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Assistant coach candidate profile: Quin Snyder

This is the seventh post in a series looking at potential Lakers assistant coaches. Here we profile Philadelphia 76ers player development coach Quin Snyder, who, The Times' Broderick Turner reported, met with Lakers Coach Mike Brown on Thursday, with much of the conversation centering on offense. ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin first reported that Snyder was one of the finalists to join Brown's coaching staff.

Background: Snyder just completed his first season in Philadelphia as the team's player development coach, but he's had plenty of other stops in various capacities. He served a seven-season stint as head coach at the University of Missouri (1999-2006) before coaching three seasons with the Austin Toros of the NBA Development League. Snyder first stepped foot in the NBA as a Clippers assistant coach under Larry Brown (1992-93) before working as an assistant under Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski from 1993 to 1999.

Style: Snyder climbed the coaching ladder rapidly with his ability to quickly develop players, his tireless work ethic and his love of teaching. He guided the Missouri Tigers to six consecutive postseason appearances, including four trips to the NCAA Tournament and a berth in the Elite Eight. But things fell apart for Snyder.

In addition to facing constant scrutiny over how he measured up with his Mizzou successor, Norm Stewart, Snyder was named in 17 NCAA allegations from 1999 to 2004. His firing following a six-game losing streak in 2006, and a public divorce led him to become seemingly isolated and depressed. But he found comfort in taking a much less heralded role as a D League coach, giving up the scrutiny and much of the responsibility that come with being a head coach. His move back into the NBA last season with Philadelphia and, now, a shot at becoming a Lakers assistant signify a second chance at a big coaching gig for Snyder, after having won -- and lost -- as a young coach.


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-- Mark Medina

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Isn't it interesting that the Players do NOT want a hard cap...

And why would that be?

Because the players that benefit the most from the current system (mediocre players) would get totally hosed in a hard cap system.

Just look at the outline LTLF laid out where we try to keep our top 4 players. We're then trying to find 9 minimum contracts.

Well, so are many teams. To have a super team like Miami for more than a few years, you'd need players to take huge pay cuts from the MLE they shoot for today. Teams wouldn't be able to pay 5 or 6 million.... or even 2 or 3 million for players that don't attract a lot of attention.

It would create a two tier system: top players, and everyone else.

Frankly, that's how it SHOULD be. Top players bring in the money. Everyone else does not (but they can bring in the trophies, and that's worth something no doubt)


I thought you switching parody for parity was quite clever

If that was your intention

An inherent problem with a 2 tier system is the deep jealousies that would arise out of it.

Another thing to think about is how a hard cap would equal better basketball.


Well, because with huge income disparities between the two tiers, mediocre or average players, especially ones that feel they could get better, would work their tails off to become a marquee player.

Right now, there's a lack of incentive for players to really try all that hard to improve their game. Take a guy like Lamar for example. He has all the talent to be a top player (and we can argue that he's become one)... but looking back at his career, he would have most certainly been paid according to the second tier.

So, instead of making 8 or 9 million... he's pulling 1 million.

So what's he do during the off seasons? Does he play XBox or does he hit the gym hoping to boost his salary 10x.

Well, when he was making 8 or 9 million, he stayed away from the gym in the off seasons (until last summer) and he still got paid a cool 10 mill...

just think about it.

Mark my words, the players will do everything to avoid actually having to EARN their money. That means no hard caps and absolutely no short term non-guaranteed contracts, and incentives need to be minimized

Hey everyone. We fixed the comments glitch on the previous post. Thanks for your patience.

Troll man,

No... it was a function of blogging right when I wake up... one of those "Doh!" moments

The last thing the owners want to do is to implement a draconian hard salary cap that would force teams to cut players. They’re smart enough to realize that doing that could cause more ill will with their paying customers than a lockout. Nothing in the new CBA is going to break teams up. That would be contrary to everything we’re seeing right now, which is the owners and players really trying to avoid a lockout, especially with the NFL looking like it will successfully do the same.

What the owners are trying to do is get a hard cap installed to limit the current problem from getting out of hand down the road. If they can get the players to buy into a hard cap, the trade off would be that the cap would be set at $95M or $100M to start with so existing teams would not have to be broken up. It’s actually an inspired tactic by the owners to sell a hard cap for the future.
Lamar Odom for Anderson Varejao and the #4 pick? I think I would do it in a heartbeat unless there is any health issues with Varejao. While we would get slower and become a poorer 3-point shooting team, we probably would be able to land Kemba Walker, whom I think has great potential to be a star. The more I think about the move the more I like it. It’s offense for defense and a point guard. Or a future star small forward if the Lakers have another game plan in mind to get a new point guard.

One thing that I think all the trade rumors have probably done is put a fire under Pau Gasol’s butt. As he contemplates finishing his career in places like Minnesota or Cleveland, I’ll bet he finally realizes what tanking the playoffs might ultimately cost him. Who knows. Maybe that’s why the Lakers have been shopping him – to let him know how close he is to blowing his career in purple and gold. So if we don’t trade him, the chances are good that he will be more motivated than he was last year.

