PM

Surely you can’t be serious about Kobe not having outside interest DURING the season? What about Kobe’s Black Mamba “Movie”

Or Kobe on the Mo’Nique show…

Or Kobe on the Cartoon Network Awards show…

And what about Kobe “Doin Work” documentary last season? I’m not questioning Kobe’s legendary work ethic (no one should), I’m just saying he got other things going on also. The Laker players have always had more outside entertainment ventures than other teams. It’s a strong selling point for the Lakers and they would be crazy not to use it. This stuff didn’t cause the Lakers to lose this year…it hasn’t stopped them from winning in the past ...and it won’t stop them in the future.

LRob: I'm talking about his touch around the basket. All those guys you mentioned have nice shooting strokes. How many of those guys even go near the low-post? That's what I'm talking about, Drews low-post game.

Which reminds me of something I always notice about Dwight Howard, I love his defense, but doesn't he remind you sometimes of Kwame on offense? Some moves he is a beast, on others he looks like he's pressing when he gets a pass/rebound down low. Pump fakes and whatnot, then puts up some herky-jerky straight up bricks at times, just like dear ol' Kwame did. Not every time, but a lot of the time.

Anyways, definitely referring to Drew's light touch around the basket, not his jumpers.

- - -

LakerTom: My goodness I hope you're right. That would be an excellent trade for the Lakers as far as I'm concerned. Love is a west coast guy, he's a nice guy but I can't imagine him thinking he's going to be a T'Wolf lifer.

You know Kahn also came out and declared he was basically not trading Rubio forever, or just about lol:

Sounds like he talks a lot. I read somewhere that he's interested in not pulling the trigger on a trade because he is banking on the fact the league might mandate teams above the salary cap to slash their rosters under a proposed hard cap in a new CBA.

Hard to gauge this guy, I just hope he considers what having Pau to ease Rubio's transition would mean, versus keeping a power forward who most likely will be leaving Minny in a couple years time.


Didn't the T'wolves just ask for Bynum?



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