"An inherent problem with a 2 tier system is the deep jealousies that would arise out of it.

Posted by: Troll Man | June 22, 2011 at 01:57 PM"

I agree, that could lead to lack of "team" play, if a player is resentful or dislikes another player....reflect back on Sasha and Farmar (who never would pass him the ball...and ironically they both ended up on the Nets).

A two tier system, or a franchise player system (isn't that used in American Football???), I don't like it...An NBA team is small, 15 players max, and they know among themselves, who the top dog is and who is "what comes outa the dog"...When a team makes a player an offer, it's their decision. If they can't deal with it, then they should not do it. I think problems could arise from labeling or distinguishing players apart. People here are so fickle, if your upper tier player is injured or slumping then people will be crying far worse than the Gasol episode of "sailboat with no breeze".
About Varajeo...he's booked for $24.2 over the next 3 seasons, and then the 4th season is a team option for $9.8 million. Lakers would have to give up Odom (???) or Artest and filler, maybe Brown, if he agrees (don't know the rules on that, and he's been in Cleveland...I think both like Los Angeles better). I am certain that Cleveland would not take Luke. Maybe they want 2nd round draft picks????

Any opinions on Kris Humphries??? I'd say go for him, if he sacrifices as Barnes is doing. And he wouldn't have to lie like Dirk when Dirk said in comedic form that winning the championship might land him a Kardashian sister.
As for point guard, I say keep looking for players cut as rosters are trimmed,
Javaris Crittenton is available, I believe, however he is 6'5"...and the Lakers seem more focused on getting a quick guard. I would take another look at him...look, people were "oohing and aahing over his potential" when he sat on the Laker bench. A fresh start is definitely what he needs.


Like the idea of bringing Crittenton into camp. His offense is unreliable, but he has the size and speed to be a very good defender given good coaching.

So if we don’t trade him (Pau), the chances are good that he will be more motivated than he was last year.

At least until the trade deadline passes next year...

Don't slam me for this, but last year, when Shaq was somewhat worthless as a Celtic...I think, but it would not have happened because Kobe would not have allowed it, to have brought Shaq back, for minimal, isn't that what he played for in Boston. Look, Caracter did not play, hardly at all, Theo was hurt, Joe Smith looks "pretty" in Gold, but none of those players could have laid the lumber on both Bynum and Gasol in scrimmaging. Shaq could have taken over where Kareem left off in mentoring Bynum, as Bynum's game is more of force than Kareem's was. Granted, he did learn things, but come on, years, and not even a few tries at a sky hook???? Look, it's not like Rick Barry and Wilt Chamberlain shooting underhand free throws, where one may feel silly or have their masculinity challenged by it. I say he should have just tried time after time, to see how it felt in a game. I think his wider hips would have given him space, he seems to have equal if not greater leaping ability than Kareem (Abdul Jabbar, not Rush)...then just kept trying, How many did he actually try? How about Pau, he has no issues getting off shots, he seems even more natural for a sky-hook than Bynum. Anyway, that's my 3 cents (inflation)...Shaq should have, and can still become a mentor (I said "mentor", not "mental"!!!). But those bridges were burned. Great time to be a sculptor in Los Angeles, gonna need one apiece for Elgin, Kareem, Shaq, Kobe, etc.


Like the idea of bringing Crittenton into camp. His offense is unreliable, but he has the size and speed to be a very good defender given good coaching.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | June 22, 2011 at 03:05 PM"

LTLF, I think that now that Phil is no longer inside of every player's head, I think we will see some changes in their games. The triangle dominated over a player's individual skills. Yes it worked for 11 rings, and should have worked for a few more than that. (BTW...when Payton was on the four Hall of Famers Laker team...people said he had issues with running the Triangle Offense, he was just frustrated with the infighting and the other 3 players not playing regularly, due to injuries, laziness, Colorado, college, at Oregon State University, they ran a very disciplined "Princeton offense", he and the team were pretty darn good at running a system. Not sure why I brought that up, maybe I've been thinking that although the OKC Thunder is working out, I didn't think they would have, if they had started with a few seasons such as Rambis' last two, maybe they would not be loved by their beloved fans. About Payton, I think his recognition as one of the greatest players, PG, on both ends of the court become less when the trailers moved the team to OKC. I still believe it was not right. He doesn't want his jersey retired in OKC...I suggest his jersey and other Sonic retired Jerseys be hung at the Naismith Hall of Fame, whether they are Hall of Famers or not. I know, I'll find one and hang it from my living rooms vaulted ceiling. There!

It's unfortunate....but the same could have been said when the Lakers moved to LA...Unfortunately, the sonics lost the name and the natural connection. It was very short-sighted on the league not to insist or suggest the new team be sensitive to the history of the team.



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